Spotted: ‘Gossip Girl’ has returned!

Your One And Only Source Into The Scandalous Lives Of Manhattan’s Elite has returned.

Uh oh! It looks like the Upper East Side needs to be careful. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. Especially if that woman leaked everyone’s dirty little secrets. Gossip Girl is back on the Upper East Side, and she has to make up for the lost time.

Since July 2019, the world has been patiently waiting to see what will be of this new “Gossip Girl” will bring us. And on July 8th, it premiered to the joy of everyone who used to watch the original. While no one of the original characters will make an appearance, yet, it still left us all asking one question: Who will be the new Chuck Bass?

Let’s be honest: Everyone wanted Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass wanted Chuck Bass. It was all about that Bass. Who didn’t love Chuck Bass? Luckily for us, it seems like it answered that question in the first episode.

“Gossip Girl” is the sequel series of the 2007-2012 series that aired on the CW. It’s produced by the same team that did the original series. Still taking place in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, the new series sees the rebirth of the former website turned Instagram account and the new generation dealing with her wrath and quick witty posts that expose their secrets. It takes place in the same universe as the original series with nine years passing from present-day in the series and series finale of the original series.

Kristen Bell (“Veronica Mars“) returns as the show narrator, aka Gossip Girl. The show’s main cast is more diverse as they are more LGBTQ+, aka gayer and less white. The cast itself is more of a newer cast with some bigger names in being Thomas Doherty (“Descendants 2“), Eli Brown (“Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”), Whitney Peak (“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“), and famous actress and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson. It’s still a super attractive cast and they work really well together for a newer cast.


Now, I’m going to try to keep this spoiler-free as possible. The first episode of the new series does an excellent job of setting the stakes of what made the lead to the return of Gossip Girl, the impact that she had on the original series, and what happened after her disappearance following the reveal that Dan Humphrey, aka Lonely Boy, was the creator of the blog. Unlike the original series, they don’t tease who is behind the account. We know who is behind the new account within the first act of the first episode. It’s a little weird, and the setup I wasn’t a huge fan of just because it was weird. Like, I get why they did it, but it was just not something that I liked.

Also, I didn’t particularly appreciate how there’s not really any mystery behind who is running the account. That was kind of what made the original series good. You didn’t know who was behind the account, which added a little mystery to the drama. A little ridiculous at times but still good. As I said, I just wasn’t a fan of that and I’m not sure how it will work past one season. Though I am curious if they and how they will continue this on.

“I’ve been so good for so long, it’s time for me to be bad.”

The two new Queens of Constance Billard School for Girls

Now the series really starts to pick up after the iconic return of Gossip Girl. She remains to be “That Bitch.” The kids attend the same schools that the OG characters attended. They aren’t as likable as the original characters, but they are still good, and I hope we get to know them more. The first season is only 12 episodes, so sometimes you don’t get a lot of character, don’t get characterization, if any.

We do get a lot of setup for the storylines of “Gossip Girl.” They are callbacks to the original series but more of a twist to them. We have a sibling rivalry that will literally set the Upper East Side on fire, a love triangle, and a bi-curious love triangle that seems like they want to share. I get Netflix teen drama series “Elite” vibes from this show, and I’m here for it. The series is rated TV-MA so it’s more raunchy and risque. This isn’t your “Gossip Girl.” There isn’t any nudity yet, but there is a lot of implied sex scenes. Like it’s to the point where you know what’s happening because it’s very obvious.

“Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

Like most reboot/sequel series, you can’t help but compare the new characters to the original, and this one is no different. In fact, it seems like “Gossip Girl” wants you to compare. She won’t judge you for that. The most blatant one is Doherty’s character of Max Wolfe. I got big Chuck Bass vibes from him, and I’m here for it. I would go as far as to say he’s the Chuck Bass that we wanted in the series. A self-obsessed total manwhore that screws everyone. I hope he has a similar arc to Chuck. But there will always and forever be one Chuck Bass.

Instead of the parents being considered main characters, like in the original, it appears that the teachers will take that role in the series. Frankly, I’m not sure what to think about this. So far, I don’t like the teachers and frankly, they are needed to tell the story. They are kind of set up to where we are supposed to feel bad for the teachers and in all actuality, we don’t we just hate them. Hopefully, something happens with them. We also find out their true objectives within the first two acts of the episode. So it’s truly up in the air with what will happen with them.

