5 Seconds of Summer release the live video of ‘Youngblood’

5 Seconds of Summer shows the world with “Youngblood” live

5 Seconds of Summer keeps on the giving the world more things that makes everyone happy. While it isn’t a full-fledged music video, it’s the closest thing we will be getting so far.

The video is a “live” performance of their latest song “Youngblood.” It pretty much shows behind the scene footage mixed in with performance footage from their current tour 5SOS III. Now, this isn’t an actual live version of the song. It’s just the studio version playing over top of the video. I would have really liked to hear the actual live version because “Youngblood” is a banger. Sure, I could find a live video of it recorded by a fan but it’s not the same as an actual live performance.

“Youngblood” live video is good but it’s just something to tie over the fans until another song comes out or the album’s release. Again, I just wish it was an actual live version of the song and just not the studio version. I’m also slightly jealous because the video shows how good 5SOS looks to be live. They look awesome live.

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