Jojo takes ‘The High Road’ to her queendom

It’s a new month and a new year. Since it’s January and this artist just re-released all of her old music, it’s only fitting to dedicate a whole month to her. Welcome to Jojo January. No, it’s for JoJo Siwa and her obsession with big bows. That’s all the jokes I’m going to make about her since she’s only like 8 years old. I’m talking about the original teen queen Jojo. There are four Fridays in January and she happens to have three albums and two extra songs on iTunes.

While we all agree that Jojo is the queen we can get behind, her second album is where it’s at. The name of it ended up foreshadowing what would be her life after the release of her second album. I’ve dive deeper into it when we talk about next single before her third studio album “Mad Love.” It was pretty much the worst thing that could happen to an artist. But she rose above and that’s why we stan her. We only stan queens and Jojo is a queen.


Your chance has come and gone

Originally released in 2006, Jojo’s “The High Road” was her follow up to the self-titled album “Jojo.” The album itself was a little bit more matured than her first. It was more of a reflection of her life at the time. This album signaled growth. Her growth as an artist and as a person.

I’ll be honest, this album was a much better and stronger album than “Jojo.” So far, it’s my favorite album of her. It’s a mix of hip hop, rock, and pop. This came across more like what you would get with Jojo. The first album had her come across as this cool chick like J-Lo. She was Jo-Lo. This album seemed more like Joanna Levesque. This was real, this was her. This was exactly who she wanted to be. She was going to let the light, shine on her.

“Too Little Too Late” is, of course, the stand out on the album. It’s probably her most well-known single. It’s probably the song that best represents the album. There aren’t really any bad songs on the album. There are some that just fell flat but it’s not like “Jojo.” Like I said in that review, that album all blended into each other. Nothing stood out. This is not the case with “The High Road.” It’s a more well-rounded album. Other favorites on the album are “Let it Rain,” and “Anything.” “Anything” samples the iconic song from Toto called “Africa.” Those are bops. “The Way You Do Me” is a dirty little diddy that makes you question the adults of her former record label. Why would you let a 16 year old sing about sex like that.


Overall, “The High Road” is a much better and more personal album from Jojo. I enjoyed it more than I did in the first album. It’s a nice mix of genres and as I said, it sounds more like Jojo than the first. I also recommend this album.

I also recommend listening to the Spanish version of “Too Little Too Late.” I’m a big listener of Spanish versions of songs. It’s a gem that most people just sleep on it. I found it on YouTube but it’s a full-on bop to the top.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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