‘Lost in Space’ goes where no reboot has gone before

There’s a new show on what is now the media giant, Netflix, and it’s been on that people have slept on for ages. Netflix has rebooted a show that has become somewhat of a cult classic.

“Lost in Space” was originally a show that was released in 1965. It followed the Robinson family in the year 1997 as they were on a five-year trip to research and create a colony. They are looking to create a new colony of humans due to overpopulation. Their trip goes bad when a spy sabotages their robot into destroying their ships, Jupiter 2. Their ship gets stuck in a meteor storm and crashes lands on a strange new planet. Hence the title of the show, “Lost in Space.”

Netflix’s version of the show follows the same premise to a certain degree. It’s darker and real. Instead of having them leave for over population, they are looking for a new world due to fear of extinction. It also features more than one family, and not just the Robinson. The darker tone of the show really works. It made more enjoyable. Of course, I like dark and gritty reboots.

The characters also got a dark and gritty as well. It’s less cookie cutter like it was in the 1960s. The parents are estranged, Mrs. Robinson was before married, Dr. Smith is a sociopath, and the robot is a murder. Because of the gritty perspective, the acting on the show is extremely good. It fits the tone and you can tell the actors really put themselves into their character’s mindset and I fully appreciate it. It makes the show enjoyable. There isn’t a character that I’m supposed to like but actually hate. Also, Mr. Robinson is a snack. Just saying.

The main problem of the show is the pacing. It’s extremely inconsistent at times. Sometimes it’s really good and keeps you invested in the show and the story. Other times, it just drags and you end up missing something because you lose interest.

What isn’t a problem is that it makes the reboot feel like its own show and not like it’s just a reboot. Sometimes with reboots, you get this feeling that it’s just a remake. But with “Lost in Space, ” It’s a totally different take and show than what aired in 1965. I’ve seen the original show and the reboot is nothing like it. It’s what all reboots should strive to be.

“Lost in Space” reboot isn’t bad by any means. It’s actually quite good. It’s pacing issue is what really hurts the show. It takes makes the show drag. When it drags, it’s really dragging. I hope “Lost in Space” does get a second season because I’m invested to see what happens to the Robinson.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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