How to you should watch ’13 Reasons why’ and not be depressed

It’s almost time to watch the new “13 Reasons Why”

With the newest season of “13 Reasons Why” come out tomorrow, I thought I would share my recommendation on how you should go about watching the newest season. I really haven’t seen anyone post about this and I think its something that should be mentioned. Frankly, everyone is going to try to binge watch it and I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t.

If you haven’t seen the first season of it, then you need to watch that first. You wouldn’t read the second book of the series without reading the first one. When you watch the show, don’t binge watch it. If you try to binge watch the show, you will be an emotional mess. The show is extremely intense and not even the thickest-skinned person would be able to survive a binge watch of “13 Reasons Why.” 

What I did when I watched the show was I would watch two episodes, and then I would switch to a happier show, movie, or something that wouldn’t make me feel depressed. It didn’t really help but it was all this emotion bottled up at one time. It helps take some of the feelings away but it will constantly linger. “13 Reasons Why” will mess you up but it’s all in a slightly good way.

“13 Reasons Why” will make you take a look at how you interact with people. You will regret all the bad interactions and take pride in the little interactions that might have saved that person’s life. It will leave you having a better respect for people and have you looking at the bigger picture. Watch “13 Reasons Why” with an open mind. Don’t just rule it out or quit it just because you think that Hannah Baker was “weak.” You never know who would be your Hannah Baker. Your interactions could impact their life. Take the message and use it to make sure yourself better. Especially if you were similar to one of the characters that affected Hannah Baker negatively.

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