Fox News thinks Wonder Woman is ‘Merican enough


Someone call Donald Trump because we’ve got some FAKE NEWS for him and it’s from his Best Friends Forever. In world where we have a government investigation going on, I’m glad to see Fox News has their priorities in check. Lock the door, lower the blinds, and fire up that smoke machine because it’s going to get real up in this bitch.

Fox News was having a panel discussion on the show “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and the topic came up of some claiming that the new DC movie “Wonder Woman,” which is killing it btw, isn’t American enough. Neil and the panelist pretty much pulled apart the entire movie by saying how Wonder Woman is played by Israeli Gal Gadot, her costume is red, blue, and gold instead of red,white, and blue as portrayed in the classic “Wonder Woman” TV show that starred Lynda Carter in the late 1970s. Dion Baia even said that:

“I think, nowadays, sadly, money trumps patriotism. Especially, recently, I personally feel like we’re not really very patriotic, the country, in a certain sense. They want these movies to succeed internationally, so they’re going to dial back.”

Sigh. They even go on to say that DC and Warner Bros are dialing back Captain America in order to appeal for international audiences. Thanks for that spoiler for the next Captain America movie, Fox News. This whole entire conversation is why people shouldn’t talk about things they know shit about. You don’t see me making comments about global warming or mechanical engineering. So Fox News, it’s time for me to take you to school. While I respect your choice to make yourselves look like totally and complete bunch of dumbasses #FreeSpeech, let me break it down for you.

First off, Wonder Woman isn’t from America. She’s an Amazonian princess. Even if you saw a commercial for the film, you would have know that. It’s rather pointless to have Wonder Woman be patriotic for America when she didn’t live/was born in America. It’s like being patriotic for India when you weren’t born there nor currently live there. Besides, she is fucking helping America in the World War I. Hell, she is the reason why we won. Did you forget that part or did you just remove it because it didn’t support you claim? I’m going with the both because it’s very obvious that none of you did your research.

Second, Complaining about her costume is stupid. While I’m not a feminist, I’m going to play this card because frankly, I don’t think you would have brought up her costume if she was a male superhero. Whether Wonder Woman is wearing red,white, or blue or three other colors, it isn’t important. It’s about the story and the characters. Superheroes go through a lot of costume changes. The costume you are thinking off is one of the costumes that Wonder Woman has replaced with a new version. It make sense for them to not go use that costume because it’s not up to date. Also, Lynda Carter’s version of “Wonder Woman” isn’t even the same Wonder Woman that is portrayed in everything else. To hint towards that makes your points irrelevant.

Third, it’s fucking comic book/movie character. Get over it. No one is going to the movies and thinking “hmm, I’m not going to see ‘Wonder Woman’ because she’s not patriotic.” If they are, then they need to reevaluate their lives.  People are going to see the movie because they are a fan of DC Comics and the character. No one was really saying that Wonder Woman isn’t patriotic, that was just your attempt to continue to turn your fan base against Hollywood and have them drink up the “Hollywood is anti-American” bullshit that you serving up in order to keep Donald Trump happy.  Just admit it and don’t trying to push it as a hot topic that is keeping people that isn’t your own staff up at night. It would be better accepted if you said “We think that Wonder Woman isn’t patriotic” and then stated why. While it still probably would have been crap, it’s not “FAKE NEWS.” And don’t try to hide the fact that the majority of you are hardcore Trump supporters. It’s fine if you are, just don’t show it so much when you are reporting your alternative facts and whatnot.

Again, I respect Fox News’ right to be able to make comments like the ones they did. Just research it and actually come up with points that aren’t so thin that you can see right through them. You are a new source. Do the research. It’s not hard once you get your heads out of your asses. Also, there’s other important things to cover than Wonder Woman’s patriotism. Remove your lips from Donald Trump’s ass and actually cover the news.


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The final ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer is here!


Looks like we got our final look at the “Wonder Woman” as the final trailer here and boy, it does way more than the first trailer we got.

The final trailer for the movie didn’t really add too much more than what we got in the first trailer. We did get to see more of Gal Gadot’s portrayal as well who is the villain of the movie is. Before we get into it, can we just talk about how/why they feel the need to have a few second intro in front of the trailer? It’s rather pointless because it’s not adding anything to the trailer but rather just rubbing in our faces the release day two times more than they need to. I’m totally for changing up the game with the trailers but this is pointless and a waste of time. Not to mention, as a waste of money. Use that time to put more scene #EndRant

The trailer added onto the previous trailer which isn’t really done with trailers. You end up forgetting about the first one when the second trailer comes out unless it’s about different characters in a movie. DC Comics did a great job in showcasing new tidbits and old to where you remember the first trailer. This trailer though is the strongest out of both. It just features more, which is expected when it’s the final trailer before the release of the movie.

