James Maslow releases new sensual single ‘All Day’

James Maslow sheds the boy band image in a new single

James Maslow has given the world a new single and it’s probably the sexiest song that the former Nickelodeon star has given the world. This the first new single from the “Big Time Rush” member in 2018 and first after this time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

“All Day” is a pop bop that shows a more mature sound than what was given in his solo album “How I Like it.” His debut album wasn’t bad, but it sounded like he was still trying to claim his Nickelodeon fans aka the Rushers. “All Day” feels more like him and what he showed the world during his time in the Big Brother house.

The lyrics are very dirty and leave very little to the imagination. It’s pretty much talking about sexting dirty pictures and wanting to have sex all day. The song also features a singer named Dominique who just slays her parts. Dominique feature adds more to the song than what we would have gotten if it was just James singing. It makes it more sensual, especially with the breakdown before the climax of the song.

“All Day” is the perfect start to what seems a more mature era from James Maslow. It’s a bona-fide bop that will get stuck in your head just in time for summer.

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