Shawn Mendes and Khalid team up to release ‘Youth’

Shawn Mendes and Khalid won’t let anyone take their  “Youth”

After making a countless number of his fans watch what was pretty much an 8-hour long art and craft show for his new album, Shawn Mendes released another song off of his upcoming self-titled album. He teamed up with singer Khalid to give a duet that the world never knew it needed.

“Youth” is a slowed down acoustic pop song similar to what we heard before from Shawn’s first two albums. It’s produced beautifully. It starts out nice and slows before turning into a bop with the chorus starting up with some drums behind it. It’s there where it starts to get an R&B flare to it.

The lyrics are somber and yet inspirational. They talk about dealing with diversity before telling the person that hurt them “This soul of mine will never break/As long as I wake up today/You can’t take my youth away.” “Youth” is pretty much one big middle finger to people who have tried to keep them down. 

Khalid on this song is everything. He doesn’t just wait until the middle and have one verse or add very little to the song. He and Shawn take turns trading lyrics back and forth. They both make the song. It’s how every featured artist should be featured. If you are going to have them on the song, at least make it worth they’re wild.

“Youth” is a perfectly written song that is just everything. It the perfect middle finger song and perfect for today’s society. It’s uplifting while still being the perfect chill song.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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