Demi Lovato teams up with Clean Bandit to sing about doing it ‘Solo’

Demi Lovato sings about doing it herself in her newest collab

We have a self-love anthem of the summer and it’s provided by the Queen of TMI, Demi Lovato. While we all love her love of over sharing, her latest collaboration is something that dreams are made of. Demi teamed up with the British band Clean Bandit to give us a song that no one will forget.

“Solo” is a dance-pop song that is about wanting to get laid but instead of just randomly hooking up someone, Demi is just going to take her of it herself. That is right, Demi Lovato is singing about touching herself because no one can seem to please her. Leave it to Demi to spill that piping hot tea. The production of the song is extremely well done. It sounds like they spent time perfecting the song.

The song itself is a way better than the last couple of collaborations she has done since “No Promises.” It’s extremely catchy and is just a song that you can lose yourself to because it has such a catchy beat. The biggest complaint I have of the song is the sounds and extra vocals they added to the song in addition to Demi’s vocals. It’s extremely alarming during the chorus where they use it to pretty much censor the lyrics. They could have used them in a better way than what they did. It works with the song, just not in a good way.

“Solo” is a very good song. I really enjoyed it and hope to see Demi performs it because I think it would be an excellent addition to her bed set on her tour. I just hope she removes the extra vocals on the song. The song would be way better without them. Also, it needs more swearing. Demi dropping F-bombs is life. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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