Lindsay Lohan spreads democracy on her new MTV reality show

Lindsay Lohan gets a new reality show that is so fetch

Lindsay Lohan is taking a break from being a Diplomat and Social Justice Warrior to spread democracy on a much big scale. She going to MTV. Yep, that’s right. Lindsay is getting her reality show. And no, it’s not a “Living Lohan” spin-off. That show was life. ugh. It ended way too soon.

The 32-year-old jack of all trades’ show, tentatively entitled “Lohan Beach Club,” will show off Lindsay new life in Greece as she is building her own empire. That’s right. The Kardashian’s are quaking in their designer shoes. Kris Jenner is on the phone with Seacrest trying to get this ish taken care of. I can feel their world falling from across the country. 

In case you didn’t know, because I didn’t, Lindsay has successfully opened up two business in the country. She opened Lohan Nightclub in Athens (you can bet that Lindsay can create a kickass nightclub) and Lohan Beach House is Rhodes. The show will follow her as she opens what seems to be a seaside resort. The newest Lohan business adventure is to have a restaurant and a nightclub. Linsday is creating a real-life version of “Mamma Mia!.” She is Meryl Streep, of course. If there aren’t multiple musical numbers based on her failed attempts at launching a music career, I will be LIVID. I want greek villagers singing and dancing “Drama Queen.” Hell, give Ali Lohan a chance to perform a cabaret version of “Lohan Holiday.” I really want that. 

There’s no premiere date for the project but it’s scheduled to be released in 2019. This is really happening.

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