Chord Overstreet kicks off his new Overstreet project with a banger called ‘Wasted Time’

Chord Overstreet has given us the song of the summer

If you have lived under a rock in the last couple of years, then you have probably been keeping up with music that  Chord Overstreet has put out since the 2016 release of his debut single “Homeland.” Spoiler: they’ve all been bops. He’s now created a new project called “Overstreet” and released a brand new single as well.

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“Wasted Time” is a pop-rock song that just screams summertime banger. The singer/actor, best known for his starring role in “Glee,” vocals on the song fit the overall vibe and perfectly. The whole entire song is extremely catchy and will get stuck in your head. The song has been only been out for a couple of hours and it’s stuck in my head. 

I highly recommend that you take a listen to “Wasted Time” because it’s a summer banger. If the music video doesn’t feature him and a female companion being adorable, I will be disappointed and upset.

Oh, I certify that this song is a BOP, BOP, BOP, BOP TO THE TOP

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