Liam Payne and J Balvin get sexy in ‘Familiar’ music video

Liam Payne and J Balvin released the steamy video for their latest song

It only took five singles but we finally have a music video that has Liam Payne with his shirt off. That’s right, we finally have the video for his single with Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin.

The video for “Familiar” is pretty much everything that one could have only dreamed of when listening to the song original. The video features Liam and J Balvin having a good time in Miami. They start off on the roof where Liam gets down shirtless as the dancers compete against each other. It quickly then goes into the club where Liam puts his shirt back on, gets some backup dancers, and bust out some rather good-looking choreography. During all this, J Balvin is pretty much just standing around like he owns the place, which he probably does.

The video is probably one of the best videos that Liam has put out. While it doesn’t really have a plot to it, it does follow the lyrics extremely well. The video offers more to the song than what one originally got from just listening to the song. I just really want to know why they didn’t have the dance off in the club and not on the roof. Also, how did they get the car on the roof?

Overall, the music video for “Familiar” is a fun video that allows Liam to continue to grow as an artist and show he’s more than just a pretty face with nice vocals. I cannot wait for his album to be released just to hear what else he has to offer.

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