Degrassi: Next Class is decently good

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It’s time that we have a sit down, or standing, discussion about the newest incarnation of Canadian high school. “Degrassi: Next Class” picks off where “Degrassi: The Next Generation,”or “Degrassi” left off in a sense. It goes there and I’m not sure where there is but it goes there.

It follows the students that didn’t graduate previously along with some new faces that weren’t in the previous incarnation. The good part about jumping into the series without seeing any of the newer Degrassi is that you don’t need to know the past storylines of the returning characters. So if you were like me and haven’t watched since Holly J Sinclair graduated, you won’t be super lost…it’s just a little confusion.

The characters are a little bit more fleshed out then what I heard about in the previous incarnation. The newer character arent though and that’s because they don’t have any/much history. I saw some of the returning before “Next Class,”and I honestly prefer them in this than before.

The series has a more technology influenced tales of teen issues because Canadians are so dramatic.  Some of the dramatic seem less realistic but that always happens in Degrassi….remember it goes there. The first and second season is different and have a different arch. The newest season main focus was based on the whole Black Lives Matter. 

The only downside with the plot of the seasons is that they aren’t as fleshed out like it the original. They only have 10 episodes each season, and each episode is only 30 minutes long. There isn’t any good way to tell a great or compelling story line in that short of time. One of my major complains so far is how they handled the 500th episode that had returning cast members. While they shouldn’t be the main focus, they were just kinda there. They were featured in small segments but nothing stood out….Paige didn’t even say “Hun”, Hun.

Overall, “Degrassi: Next Class,” is a decent show. It’s better than some of the seasons before it. But the episode and season length prevents it from being a great series.


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Poke-messed up

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Pokemon is one messed up franchise when you look at it as a whole. In the world of Pokemon, they find it perfect acceptable to send 10 years old into the world with very little in order to catch and train creature that could easily kill them in horrific fashion. Then with very little training, they are then giving a Pokemon of their own to aid them but aren’t told how to use them or what they could do. So even their Pokemon could kill them.

All the adults are fine with sending them like this. They just let their child run around with no supervision and sleep anywhere in order to get glory. Sure, they can go to a Pokemon Center but it’s still wrong. They are way to trusting into the world, especially with Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua out in the world. Which by the way, why haven’t Officer Jenny caught them? And if they haven’t caught them, why are they still Police Officers? Do the Pokemon world have a capable police force? I’m starting to think it all one big joke.

Why is socially acceptable to battle Pokemon? It’s technically animal abuse and contradictory to the point that you are supposed to work as a team and be friendly with the Pokemon on your team. Forcing them to battle and keeping them in tiny little balls against their will isn’t friendly.

So pretty much Pokemon is teaching us to train our companions to battle for us for glory and to trust everyone. #LifeLessons


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Thank you

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We have hit over 10,000 views on this site. While that might not seem a lot, it is to me. When I started this blog over 2 years ago with a countdown list of reasons why Justin and Selena should never ever ever be together (a list that is still true!), I just thought it would be like my other blog and I would hardly update it…and boy, was I right on with that one! I’m actually rather shocked how much I have updated this blog in the last month and a half.

This blog started as an extension to my college radio show, of the same name, and was never meant to last past me graduating college. But I made the decision to use the reader base that I gain through this blog and continue for fun. But little did I know, putting out somewhat daily content is a pain and a struggle, especially when you can’t devote your life to it and you’re the only one writing for it. But I still manage too!

Thank you to Bailey Miller for allowing me to bother you for your opinion on content for site when you probably could care less. Thank you Bailey for being the best co-host and “The Pop Project Number One Fan” ever. Like your bow game, your bow bashes are on point. Let’s raid WRMU one night like we planned, and have a Pop Project Reunion. I’ll even let you run the board this time 🙂

Thank you to everyone that has helped make “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” a success whether you were helping sabotage it or just going along with one of my brilliant plans like a 5 hour super show or the show getting political for a night and playing every inappropriate when a party lost the election (who can forget having Katy Perry saying “Penis” to hundreds of people on the radio?)

Starting this blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. And I have you, the person reading this blog (both new and reoccurring) to thank. Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to the crap and nonsense that I put onto this site. Without you, I would be extremely bored with a lot of built up sass and comedic sarcasm. Whether you are just someone who stumbled onto this, you are one of the few people who follow this, or have the site as a favorite, thank you for reading it.  Thank you for allowing me to entertain you.


Here’s till the future and 20,000 more views!

Thanks again,



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