Suprise! Zayn love gets taken hostage in new single ‘Let Me’

It’s about to go down

After months of waiting for something from Zayn, there’s finally a new single from the former One Direction member. 

“Let Me” is the sequel song to “Dusk Till Dawn,” another single that Zayn released in September of last year with Sia. Unlike “Dusk Till Dawn,” “Let Me” is more of what came from Zayn’s first album “Mind of Mine. It’s less of a production and more of just a chill and sensual R&B song.

Zayn’s vocals on “Let Me” are just overall better than what was featured on “Dusk Till Dawn.” “Dusk Till Dawn” isn’t a bad song, it’s just a lot of Sia. On this song, Zayn’s vocals feel more like him and help to carry the overall feeling to the song. Zayn on less production is the best. That is when he sounds the best and can really show off what he is bringing to the table. 

The video follows Zayn under control of a Mafia leader. As the video follows Zayn doing tasks for the mafia, the love between Zayn and the leader’s girlfriend starts to become more featured due to sexual tension. The video is extremely well produced. The video tells a captivating story that keeps you invested. You don’t need to have seen the video for “Dusk Till Dawn” to enjoy or understand what is going on in the story. The music video ending with “To Be Continued” on the screen. It appears that Zayn is looking to continue to have the music video linked together to tell a story. If that is the case, then Zayn’s album would likely be very similar to that.

No album release date has been said by Zayn. It’s time to start playing the waiting game for more music from Zayn.

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