The cube that will save your phone’s life


Have you ever just had one of those days where your phone is about to die and you are having memory problems all at the same time? Don’t worry, they have a thing now to help you with your problem.

The WonderCube is a little 1 inch cube that you can have on your key chain that works both as extra storage and battery life. It also can be used a stand for your phone. They have an iPhone and an Android version of the WonderCube.

Good news is that, the WonderCube will be relatively cheap. WonderCube costs $49 without a microSD card, $59 for the 16GB micro SD version, and $79 for the 64GB micro SD version.

To get a WonderCube, you now have to get it through the Indiegogo campaign, which is open until April 15th. Then they will be shipped in August to the backers. Here’s a video for more info on it:

Apple shows off at Event


Apple fans rejoice! On Monday, March 10th, Apple decided that it was going to show us some softcore tech porn at the Spring Forward event. The porn was made my apple and was feature the newest products that apple has handcrafted. Here is the rundown on all the gadgets, including their beloved Apple Watch.


Apple TV

Apple announced that they would be a price cut on their streaming device. Apple TV would cut the price down to $69 dollars. Apple also announced they would team with HBO to introduce a new streaming service exclusive to Apple TV users called “HBO Now”. The service will be $14.99 a month, and will allow subscribers to watch HBO programming on the Apple TV.  And word is that this service will also be on other Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

My Reaction: Sarcastic cheering….next they are going to announce that Apple TV will be able to act like a cable box. While I don’t really care about this, I felt like this wasn’t the time to announce this. Keep it to a press release, Apple.



Get ready to throw your money at Apple because they are redoing their personal computers. They introduced the death skinny version of the MacBook that makes your older look like it needs to go on a diet. The new version will be smaller and better and come in the three standards that the iPhones come in: Gold, Silver, and Space Gray (So if you are one that has to have everything match and you have an iPhone, you are now in look). It also appears to have a new everything. It knows how to do things your old MacBook doesn’t know how to do ;). It has a new touchpad layout and looks to be a little better built (not there was anything wrong with it before. Here are the specs for the new MacBook:

My Reaction: OMG YASS! This is what dreams are made of. I like the new look of everything and how small and thin it looks like. The only downer is that it won’t work with the old charging cables but it should be expected with Apple that they will change how things charge every time they make a new device. But yes, to this. Minus the cost. They could have made a cheaper version (or just lowered the price because let’s be really, there are cheaper and better computers out there!)


Apple Watch

The thing that everyone was waiting for! Apple gave us more information on the watch that makes us want to take it out to dinner and stare at it for hours and hours. They even turned the event into their own little infomercial with a woman that they allowed to use and try it out first. There are three different versions of it and can range anywhere in price between $350 to $10,000. Click here to get the breakdown comparatively

My Reaction: I’m impressed with the watch but at the same time it looks like they rushed something together because why I would get a watch that is supposed to last around 18 hours on standby when other watch last around a few days. While a lot of watches don’t work with Apple products, there are still a few of them that do. Apple Watch isn’t worth the price of it, at least this generation version isn’t.


Overall Reaction: The only good thing about the event is that the MacBook is amazing. Other than, it was ehhh.

Mobile Game Review: Let’s do some crack!

Trivia Crack

Have you ever had just wanted to do a bunch of crack for a day just to see what is like? Well, if you are then we have a game-and a counselor-for you!

Game is called “Trivia Crack” and it’s pretty much like the board game “Trivial Pursuit.” For those who don’t know what “Trivial Pursuit” is, it’s a game where you answer questions and get little triangles for answer the questions right. When you collect all of them, you win the game. This is the premise of “Trivia Crack.”

It’s gets very addicting because you play until you get one long. After 3 wins, you get a chance to challenge or play for an icon in a category. If you challenge, you allow your opponent to play for the piece it and put up some of your pieces as a wager. So this game creates a gambling addicting and a drug addiction all in one.

To top it all off, it also has lifelines like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” minus Regis Phillbin (old school Millionaire not the crappy Syndication version).

What’s not working for this game? There is no staying power for this game. It will soon become like Words Like Friends, and games like that.

Overall, the game is a fun game to play. It tests your knowledge and it creates a friendly competition.


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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Apple users take a bite back at Apple


Have you noticed that you are running out of memory on your iPhone so damn fast since you downloaded iOS 8? If so, then there is a class action lawsuit that should help you make feel better about your lost….kinda.

The lawsuit is suing the Apple corporation because two residents of Miami purchased 16GB iPhone and iPad and the devices had less than 16GB in it. They said:

“Apple’s misrepresentations and omissions are deceptive and misleading because they omit material facts that an average consumer would consider in deciding whether to purchase its products.Rather ironically, Apple touts iOS 8 as ‘The biggest iOS release ever.’ Of course, Apple is not referring to the literal size of iOS 8, which appears to be entirely undisclosed in its voluminous marketing materials extolling the purported virtues of iOS 8.”

According to The Verge, the average iPhone has has around 19% of the memory capacity unavailable to the user due to the massive amount of formatted memory used for the phone’s operating system. It’s around 21% and 23% for Apple’s iPad and iPod counterparts respectively. While this is expected, no one is expecting this mount of their phones memory to go unaccounted for. The lawsuit even further states that Apple is pretty much doing this to push their iCloud services for music, video, and photos when they run out of memory.

I’m going to be very blunt with this because frankly, this sounds like a huge bitchfest for people who feel like that Apple owes them something due to the lack of memory. Yes, it sucks that Apple’s operating system uses that much memory and that they should keep that keep that in mind when they plan out their phones. But it’s really childish and stupid to sue them for that. You might as well sue every chip company for not filling the bags of chips full of chips. This is a common problem with all smartphones and not just iPhones. If the people would have investigated this before they purchased (they invented google for a reason bitches!). They could have also returned the phone and got Android phones because those you can get SD cards and get more memory in your device. Moral of this story: Research the products you buy before you ruin things for the rest of us.

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