Charlie Puth and Kehlani fight for the same girl in ‘Done For Me’ video

Charlie Puth and his new “friend” Kehlani finally released the video for their single “Done for you” today. It is lit.

Done for You” features Charlie and Kehlani in a 1970s/1980s dance club. Both are dancing with a girl that they are trying to get with. They are see the same girl and pretty much pleading with her to pick and stay with one of them. The music video follows them trying to win her over.

The video has a simple concept but works extremely well. It takes the 70s/80s disco pop vibe that the song gave off originally and uses that. It’s because of that it works. They go all out for this music video. There’s an old school filter on the music video, their clothes are old school, and there’s even a disco floor in the club. It just perfectly done.

They are telling the video through a heterosexual point of view as well as a homosexual point of view. The concept is something that hasn’t been done before in music videos. The representation in the music video is literally everything. I wish there was representation like it. It shows Kehlani being a strong and powerful role model for people in the LGBT+ community. I just wish there was more of story that is being told in the music video. It’s little under three minutes long, I want more out of it from a story standpoint. I want to know who she picked.

Charlie Puth’s sophomore album is scheduled to be released on May 11th.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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