Hannah Baker wasn’t the only one in the chilling ’13 Reasons Why’ trailer

It’s getting deep in here

The official trailer for the newest season of Netflix’s controversial “13 Reasons why” has come out and it looks like an extremely rough and tense season. Not as intense as the first, but extremely close to it.

The trailer gives us more of chilling look into what we can expect when the series returns the next week. The trailer definitely gives us more of what to expect than what was given during the announcement trailer last week. The second season has moved onto Polaroid pictures. The tapes are pretty much of the past. The first noticable thing was the line on the back of one of the pictures; “Hannah wasn’t the only one.” Looks like there was more students with a similar story to Hannah Baker, the main character of season one who took their own life. 

Clay and Hannah’s mother is pretty much out for justice. Clay follows the Polaroid mystery to the dismay of people tied into the death of Hannah Baker. It gets extremely intense with kidnapping, violence, lots of sex, and to the point where Clay has a gun in his hand. Season two also seems to have a bit of lighter lighting than what was seen in the first season. That just could be because most of the first season took place in flashbacks.

Honestly, this season looks extremely good. The show is going into uncharted terroritory as there was only one book and that was all of season one. It will be extremely interesting to see how the Polaroids are used due to how big the tapes were used to tell the story of Hannah and what lead her to take her life. It also not as dark, which is a plus because the first season was extremely depressing (click here to read my thoughts on it.)

The new season of “13 Reasons Why” is out on May 18th.

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