Shawn Mendes meets a nice girl and gets ‘Nervous’ in newest song

Who doesn’t love a timid Shawn Mendes?

After being left alone in the morning in his last single “Where Were You in The Morning?,” Shawn Mendes releases another bop that has us wondering just who is he sing about. The newest song just comes days before the releases of his self-titled third album.

You’re welcome for this

“Nervous” is a Prince-inspired pop/R&B song that isn’t really anything that we have heard from Shawn so far. I know, I say that a lot but this time it’s true. We’ve never had a truly Pop bop from Shawn, who is known for having an acoustic guitar in his hands. It also sounds like a song that you would have heard from his friend Charlie Puth’s latest album “Voicenotes.” Either way, It’s a welcomed change of pace from Shawn.

The vocals on the song are extremely well-done. Shawn’s emotions are captured perfectly, including the falsettos. The falsetto is used so well in this song. They are used to help tell the listener how nervous he truly is. I’m all here for nervous Shawn Mendes. I’m here for any Shawn Mendes honestly.

My only complaint is that I wish that “Nervous” was a tad bit longer. It clocks in at 2:44. I want more of it. I also want a mashup of this and Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar.” The songs sound too similar for it not to be in a mashup together. It’s almost like they are sister songs. I would also like this song mashed up with a Charlie Puth song but I think that might be a little harder to do. But I’m still all here for Muth.

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