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“The Pop Project: With Steven Kaufman”, formerly called “The Pop Project” and “Pop Project”, is a blog that used to be a radio show on WRMU 91.1 FM October 2011 to May 2014. It’s now a popular blog on the Internet.

Started in 2012, the blog originally started as a secondary product and companion for the radio show of the same name.  Currently, the blog post every day around 3 p.m. EST. The blog covers events and happens in Pop Culture in a comedic and satirical way. There are many columns that are now present on the blog:

Let’s Have a Kiki: Based off of The Scissor Sister’s song of the same name, the blog “spills tea” and openly discusses topics in a take no prisoner kind of way.

#FeaturedFriday Artist: Every Friday, or the first Friday of the month, the blog puts the spotlight on Artists/Bands that aren’t super famous but have a small following.

Pop Project Explains: The blog explains popular shows, artist, memes, etc. in pop culture in a satirical way. Normally using plot holes for the jokes.

Top Five: Stylized as “Top 5ive,” the blogs make top five list based on an artist’s singles, for example.

Ask the Pop Project: People ask the blog questions and they get answers in a slightly serious and satirical way.

Reviews: The blog reviews items like songs, albums, videos, etc. and gives its opinion on it.


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