Shawn Mendes release new single that asks ‘Where Were You In The Morning?’

Shawn Mendes wanted to know someone’s whereabouts

With a week left until the release of his next album, Shawn Mendes gave the world another song after/during his “One Night Only” performance on Apple Music. HIs newest single just continues to hype up the need and want for Shawn’s new album in the world.

“Where Were You In The Morning?” is a rock-pop bop that sees Shawn continue to channel John Mayer into his music. I’m not complaining one bit about that either. The song is slower than “In My Blood” but still manages to kick some ass with the over vibe of the song. It will soothe your soul.

The song is about a one night stand. That is right, Shawn Mendes is talking about a one night stand. It’s not the kind of one-night stand that you are thinking of. You see, Shawn met this girl and thought they had a connection. But instead, she left him alone in bed in the morning, which is a crime. She didn’t leave a number nor give any reason why she abandoned him. Again, leaving Shawn all by himself in the morning should be a crime.

The production of the song fits the mood of that Shawn is trying to convey. You can tell that he was upset by this and the song reflects that. “Where Were You In The Morning?” is a great song that really shows up the direction of Shawn’s newest album as well as his growth in his music. Sidenote: Please let me know who left you in the morning, Shawn. They need to go to jail.

Shawn Mendes’ self-titled third album is out May 25th.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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