Final Thoughts

Based on the first episode, the 2021 sequel series “Gossip Girl” is a great continuation of the iconic late 2000s show it’s based on. Like most first episodes, it starts off slow before finding its footing. This is exasperated because it’s trying to set up the universe for a new audience while also trying to find a happy medium between continuation and reboot. It’s a good start, and as a long-time Gossip Girl lover, I enjoyed the series once the return of the infamous blogger now turned influencer returned.

Whether you are a new watcher of “Gossip Girl” or you watched the original, I highly recommend you check out the sequel series. You don’t need any prior knowledge to understand or get the plot, like stated above, they get you caught up. I do though strongly recommend watching the original “Gossip Girl” because it’s a time machine of that era and frankly, it’s everything.

You can watch both the new “Gossip Girl” and the original “Gossip Girl” on HBO Max. New Episodes premiere every Thursday.

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Show review|’Gossip Girl’

In case you haven’t realized this, I like teen dramas. They make me wish that I could be in one or that my life was like that as a teen and as an adult. Everything seems better in a teen drama. So it’s only fitting that I would start my traveling down the well with what could be considered the most notorious teen drama of all time – “Gossip Girl.” It’s time to talk about it, especially when there’s a reboot coming to HBO Max in 2020

Motive is irrelevant as long as our end game is the same

“Gossip Girl” debuted in September 2007. “Gossip Girl” kicked off the CW reign of teen programming. It starred Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, and Ed Westwick. Kristen Bell narrated the show as the titular character. The show was based on the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar of the same name. Fun fact: it was developed by the same person that gave the world “The OC,” another teen drama that was on a different network. It, too, was a big deal.

The show followed an internet blogger named Gossip Girl, that posted constant updates on the elite of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. It all picks up as Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake) returns to her life on the Upper East Side after being away for a year. It’s pretty much Gossip Girl being the fly on the wall and turns socialites and average students into celebrities known around the world…well, NYC.

Frankly, “Gossip Girl” was ahead of its time. It came out in a world before Twitter, and social media were as big as it was now. With that being said, “Gossip Girl” is a great show, and you can tell why it was the teen drama show on the CW. It covers all of the topes and topics that were believable and entertaining. It pretty much reinvigorated the teen dramas. Without “Gossip Girl,” we probably wouldn’t have the teen dramas we do today.

The first three seasons starts exceptionally well and reliable with excellent and exciting plots. It honestly got a little cloudy when season four started. But overall, it was an enjoyable show. It suffered where most teen shows do once the characters get out of high school.


“Gossip Girl” is a must-see show, especially if you are into classic teen drama. It’s just your average run of the mill teen drama with a modern twist that is still relevant today. I highly recommend watching it and falling in love with it because it’s worth checking it out. Even if it’s the first episode. You can currently view it on Netflix, and as I said, it’s worth it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Miley Cyrus shines in epi​sode of ‘Black Mirror’ as Ashley O

In case you have been living under a rock, Miley Cyrus not only released the first third of her seventh album, “SHE IS MILEY CYRUS.” But she also starred in an episode of the Netflix series “Black Mirror.” Before she becomes the first person to get on the Billboard Music charts under three different names, it’s time to talk about Miley’s episode on this series. It’s the best of both worlds.

Meet Ashley O, aka Hannah Montana 2.0

Head like a hole, black as your soul

“Black Mirror” is a British Anthology series. So what this means that none of the episodes are standalone episodes and have nothing to do with each other. So can watch Miley’s episode without having to worry about getting caught up first. The series follows what can happen with new technology in modern society and the side effects of what would happen, whether good or bad. If you know what “The Twilight Zone” is, it’s similar to that.

Miley’s episode is entitled “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.” It follows Ashley O, a pop star that is starting to feel the pressure of being something that she doesn’t feel like it’s her. Her management team is doesn’t care and puts creative constrictions on her. Ashley is looked up by a fan named Rachel, who gets an AI doll of Ashley called Ashley Too who she uses to as a friend. Rachel hasn’t been able to make friends since the death of her mother. Rachel’s sister, Jack, isn’t a big fan of Ashley O or the Ashley Too doll.

