Ariana Grande’s EP ‘Christmas & Chill’ sets new standards for Christmas music

It’s the last Friday before Christmas and we are onto our final Ariana Friday. I know, you are very sad like I am but hey, at least we made it here together. And don’t worry, this one will be shorter than the last two. So bundle up and get ready for as it’s time to review Ariana Grande’s final Christmas EP “Christmas and Chill.” 


Released back in 2015, “Christmas and Chill is a quick and easy album that you can easily breeze faster than you can breeze through an episode of “Riverdale.” Each song is a little under three minutes long and there are only six songs all today on the album.  It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Ariana is her Christmas form

Now, this isn’t your grandmothers Christmas music. This is pretty much Christmas sex music. It’s not too vulgar but it’s dirty enough to where you get what’s she’s trying to get at. Ariana wants Santa to cuddle with her under the mistletoe after he comes down her chimney.

The EP isn’t bad. In fact, the beats for the sounds are catchy. I highly enjoyed all of the songs on there. They were fresh and original. The biggest flaw of this album is the length of the songs. While they aren’t too short, it was would have been a much better listening experience if they were longer. The album just has you leaving more. It’s like its teasing more but there’s nothing more to tease. It’s like we got a taste of the cherry and we just need to take a bite but there’s nothing to bite.

I also recommend listening to the Japanese bonus track. It’s a remix version of “Into You” that features the late great Mac Miller. It’s rather good. I wish they would have had his rap on the album version. 

“Christmas & Chill” is a great Christmas EP that improves on what was made in “Christmas Kisses.” Each song stands out and is enjoyable to listen to. The downfall of the EP is the fact that all songs on the EP are so short. If they were a little bit longer, it would be mash out of the park. I highly recommend adding it into your Christmas day rotation. It’s worth the listen. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Ariana Grande brings Christmas cheer in ‘Christmas Kisses’

It’s the first Friday in December! Do you know what that means? Only 18 days until Christmas. As you have a massive heart attack because you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, it’s time to go down memory lane  and reminisce about Ariana Grande’s first ever Christmas EP “Christmas Kisses.” Also, I swear this isn’t being an Ariana Grande fan site. It just happens she’s a queen and I appreciate a queen being a queen. Welcome to the first edition of Ariana Fridays!

“Christmas Kisses” was released in December of 2013. Instead of having all the songs come out on the EP release date, each song was released individually as single the weeks leading up to the release date. This was done similar to Justin Bieber and how he did his album “Journals,” which was also released in the same month.  It’s like they have the same manger or something. 

The EP features four songs on it. Two of the songs are covers while the other two songs are original Christmas songs. The album is a good mix of pop and R&B. It’s similar in style to her debut album “Yours Truly.” The album has a good flow when it comes to the layout and progression of the EP. It starts out fast paced and extremely upbeat before ending on a much relaxing and slower pace. The EP has this old-school Britney Spears and Mariah Carey feel to it. 

The two covers are of “Last Christmas” and “Santa Baby,” which also features former “VICTORiOUS” co-star Liz Gillies. Both songs Ariana put her own spin on to where they are still the same songs you know and love but more update to date. This is more so apparent in “Last Christmas” where she added in a new verse. This is the kind of covers of Christmas music I want to hear. She adds something new to the songs and not let it be just the same old song. 

The two original songs, “Love in Everything,” and “Snow in California” are good songs but they aren’t that memorable as the other two. They aren’t bad songs but they are just average. “Love is Everything” is such as better song compared to “Snow in California.” It’s just too corny with the lyrics. It’s even too corny for Christmas music standards. “Snow in California” is just meh. It’s not bad but it’s not good. It just feels like filler on the album. It’s also not as lyrically strong as the rest of the album. 


“Christmas Kisses” is great first Christmas EP but it’s nothing too great. The covers on the album are the highlights while the original songs are something that most people will just gloss over. I do recommend this EP as it’s good music to have on in the background during this holiday season. You will mainly be listening to the covers. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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EP Review: Aly & AJ release ‘Ten Years’ and it’s EVERYTHING

Alyaj sm

Aly & AJ has me shook

It’s finally here! We have ourselves a new EP from our queens of 2000s Disney and I’m living for new music from Aly & AJ. When they released their first new single, I died and believe me when I say I died again. I’m pretty much immortal at this point because I just keep on dying.

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“Ten Years” isn’t like other songs or albums that they did before, even their extremely underrated song they released as 78Violet. The entire EP has this 80’s pop feel to it and just blends so nicely with their voices. The EP is the actually is the perfect adjustment to the new Aly & AJ. While the old one will forever be in my heart, I’m all for this new adult version. Pretty much, 2017 has been the year of rebirths. There lyrics also reflect their all grown up nature. It’s just extremely refreshing to have them back in the world of music.

The only problem that I have with the EP is that it just too short. Yes, I under that is the point of EP. I think the fact that I’ve all ready heard two out of the four songs what also made it feel shorter than it was. Yeah, I listened to it the two singles again but it wasn’t anything new. I still love “Ten Years,” but I just wish that it was more fulfilling than what it is. I guess I just wanted a full fledge album.

Overall, I highly enjoyed “Ten Years.” It’s shows how much the sister duo grew from their last album release until now. If I had to pick a favorite song, it would have to be “Promises.” But everything on this album is a bop. I cannot wait for the rest of the new music.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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Extended Play Review: New Kids On The Block ‘Thankful’



New Kids On The Block released their first set of new music since their album “10” in 2013. It’s also kickstarted their tour with Boys II Men and Paula Abdul, two musical acts that I thought were retired.

“Thankful” is a five song Extended Play, or EP. There is a Target bonus track but I’m not counting that one because it’s not available everywhere. The probably right out the gate is that before the release of the EP, we’ve already heard most of it due to “Thankful” and “One More Night” being released as singles. This will greatly cut into the replay value as you’ve already been listening to half the EP and you’re just going to jump into the three new songs you haven’t heard. Not sure why they did this.

How the songs were produced were a little bit shaky for the EP. In the first track “Heartbeat,” it suffers from being slightly overproduced. They had a steady beat, like an actual heartbeat, that is throughout the majority of the song. Then when it gets the chorus they add a lot of drum beats and it sounds doesn’t sound the greatest. There’s a slight drum beat leading up to the chorus, which is fine because it doesn’t sound like there is an issue with timing. I had to listen to and count time multiple times. There isn’t one but rather, just sounds like there is one. “Heartbeat” stripped down and rewritten would sound amazing because it’s not a good song. It really contradicts what is presented in the rest of the album.

“Thankful” presents more adult/mature themes in that their previous work. This album is pretty much about hooking up. The music could be featured in Magic Mike because it’s that kind of music. It isn’t a bad thing, but rather something that fits them and where they are at in their career. They are too old to be considered a boy band so this is a happy medium for them. They are a mature male band. It shows on this record more than on “10.”

This EP is going to be hit or miss for people. If you are a die-hard NKOTB fan, then you are going to love it because you love them. If you are a casual fan or just someone who likes pop music, then this album is going to be a miss. This EP isn’t a very good one for them. There are some standouts like “Thankful” and “Still Sounds Good” but it isn’t enough to make the EP good. Hell, even parts of the standouts are kinda “ehh.” I give them props for experimenting with new sounds and trying to fit into what’s on the radio, but it doesn’t work. They need to go back to the drawing board and look at what they want to be because what they presented in “Thankful” isn’t that. If they want to continue with the sound they presented in “Thankful,” then I would recommend playing with it more before the next release.

If the EP was an album, then it probably would have worked better in their favor. More song probably would have helped make it stand out and be better than what it is.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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