Jojo shows ‘Mad Love’ with her third album

It’s a new month and a new year. Since it’s January and this artist just re-released all of her old music, it’s only fitting to dedicate a whole month to her. Welcome to Jojo January. No, it’s for JoJo Siwa and her obsession with big bows. That’s all the jokes I’m going to make about her since she’s only like 8 years old. I’m talking about the original teen queen Jojo. There are four Fridays in January and she happens to have three albums and two extra songs on iTunes.

The final Friday in Jojo January is here! It’s been a fun time and it’s rather sad that it’s coming to close but at least we’ve gotten to the happier time. It’s time to review the latest album that Miss Levesque has given into the world. Let’s talk about “Mad Love.”

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Fake Ass Bitches

“Mad Love” was released in 2016 by Jojo. It came out 10 years after her second album “The High Road.” It was a long time coming and honestly one of the most anticipated releases of Jojo’s entire career. It was her first release on her new label Atlantic Records. They did her right. It was finally here. We final got the third album we should have gotten five to six years ago.

The album itself is literally everything. It was Jojo’s first adulthood album. The themes in the album have more of a mature feel to it. It has explicit lyrics to some of the song and as you probably are aware, I live for child/teen stars swearing up a storm. So hearing Jojo say the f word made this album for me.

The album tells and takes you through a story. It’s a slightly emotional start with the song “Music” before getting lighter and more upbeat. The album still has its moments but it has a decent amount of bops with this album. Some of my faves or “I Can Only,” “Fuck Apologies,” “FAB,” “High Heels,” “Edibles,” and “Vibe.” I’m a sucker for killer vocals and good beat.

I do wish that the song from her EP “III” would have made it on to the album. I get why they aren’t but they would have been a better fit than some of the song on the album. Even just as extra songs. “III” was a good taste for what we got in “Mad Love,” it’s just a shame that those three songs were over looked.


“Mad Love” is the album that I highly recommend to everyone. It takes you on a journey from start to finish. It’s not an overly emotional journey but still a journey. Some songs are better than others but overall, it’s everything. It’s not like “The High Road” but it’s still a great album. “Mad Love” is a instant classic album.

I highly recommend also checking out Jojo’s mixtapes because they too are fire.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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