The villain of the movie, besides Ares, is Doctor Poison, which is the worst name for a villain. It’s like naming your children “The Redheaded lightning bolt” because they are a redhead and run really fast. I like how we haven’t really seen Ares yet in any of the trailers. I have a feeling that we won’t see him until the very end of the movie right before the credits. DC has done an amazing job building suspense on him and keeping him towards the end is exactly what they need to do to keep that rolling. Hopefully, they don’t drop the ball with the Ares unveil. They probably will because this is DC Comics we are talking about and they aren’t known for their movies being good. Just their TV shows, which I plan on talking about all at once.

I wasn’t a big fan of Gal Gadot in this trailer. It wasn’t her strongest portrayal of “Wonder Woman.” In parts of it, it seems like she was slightly trying too hard and her accent, while she has a slight one to begin with, was way too strong and thick. I get why they gave Princess Diana one but it’s just too much. I hope that it just how it seems in the trailer and she actually kills it in the movie. I have faith that it will even itself out.

Overall, The trailer wasn’t bad at all. It was probably the best trailer so far for any DC movies coming out this calendar year. It shows more and adds on to the previous trailer. In case you didn’t know from the trailer, “Wonder Woman” is going to be released on June 2nd.

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ and ‘Deadpool 2’ have release dates!!!


So we need to have a chat as a family because I’m shook. And I’m shook in a good way because it appears we will be getting we will be getting two movies that we’ve been wanting for ages as people who enjoy comic book based series and franchises. So it appears that 2018 will be the year of Marvel as they have released the release dates for the second Deadpool movie and the final X-Men movie in the reboot/continuation/prequel series.

The final X-Men movie is going to be a doozy as it looks like we will finally get ourselves a full fledged “Dark Phoenix” movie. I know what you are thinking, and “X-Men: The Last Stand” doesn’t count. For those that don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, the “Dark Phoenix Saga” was a series of comic books about  X-Men’s Jean Grey being overtaken by the Phoenix Force. Phoenix Force eventually turns her to the side of evil and becoming one of the world’s biggest threat. The only success adaptation we have gotten of this storyline was in the early 90s cartoon series, which is a must watch. The “Dark Phoenix Saga” was used in the 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” but it wasn’t anything to cry about.

Now they teased about it in the latest movie “X-Men: Apocolypse” with Sophia Turner creating a firebird in the final battle against Apocolypse. While I won’t get my hopes up for it, the fact that it will be a movie on it’s on is probably the best sign that it will rock. I just hope it does it justice. It can’t be any worse than what they did with it in “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

Not to be outdone, “Deadpool 2” is also shaping up to be a good movie. If the small clip that played after Marvel’s movie “Logan” was a taste of what to expect, then it will be just as good as the first one. If you have been living under a rock and didn’t click on the link to my review to the first movie, Deadpool is a smartass sarcastic ass anti-hero who was is seeking revenge against the people who took his life from him and made him ugly. It’s better than it sounds. It was pretty much one of the best “superhero” movies in 2016 and the first show that movies like it can be rated r.

Well, it looks like all of our favorite characters will be returning in the sequel plus the introduce of the X-Men Cable to the universe. Cable, who was teased as appearing at the end of the first film, is the adult son of Scott “Cyclops” Summer and Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor. The X-Men universe has a lot going and sometimes it doesn’t make sense unless you really know what’s going. And I don’t know enough to explain to where it will make sense to everyone. I really hope that “Deadpool 2” is just as good as the first one, but I don’t have my hope set too high because sequels are usually that great as the originals. But like I said about “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,”  this movie can’t be any worse that Deadpool appearing in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” He had no fucking mouth and it was scary looking in a weird way. Anything is better that “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

“Deadpool 2” is slated for release on June 1st, 2018 while “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is slated for release on November 2, 2018.

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The Trailer of Tomorrow


The trailer was released this week for the new  CW show “DC Legends of Tomorrow.” And boy, does it contain so many spoilers for season four and two of “Arrow” and “The Flash”….well, mainly just “Arrow.” The only real spoiler from “The Flash” is that everyone survived the wormhole formation but that one we already figured out.

Here’ the short synopsis of the series, which will début in 2016:

Rip Hunter travels back in time to the present day where he brings together a team of heroes and villains in an attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself.

So expect the mid-season finale of both shows to set up this series so it can air while they are on hiatus for winter. The series also features characters from both series like The Atom and Sara Lance, who aren’t dead. The Atom didn’t die in the explosion but rather just got really tiny and Sara was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit….like Thea Queen. It also features the début of Hawkgirl, Dr. Stein flying solo–somewhat, Flash super villains Captain Cold and Heatwave as they team up to save the world and become legends.

The show honestly looks really good. It’s giving popular characters new life,literally, and more time to shine without taking away from the story that “Arrow” and “The Flash” are trying to tell. I can not wait to watch the first episode. Now, I’m not big on the trailer because it gives away a little too much about what happened/is going to happen in its sister shows. Example: Oliver is wearing Green again and Sara Lance’s resurrection. Sure, it doesn’t say how it happened, but it still gives away too much.

Here’s the trailer for your eyes to view and judge: