The live action​ ‘Kim Possible’ isn’t what dreams are made of


As a someone who grew up during the late 90s and early 00s, my heart filled with joy and then freaked out when I heard that they were going to be making a live action “Kim Possible” movie. Besides the fact that recent Disney Channel programming has been rather crappy, reboots that take cartoons and make them live action don’t typically do well. They rather suck if now done right. Spoiler: this is one of those reviews where I watch things so you don’t have to. You’re Welcome

What’s the sitch?

“Kim Possible” was released on Disney Channel as a Disney Channel Original Movie, or DCOM, on February 15, 2019. It was directed by newcomer Adam Stein and former DCOM actor turned director Zach Lipovsky. It pretty much stars a bunch of unknowns/newcomers. The only real big name that is heavily in the movie is Alyson Hannigan (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “How I Met Your Mother”). The OG Kim Possible and Disney Channel legend Christy Carlson Romano has a small cameo in the movie as well as the original voice of Rufus, Nancy Cartwright reprises her role as Rufus. The acting in this movie isn’t bad. If I had to rate it, it would 6/10. It’s honestly the younger cast is what wasn’t working when it came to acting. They did all right, especially when you think about it’s most of their first big role.

The plot of this movie is one that’s hard to follow. It’s pretty much just Kim Possible living her life as a teenage crime fighter with her best friend Ron Stoppable. Her life gets turned upside down when she befriends a new student named Athena. Then Kim starts questioning herself once Athena starts to still her thunder and become a better version of Kim. In between this, Kim’s archnemesis Dr. Drakken and his henchwomen Shego create a masterplan to defeat Kim once and for all.

The writing for this movie was actually the highlight of this film. It was rather witty at times and I laughed at some of the times. The writing didn’t take itself seriously and made fun of itself. The effects were also something that was rather good. It wasn’t like a blockbuster movie with the effects but it was still good. There wasn’t any clear direction with the writing and production.

I feel bad that this is her first major role

Who was the attended audience? They don’t air the original show besides on their Disney Now app. None of their current generation of Disney Channel fans would know about Kim Possible. Sure, it really shouldn’t matter. But the movie alienates the older fans that know and love KP with the sometimes childish approach and doesn’t give the newer fan information on why KP is KP and won’t get them interested beside “Who is this girl and why is she fighting crime?”

My biggest complaint with the entire movie is the characterization of characters. Like I’m supposed to like Kim Possible and want her to succeed but I honestly found her the worst character in the entire movie. She came off as just a showoff and someone that just gets everything handed to them. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was how they were portraying Kim or it was just the actress. I went back to watch the original and Kim was portrayed the same but she was just super more likable.

The way they portrayed Kim in the film vs how portrayed Kim in the cartoon was like night and day. Kim in the cartoon was still perfect but she didn’t really rub it into everyone’s faces. One thing that stood out was that cartoon Kim denied Wade, her super genius benefactor, help for her homework. In the movie, Kim literally used Wade for things that didn’t have to do with missions or saving the world. It was little things like attention to details like that I wish they pulled over. I should want to like Kim Possible not want her to lose. I was totally rooting for Dr. Drakken and Shego to win. They were the best characters and had the best characterization. I also didn’t like Athena, at all.

I think a lot of this has to do with the fact the movie was directed by two people. There are two different visions there. While the original creators were involved, which you can tell with the writing, I feel like the two directors with two different amount of directing experience is what severely hurt the movie. It’s like you are putting a newborn puppy with a full adult dog and expecting them both to fetch. You really only need one director because there will be plenty of other people, like producers, to help if the director needs to run things off of people. Now, I’m not saying that the new director would have sucked by himself or vice versa. But the fact they had two directors on the films could have been why it felt like the film had no direction.

Overall, I would avoid watching “Kim Possible” unless it’s one of the original two DCOM movies or the original series. This movie wasn’t any good.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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One thought on “The live action​ ‘Kim Possible’ isn’t what dreams are made of

  1. Basicly, i was very confused after watching this movie.. and reading reviews after as well.. I feel sorry for the lead actress, on how “fans” has been after her. She certainly wasn’t the only one who sucked, and in my opinion she was one of the one that did the best, RON was the WORST ever with that fake as voice and such.. damn so cringe.. To be honest it’s a sad day when a star from american pie, and 1 from 12 monkeys, is in one of the VERY few super failed Disney movies of all time. I wonder if they just didn’t have the budget for this or what happend?

    Cus when you look at movies like the spiderman movies, they make them VERY well, even the CHANGED spiderman movie was pretty damn good.
    So why is it so impossible to make at least a decent kim possible movie?
    well.. The acting was truly horrible from all actors, but i don’t think it’s all of the actors fault, since i know for a fact some of the actors in it, are good actors otherwise.

    The script was horrible, the “trying” to copy the cartoon, but failing so hard to get any of the essence with it was horrible.. and i kind of feel like the people in charge of this movie, NEVER watched the original^^’

    I will say, it’s true that the girl playing kim possible didn’t have kim’s body type, which i was sad about for sure, but she was still pretty good looking, just NOT that right for this role.. :/ But she was actually more right for it, than most of the other actors.. xD i feel one of the best actors were the teacher or something, but all of it ofc seemed super fake, so it was almost like it was supposed to be a complete joke, and THAT’S where i can understand fans being pissed off. However criticize a horrible movie all you want, but stop actually going after the actors.. (some reviews i have seen refer to the lead actress as closing her social media and such due to fans being after her..)

    Anyway, as for the reviews saying this is for KIDS, and such.. worst excuse ever xD everything on disney channel is for kids, but most of it DOESN’T suck xD kids are not tiny retards, maybe BABIES would like this movie, together with teletubbies, but.. kids are no were near as stupid as people think. And as a person who once was a kid myself, i can only say.. there’s not much difference being a kid vs adult in this aspect for me.. back then i noticed all the details as well, and poorly made shows as well. this is 2019 people, can we get some movies that doesn’t seem like they are made 30 years ago? ^^’

    Sorry, just needed to get my frustrations out, after watching that crap till the end, due to being a fan of the cartoon, not just as a kid, but today as well, wish it still ran 🙂

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