Big Brother 20 Breakdown: The Two night premiere spectacular extravaganza

Summer has begun and so has the 20th season of Big Brother

If you were like me, you couldn’t wait for Big Brother 20 to begin. Especially after the shitshow that we got in Big Brother 19. Well, it here and the one positive thing about it so far is that Paul isn’t on it. Personally, I would have teased his return just to see the world burn.

Since nothing has really happened yet, apparently it will take two weeks to evict someone instead of just right off the bat. So this will be fewer gifs and more about my opening thoughts on the houseguests. I have a lot of thoughts on these houseguests.

Sidenote: This week gifs are all of BB12 and BB14 houseguest Britney Haynes. She’s my favorite when it came to the DR. She is my spirit animal.

Swaggy C just needs to stop

CHRIS doesn’t freakin’ know how he is coming across now

It’s only been two episodes and Swaggy C needs to STFU. Literally, in the first episode, it was all him. He’s constantly referring to himself in the third person, it seems like all of his shirts will have his name on them. It reminds me of how when you go camping and your mother has to write your name on your clothes so they don’t get stolen or lost.

So in a matter of two days, Swaggy C has managed to outplay everyone from BB19. It’s not hard but it’s just way too soon to do that. He’s just rather annoying. Oh, this will also be the last time I refer to him as Swaggy C. His name is Chris. Until he gets a nickname that he didn’t give himself, I will refer to him by his first name Chris. I’m pretty sure that I will give him a nickname by the end of the week. Frankly, he needs to go next week. I’m just glad he hasn’t referred to himself as the messiah of Big Brother.

This cast is literally just remakes of past houseguests

Britney is right. Paul could have come back

I just going to come out and say it but this cast is pretty much a carbon copy of past houseguests that were in the house. They are pretty much giving us a second all-star season without it being an actual all-star season. Ugh. I would break down the comparisons but then we would be here all day. I like it but at the same time, I feel like it would have been easier to have another all-star. Would you rather have the name brand or the knock-off brand? Like I said, I like the cast but I just wish for another all-stars. CBS will have to cave eventually. 

This cast is a good mixture of outrageous personality and people who won’t make you want to drink when they are on. There’s a lot of eye candy too. I love me some sugary eye candy. But two personalities I want to go away, besides Chris, is Kaitlyn and Rockstar. These two “go to the beat of their own drummers.” Kaitlyn is a crystal loving aura reading life coach. Rockstar’s real name is Angie and she’s a witch. Expect a lot of crystal and witch jokes. Especially on Twitter. My Twitter is pretty much full of Big Brother this time of year.

Thoughts so far

This is the mentality that they all need to have

I’m really liking the fact they are actually playing this game. This cast is probably the best cast in the last couple of years. Sure, they are remakes of past houseguests but at least they are making it entertaining. I don’t see Chris making far in the game. If he does, I’ll be rather shocked. He’s just playing too hard. I do like Tyler. Tyler is actually reading people and catching on to the shit they are trying to do. He does know his BB. He knew who the queen of Petty was. So far, Tyler is my favorite. Winston is a close second but that has less to do with gameplay. Of course, it’s hard to tell who I like when all the DR has been Chris.

I really wish to see more of them when the live feeds launch. Hopefully, less of Chris. It will be interesting to see if he has pissed more people off after the nomination ceremony. Who am I kidding, he probably did. Dude thinks he is running the house.

Oh, here’s the bullet points of what is going on now:

  • Chris won the opening competitions and picked himself, Brett, Faysal, Haleigh, Kaycee, Rachel, Rockstar (sigh), and Scotty
  • Sam and Kaycee were last in their competition so they are stuck in costumes until the first eviction. Sam is a robot and Kaycee is making fun of Macs in a “pinwheel” unitard.
  • Tyler won HOH…even though he didn’t want it.
  • Tyler played it safe and nominated Steve and Sam.

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