Please stop using Snapchat filters on all of your selfies

Houston, we have a major problem.

There’s an epidemic taking over the world that is way worse than Bieber fever and those damn Kardashians. Okay, nothing can be worst than those damn Kardashians but this is pretty close. Let’s have an open and honest discussion about why people feel the need to post/print pictures of themselves with fucking Snapchat filters on them. Welcome to “Social Media Corner.”

People are taking selfies and then using the filters from Snapchat filters. Then they are using these social media because they find them “cute,” and want to bring all the “boys to the yard.” It’s like people have been infected by a disease. Like when people thought it was socially acceptable to wear skirts with tennis shoes. You might think it’s a great idea but in the end, you just look like an idiot. 

Does this look cute?

When you are posting pictures of yourself with these filters on, it looks like you are trying to hide something from people. What are you trying to cover up? Do not like your nose, lips, face, eyes, etc.? If you aren’t, that isn’t what is coming across. People want to see what you really and truly look like. They can’t see that if you have that dumb filter on your face.

Also, they aren’t making you look cute. If you are under the age of 16, then you really shouldn’t be taking pictures with filters. That’s really the only way that it’s even slightly acceptable. If you want to look cute, then just pose and pick amazing lighting.

Please also stop using that dog face filter. You know the one that I’m talking about. The one was when you open your mouth, a tongue appears and licks the screen. It’s annoying and I’m tired of constantly seeing it everywhere. Enough is enough. If you have to use a filter, then find another one.

Be yourself and just let others see your face. Stop using filters because they only hiding your beauty. There’s only one of you, why should you hide that.

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Grandma doesn’t want to see your drunk selfies


Time to return to the corner

It’s been awhile since we stopped by the cleanest corner on the internet. Welcome to Social Media Corner. It’s time to talk about something that everyone seems to be doing these days, especially if you are under the age of 25. I’m here to help you because frankly, the majority of you need it:


So let’s say the following statement together now: YOU DON’T NEED TO POST EVERYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Do you hear that? Okay, now lets discuss. You have to watch what you are posting because there are somethings that don’t belong on there, like breaking laws or just things you don’t want your mother/grandmother to know.  A good rule of thumb for social media when posting is the rule of  “Would you want your grandma to see this?”

What’s the “Would you want your grandma to see this?” Rule?

I’m glad you asked that. This rule is pretty much a catch guard to stop you from posting things that you will regret or don’t want other people to notices. So all you would need to do is ask yourself “Would you want your grandma to see this?” Before you post that inappropriate picture, post or anything like that would make your grandma blush or just disown you. If your grandma likes those kinds of pictures, then you might want to just walk away because you might find out that your grandma has some secret past as a part-time swinger and a full-time party animal. No one wants to picture their grandma doing shots off of someone or their grandparents hooking up with someone else’s grandparents. Just walk away at that point. It’s just easier for everyone.

Another thing to remember that the stuff you post on social media, including on Snapchat, is always there. It’s extremely easy to make sure those pictures or post around forever, including after you think it’s deleted from the internet. You never know when it going to pop out at you. Of course, it’s going to be at the most inconvenient time. But you can never really get rid of the things that you post. Also, don’t post anything that you thing down the line you will regret posting. You see it all the time when it comes to celebrities, things they posted in the past are coming back and they regret posting them. You have to smart. You will mature as you get older and your views will grow or mature with you. When you look back at it, you will cringe but you want to cringe in a “I cannot believe I was like that” way and not a “omg what did I do/say/post that?”

Hopefully, this will help you make better social media life decisions. If it doesn’t, then good luck with that picture of your privates out in the open at a party because you were too shitfaced to think right.

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Advertising on Social Media


Ahh, It’s time to revisit the cleanest street corner in the entire internet. On this week’s edition of “Social Media Corner,” I’m going to walk you through how to advertise on social media.

While I’ve previously talked about promoting on social media, click here to read about it, many people use social media to sell their items for their business. A lot of it will carry over from the promoting article. You should still read the article though. I mean, it just means you will be even more good at selling crap on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/SnapChat,etc.

When you are talking about your product, make sure you aren’t posting so much that they have to click read more on Facebook and Instagram or it takes more than one tweet. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. If you post anything that is too long, they will just skim past it. Sure, they will won’t get the full effect of your product if you keep it short. But you have to trust that they will ask questions if they want to know more. They might even research it themselves which is still a win for you.

The main point of any advertising you do on social media should be to raise awareness of your product. They should be able to get the name of the product, a benefit, and a link to get more info within one post. Here’s a example of what I mean.

Did you know that Hands can help you lift a thing? Find out more about here {insertlink}

It’s short, sweet,and to the point. I would also included photos with it that are relevant to the post. People like photos and it helps them know it’s not a scam, especially if it’s real people using. Keep in mind, the pictures are a tool to help make your post stand out. It’s the accessory to the dress that is your post. It should be eye-catching but shouldn’t over power the post. Your post should always be the main focus of your ad unless you combine the two, which is another post for another time.

Also, don’t talk about your post not getting likes or comments because only you probably have noticed. Getting people to read anything on social media that doesn’t interest them isn’t easy to do to begin with. Posting about it how no one is engaging your post doesn’t help. You might as well just put on your status “If anyone cares…” You want your post to be engaging and something that they want to read. Oh, and don’t talk about how many people are private messaging you about your product. While it could be true, it’s just makes you sound desperate to prove that you promotion is working.

I hope this post helps you and your advertising needs on social media. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below.

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How to not spam people with who to follow


On this edition of “Social Media Corner,” we’re going to be talking about people who are asking you to follow other people. Yep, I’m going there.

Before I get started, let me clarify something: This isn’t for people spreading awareness. I’m talking about people who constantly saying something that is along the lines of this:

Make sure you follow my buddy @insertfakeperson

Once in awhile is fine and doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is when they constantly do and it’s just not one person, but rather 50 people and it’s all the time. Spamming me to follow these people isn’t going to make me follow them but rather unfollow you. I’m all for supporting people and helping them gain a following but doing it that way isn’t alright.

There’s a way to help build someone’s audience without spamming people. You have to treat it like advertising and because that is exactly. You are advertising to your follower a person you support and want to help get a bigger following. You don’t want to over-saturate your feed with it. If you over-saturate, then every time you post a “hey follow @insertname,” it will be meaningless. If this is something you really want to do, then I recommend planning out your post. This will help make it seem less like spam and also let you have a plan. If you are a social medialist, then you really should be planning your post all ready.

When you are telling people to follow this person, make sure you give valid reasons that will resonate with them. Just putting “they are a great person” is like the kiss of death that people write in the yearbooks of people they hate. That is just bland and meaningless. You might as well put the following:

Follow @insertname because he told me to put that there

Make it well thought out and worth people attention. If they are attracted to check out that person, you have won the battle. You can’t force people to follow that person unless they are sheep and just do whatever you say. If that is the case, good for you but they aren’t worth it. You want people to follow because they like what you are putting out there and not because they were told to. Also, getting views on the content is doing more than followers will ever do. While they are following you, they aren’t guaranteed to alway see your stuff. By just viewing it, they are getting to know the person. Even if it was a tweet. I also recommending share a link of one of their content and tagging their social media in it. It gets the job down on both ways.

Hopefully, this will help you in your promoting others. Just remember not flood your feed with it and you’ll be fine. For the love of your idol, please don’t flood people it because that shit gets old fast and it’s not okay.

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