’13 Reasons Why’ lives up to expectations set by the first season

Hannah Baker might be dead, but her story continues in season two

After months of waiting, the next season of the controversial Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why.” Following suit with the first season, this season looks to continue with the story and the drama that made it as a massive hit. Instead of tapes, it looks like a picture will be worth a thousand words this season.

Season two of “13 Reasons Why” follows the events that took place after season one. The trial has begun as Hannah Baker’s parents sue the school for their part in the suicide of their daughter. As the students take the stand, the other side of what happened to Hannah is shown.

Inside of Hannah being a narrator, the characters that took the stand in each episode. They were the focal point of the episode. This was used to tell the backstory of the events on their tape. Because the book only covered the first season, season two was new and original material. I liked the way they did the second season because it allowed you to see the entire picture. You got to see more of the characters and know more about them. It fleshed out everything so much more.

Because you find out more about the characters, you like them more. Hannah and Clay are still the stands out characters. Their actors kill it this season, again. If I had to despise just one character, it would be Bryce Walker because frankly, he’s a massive toolbox full of douches. There’s no redeeming quality to him. His mother is the best part of the Walker family tree.

This season is extremely watered down compared to what was presented in season one. The show still tackles the same subject but it’s less intense than season one. There are some intense moments but they aren’t every episode. I appreciated this because I found myself enjoying the show more because it wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster. It wasn’t making me an emotional hot mess. I was able to fully enjoy the show.

The season finale was extremely satisfying. It acted as a series finale if they decided to end the show after this season. I hope they do continue the show just because there’s so much more they could tell with these characters. It was glad to see the characters get a happy ending after all. Even if the happy ending is short-lived.

The verdict

The second season of “13 Reasons Why” will leave people divided. Some will say that it’s not necessary but it honestly was. It fleshed out more of the story. It was nice to find out what happened afterward. Sure, it was watered down from the first season but it still told the story it needed to with the same amount of importance. It also covered a lot more topics.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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