Songs to bring in 2018


Music brings the people together

Yeah, yeah. I’ve used that Madonna lyric before so sue me. The point of this article is that I’m going to supply with the tunes to kick off your 2018 right. These tunes will also make people judge whether or not you are trying to relive your teen years if you are in your mid to early 20s. Either way, you’re going to have a good time. I’ve also tried to make sure that these songs came from 2017. Sorry in advance if they didn’t.

There are no rules for this playlist but rather just for you to enjoy and partake in. You don’t have to time out when to start the playlist just right before midnight. You don’t have time for that and frankly, neither do I. I put the list on Spotify because I think people still use more than the others.  Here’s the playlist so you can have a good time with some bops:

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Nick Jonas is in your Area Code


Nick Jonas released a song via his SoundCloud page on Saturday that….well, it screams “I’m in da club.” It’s a full song and not a club and feels like he’s doing as a fun tribute or joke to artist that specialize in being in “da club.”  Here’s the song for your ears to hear:

Like the majority of Nick’s latest album that came out last year, it’s very sexual and dirty.  The song itself isn’t a horrible sound but it’s nothing like “Levels” or any other of his music.  It’s just not really good. It sounds, and probably, a demo that he posted to give his fans more.

It also sounds like Nick created a response to Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” because it makes slight references to it in the song. Does this mean Nelena, or Seck, is back together and “Good For You” really for Nick? Someone needs to make a mashup of this like now!

Overall, it’s an ehh song. If this was a review it would be like a 2.5 out of 5 but it’s not.

Britney Spears is back, bitch!

Tom's Diner

It’s Britney Spears, bitch! And she has new music out! Now, it’s not Pretty Girls (that comes out in two weeks btw!) She time is teaming up with Giorgio Moroder to cover the 80’s hit “Tom’s Diner” for his first album in 30 years called “Dèjá Vu.” Oh, man is it amazing.

When I first heard Giorgio Moroder’s name, I thought that he was a fashion designer. But I’m now a fan of his after hearing this. (Sidebar: Why is all the good DJs from Europe?) Anyways, the song is very reminiscence of her “Blackout” era but with a taste of the “Femme Fatale” era. If you have never heard “Blackout” then you need to get your priorities straight and spent the next couple of hours and binge listen to that album. Anyways, her voice and the editing on the song is just on fleek, as the kids say these days. It’s just fits her voice perfectly. It’s just one of those covers that makes you like it and want to listen to the original. It’s literally on par with the original and does justice to it.

What doesn’t work with the song? The fact that it was a year and so late for her “Britney Jean” album because this is exactly what that album needed.

Now it will be awhile before you can download it. You can always keep hitting the play on YouTube. You can also pre-order the album if you want the entire album. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure.


Rating: 5 copies of Blackout out of 5


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Ariana tells Santa not to come


On Monday, November 24, Ariana Grande that it would be a great idea to release a christmas song four days before Thanksgiving (and a month before Christmas Eve). Since you are too busy getting your Black Friday/Holiday shopping on, we decided to review it for you. Take a listen to it here:

Now there’s nothing special to this song because let’s be real for a moment and discuss that our music industry and society has totally ruined Christmas songs. I understand that we just can’t have the classic but is it REALLY necessary to have Christmas song coming out not in the month of December? Can it wait until after Black Friday? Because of the fact we have Christmas music coming out in like September, there isn’t anything special to it because it’s out like 3 months before the Christmas season.  Then we have artist making a new Christmas CD every year with different arrangements and with more duets because they don’t think we will notice (spoiler: we do!).

Now Ariana’s song isn’t bad but it’s good. It may be because “Santa Tell Me” sounds like all the other pop Christmas songs out there or it could be the fact that all of her music is starting to sound the same and she isn’t experimenting with new sounds and ways to use her vocal cord. It also sounds like a Mariah Carey song that she redid…so there’s that.

Overall, the song isn’t a really classic song. It will probably end up being on a forgot Christmas compilation CD. I think that she shouldn’t do Christmas music and just focus on her current music.


Rating: 2 candy canes to the temple out of 5