This episode is a fantastic episode. The episode has issues when it comes to a coherent plot and pacing. There are too many plots going on that it’s all over the place. You think it is going one way, but then it goes another and forgets where it was going to go. Like there was a plot started about Rachel and Jack dealing with the loss of their mother, but it was thrown out during the middle and final act of the episode. Then it gets resolved by the end, but there’s not any real resolution.

The primary arch of the episode is more on Ashley O, and her management controls her so she can be who they want her to be due to how much money she is making for them. Without going too much into the story and spoiling it, it’s incredibly relevant to pop music in this day and again. More so in particular to the #FreeBritney movement that happened a couple of months ago. Honestly, Ashely O has a lot of similarities to Britney Spears.

The pacing of the episode is the biggest problem. It drags through the beginning and part of the middle acts. It’s not dull per se but it doesn’t peak your interest until the true intentions of the Ashley O and her management team come into the light. Most of the beginning is just getting to know Rachel and Jack, which is fine but the plot isn’t really strong enough to carry the show. Especially when it doesn’t proper development.

“Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too” isn’t a bad episode but rather a good one. It just suffers from too many plots that create a slightly incoherent plot at times and pacing. I do recommend checking it out because Miley’s performance in it was everything. Miley was the highlight of the episode, especially as the Ashley Too doll. I got “Hannah Montana” vibes from the wig, and that’s when nostalgia hit. I liked the episode and hope they do more with Ashley O.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Jonas Brothers’ documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’ is a must watch

“Please hold while we get our shit together.” This tweet from Joe Jonas on October 22, 2013, lived infamy for many as this signaled what would be the temporary and very unexpected breakup of the Jonas Brothers. It would end up taking six years for the group to get the family band back together and to get back to making music. To promote their upcoming album, the Jo Bros released a tell-all documentary on themselves. Nothing was off limits, and almost everything was brought into the light.

Thank you for holding. Shit = Together.

This review is a slightly Spoiler-Free zone.

“Chasing Happiness” is the exclusive Amazon Prime documentary released by the Jonas Brothers. The documentary follows Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas as they prepare to embark on the production and release of their fifth studio album “Happiness Begins.” The documentary gives you a behind the scenes look at the rise and fall of the group.

Going into this documentary, I thought it was going to be just your average run of the mill “oh, let’s reminisce on our success and sugar coat the bad times.” I’m glad to say that I was wrong. This documentary covered every bit of information on their lives and career. It covered everything from their early upbrings to Nick’s first solo album “Nicholas Jonas” and their first album as a group, to what cause their breakups and brought them back together.

There’s plenty of behind the scene footage from every inch of their careers. Apparently, the Jonases professionally recorded everything. I make fun of that fact as well as greatly appreciate it. The fact that they had access to so much behind the scene footage just adds to the depth and emotion that is being presented in the narrative of their career. When they talk about how crazy and wild it was, you can actually see it. You can see and hear how they are taking it in. With other documentaries, you get an idea but the footage is older footage and doesn’t go with the narrative or just photos. It’s nice but it’s just great to see the behind the scene footage.

Then and now

The only complaint I have is a small but rather major one. They seemingly glanced over Demi Lovato. Look, I get that she “ruined the friendship” with Nick but she for years, their careers were intertwined. They talk about “Camp Rock” but not the fact they pretty much help launched Demi Lovato. She also helped make the Jonas Brothers bigger as well. They give Miley Cyrus, who famously dated Nick and wrote “7 Things” about him, a whole segment. I just think that Demetria didn’t get the credit that she deserved. The lack of Demi honestly kind of comes across petty. Especially after they included Miley.

I highly recommend checking out “Chasing Happiness” on Prime Video. It worth the watch whether you are into the Jonas Brothers or not. The tea is piping hot, especially some of that Disney tea, and their story keeps you interested in it through the entire documentary. This is a documentary you want/should see if you were into Disney during the Jonases reign as leading Disney Darlings. Everything about this doc, minus the snub to Demi, is so good. I highly enjoyed this, more than I thought I would.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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