Miley Cyrus pays tribute to past music videos in ‘Younger Now’


Just when I thought that Miley Cyrus wouldn’t make me love her more, she goes and releases a banger, a music video for the banger, and pretty much what to expect from her new album. It’s a wonderful day way to start the day.

“Younger Now” is the first song, and second single, off of her next album that has the same name. It’s a little more different from something that we have heard from Miley. It’s has a more of an alternative feel to it. It’s still pop but not the pop music that we are us used to from her. It’s a welcome changed because her voice still fits it wonderfully. Miley’s voice can pretty much fit any type of genre.

Now, the song itself takes awhile for you to warm up to it. While I’m not trying to start a war, it’s reminds me of Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar.” It’s something unexpected from her and the more your listened to it, the more you liked it and became a true bop. This is a case for this song. It’s an extremely well-written song but just something that will take a few listens before you start bopping to it in the car.

The music video for this song is pretty much EVERYTHING. There’s subtle hints to all of her past songs in it. I truly didn’t notice it until someone on Twitter started to point it out one and then it was like “OMG I’M WOKE.” It’s really nice to see Miley embracing the past and showing how it helped her get to where she is now. Oh, and the video itself isn’t bad. It has a 50’s style and feel to the outfits and it works with it but then there are moments were you go “I’m a little bit lost.”

The album “Younger Now” is set to be released on September 29 and will feature 10 songs, one of which is a duet with her godmother Dolly Parton. I CANNOT WAIT Y’ALL!

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Pop Project explains: March Madness 


It’s March, and you know what that means: yes, it still sucks, but it’s the one time a year that college basketball is relevant. In this edition of “Pop Project Explains,” it’s time to dive into a concept that no one knows why it’s so popular but it-March Madness. It’s pretty much the super bowl for college basketball that lasts a month, although it feels longer.

Pretty much, March Madness is a tournament in college basketball for the NCAA Men’s Divison I Basketball Championship. 68 teams compete in the single-elimination tournament, and they are ranked 1-16 based on region. The teams then play each other until they lose. After the second round, they have clever names for the rounds based on how many people are in it: Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4. The tournament begins in the second full week of March and ends the first full week of April. Oh, there are games on pretty much every day, so good luck trying to watch TV if you share one with someone who watches this.

March Madness is pretty much like crack to some people. It takes over their life. It’s because they have money or some prize at stake. Many use the tournament as a bonding ritual amongst friends and coworkers. Hell, ESPN has it set up as a competition amongst all the users of its site. Pretty much, people use March Madness for drinking, gambling, and hanging out with friends. There’s even like a point system for the tournament brackets. No one usually understands it, but they go with it. It’s March Madness, and it’s better not to question…especially if you are winning.

People take filling out the bracket very seriously. Like people research this. It’s probably more and in-depth research than what is needed. And people use multiple brackets, and it’s just maddening because they take it that seriously. I recommend filling out a bracket if you never have because it’s amusing to win with little to no knowledge of it. Cave dwellers can fill it out.

Here’s my surefire method to beating your friends: have the higher ranking teams. It’s a guarantee that some of the number one ranked will make it all the way- unless there is a rebellion. That’s what I call a lower-ranked team beating a higher-ranked team. The only time my method won’t work is the Final 4. That is when you go nuts and go with your gut. The other way that you can use it if you are feeling like taking a risk is judging by the name of the school. That’s like driving with your window downs, and there’s a chance of rain. That’s too wild for some.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand March Madness. The tournament will be starting soon, so make sure that you are ready. Make sure you also tell your enemies:

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Pop Project Explains: Football


Welcome to another exciting edition of “Pop Project Explains.” In case you are new, this is where I explain things to help clear up any confusion there is in the world. On this week edition, I will be explaining the basics of the game of football. This is for American football. This is here to help people attending Super Bowl parties and asking questions that will be annoying to the people who know what’s going on. This is to prevent any deaths, breakups, or murders that will result of asking questions during the game-yes, these things actually occur during the Super Bowl. Americans take their football games very seriously, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl. Don’t get inbetween Americans and football.

So what is the game of Football? It’s pretty much a bunch of men in tight protective gear hitting and rolling around with each other in order to move a ball up the oppositions side of the field to score points. The team that scores the most point in four quarters, will win the game. Sounds simple right? Well it’s get more confusing from there.

