Charlie Puth shares ‘The Way I Am’ days before album release

Charlie Puth new album is only a few days away

With the release of “Voicenotes” only days away, Charlie Puth handed us the last promotional single from the album and it’s a deep cut. The newest promotional single makes the hype for “Voicenotes” even greater. Spoiler: the hype is everything.

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“The Way I Am” is an extremely catchy pop song that is honest the perfect way to kick off the album. It’s the first song you will hear if you don’t shuffle “Voicenotes.” The song has more of a rock vibe to it with the electric guitar riff that carries most of the song. It’s a sick beat that will get stuck in your head for days.

The song is all about self-confidence. The lyrics about how Charlie stills thinks that he doesn’t like about himself. He has doubt and anxieties about things. He just accepts that about himself and doesn’t care if another person hates or likes him because of those things. It’s pretty much his version of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood.”

My only real complaint with this song is that I wish it would rock out more than what it does. It has a sick beat with the electric guitar. It needed to utilize that more. I also really like how the other songs we have heard so far are similar but not to where it makes you question if you heard this before.

“The Way I Am” is a great song to kick off “Voicenotes.” It’s a nice song with a sick beat that will get stuck in your head. It also has a great meaning to it. 

“Voicenotes” is out May 11.

 Rating: 4 out of 5

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