Shawn Mendes releases his personal and raw self-titled third album

Shawn Mendes, please have ‘Mercy’ on our souls.

Not to be outdone by his BFF Charlie Puth with the release of his album “Voicenotes,” Shawn Mendes released his much anticipated self-titled third album. It’s been two years since Shawn released his studio album “Illuminate.” It’s been a long two years since that release.

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Shawn’s self-titled album is a much personal album than what we have gotten in the past from him. You can tell in his vocal and how it was written that it has a deeper meaning for him than what we got in his last two albums, “Handwritten” and “Illuminate.” There’s still the style that Shawn has been singing on this album, but there’s a new and refreshing take on it. The realness on the album is what makes it so good. Sure, it’s extremely well produced but you can’t produce raw emotion in a studio. 

“Shawn Mendes” offers a different direction musically. There’s definitely more of a rock feel on some of the songs. There’s also some R&B on the album that shows off Shawn’s vocals way better than what has been presented before.  Shawn slayed the falsetto on “Nervous.” The album was inspired by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, and Bruno Mars.

There are actually parts that sound like he also inspired by Selena Gomez’s song “Bad Liar.” With that song, Selena reinvented her sound like Shawn did with this album. “Nervous” and “Particular Taste” is just waiting for someone to mashup them up with “Bad Liar.” If you have the ability to do this, please do because I need a Shawn and Selena duet in my life. I need it as much as a Charlie and Shawn duet. 

The Verdict

“Shawn Mendes” does kickstart the mature stage of Shawn’s career as he heads into his twenties. It features more realness that wasn’t really present during his last two albums. Most of the songs on the albums are absolute hits. The only ones that I would avoid are “Like to Be You” and “Why.” They aren’t bad songs but they just miss the mark in comparison with the rest of the album. The standouts are “Particular Taste,” “Queen,” “Mutual,” and “Perfectly Wrong.” “Perfectly Wrong” is a deep cut.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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