Each game begins with a coin toss that is overly produced at the start of the game. While it’s important to the overall game, it’s really unnecessary to air it. The visiting team is the one that will call either “heads” or “tails.” The winner of the toss decides what they want to do during kickoff. Kickoff literally kicks off the game. A team can either kick the ball to the other team, or have the other team kick it to them. This also set which set of players play first.There are two set of players on the field: Defense and Offense. Defense is trying to prevent the scoring of points. Offense is trying to score.

Offense tries to score using either by throwing the ball, called passing play, or running the ball, called rushing play. The offense has four plays, is it called downs, to advance to the defense’s goal. If the offense gains 10 yards, then the downs start over again. If the offense reaches fourth down, then they will punt the ball to defense that will cause them to have a longer ways to score when they switch to offense. The offense can also attempt to kick a field goal, if they are in range, which will give them a three points.  If they score a touchdown, then that will give them six points. After that, the special teams players come out. They deal with punts and field goals. Special teams can either score a field goal for an extra point (yes, this one is less than other field goal. It doesn’t make any sense, just go with it) or the offense can do another pass or rushing play to score two more points, called a two point conversion, because they are greedy bastards. Two point conversions hardly ever work unless you are playing Madden.

While this goes on, the defense is trying to prevent the offense from moving up the field. They either tackle the person with the ball, try to take possession of the ball by causing them to drop the ball, called a fumble, or catching it, called an interception. If they succeed, then the defense become the offense. The defense also has a special teams. The defense’s special teams main job is to look like utter jackasses and try to stop the kick by either jumping up in the air to block it, or charge at the kicker. It really doesn’t make any sense. Just remember to just go with it. Oh, if the offense does a fake out, remember to massive freak out like it’s the best thing you have ever seen.

This continues the entire game. There’s a break in-between the second and third quarters called halftime. This is a big deal during the Super Bowl, but during regular season it’s just a stupid waste of time. Literally, they just go over other games that you obviously don’t care about because you aren’t watching them to begin with. I’m not going to explain penalties because the referees will turn on their mics and say it. There’s also too many because you can never have too many penalties. I’m also not going to go over why the referees have letters on their shirts because I frankly don’t know and I’m pretty sure that the no one knows as well.

That’s pretty much it. Like I said, this was the basics. It’s enough to save some lives. Just remember to go with the flow and you’ll survive. If you have questions, make sure that it’s a damn good one. Don’t ask it during anything happening during the game. Wait until break.

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Top 5ive: Super Bowl Commercials


Remember when it was a big deal to have a Super Bowl Commercial? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a big deal. But with most of the ads premiering before the event, there’s not really a point to watch the ads. But there was some all time classics ones. So here’s my Top 5ive Super Bowl Commercials. They are some of the best. So here we go!!!

5. Snicker’s ad with Betty White

It’s an ad with Betty White in it. Betty White is funny as hell. It’s Betty White playing football and making dirty jokes. She hasn’t lost it and it’s because of this ad that she hosted SNL and stayed.

4. “Mean Joe Greene Coco Cola” Featuring Mean Joe Greene

This commercial is literal pop culture. So many people and such have parodied it. It’s literally iconic…and raises so many questions. Like was it really an even trade? A bottle of coke for a jersey that’s worth more? How did that child get that close without security? And why would you drink Coke after a game?

3. “Joy of Pepsi” featuring Britney Spears

This commercial is very iconic. It’s reminisce of the time period, late 90’s to early 00’s. It’s Britney at her best and was catchy af. It was literally the greatest thing if you were a pre-teen or teenager. Who doesn’t have the chorus stuck in their head? It’s the best.

2. “We Will Rock You” featuring Britney Spears, Beyoncé,P!nk, and Enrique Iglesias

This was everything. It was the three biggest stars of the time and they were singing all together. It’s the only time that Beyoncé and Britney sing together. It’s also the last time Enrique Iglesias was relevant.

1. “What your man could smell like” Old Spice body wash

This ad is extremely cleverly written and funny. It’s pretty much tell women to dump their men because they don’t smell like a real man. It even got women’s attention because it has an attractive male telling them that if they bought the body wash, their man can be as study as him. Sure, it probably would get a lot of flack now but it’s an advertising masterpiece. It just gets stuck in your head and make you want Old Spice Body Wash. Mainly because you wanted to be “real man.” Who doesn’t want to be a real man?

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