Sexuality isn’t a trait that you just bring up to describe people

Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.

Frankly, I’m not really sure how to write this. I never really thought I would have to write something like this. I’m going to try to keep this tame and polite. I want this to be a little more serious. I probably will still make a few jokes and spill some tea. But this deserved to be a bit more serious than what is usually on this blog.

Someone ignorantly decided to use what they believe my sexuality to be as a trait to describe me to someone. Before I get into how insanely wrong this is, let me set the stage for you. A return customer at the place I work in came up to my coworker looking for me. My coworker didn’t know who they were talking about so they decide to describe my dress code with high emphasis on what they assumed my sexuality was. Keep in mind, I’ve only helped them once and they don’t even know me. I was even nice enough to answer all their questions and just give quality customer service the last time they stopped in. But regardless of whether they are right or wrong, it should have never ever have happened

Someone’s sexuality is an extremely important part of them. But it’s just a small piece what makes them up. By bringing it up like that, it just shows how what you really care when you are talking to someone. There are plenty of things you can bring up besides sexuality. There’s hair color, facial hair, hair style, eyes color, etc. Why would bring up something like when you don’t see it? It’s not like it’s written on our faces or anywhere on our bodies. I don’t know about you but I was never taught to use that to describe people. I don’t remember asking “Is he gay?” when playing “Guess Who.” That’s just you being ignorant.

By bringing it up, that also means you are following sexuality stereotypes and you are labeling people based on those stereotypes or what you feel is a representation of that sexuality. Think about how you would feel if this happened to you. If you are from the south, does that mean that you are racist? No, because anyone can be a racist. The same goes for sexuality. You don’t need to wear flannel and steel-toed boots to be a lesbian. You also don’t need to be overly flamboyant to be gay. What give you the right to decide a strangers sexuality based on stereotypes? Just because my voice isn’t that deep or some of my mannerism isn’t what you believe to be “masculine,” doesn’t give you the right to judge me.

Someone’s sexuality isn’t even your business. It’s their choice who knows and how they let them know. Unless they bring it up, keep you don’t need to assume that you can just tell someone’s sexuality. My mother always says “When one assumes, you make an ass out of you and me.” If they don’t tell you or bring it up, just keep your suspicions to yourself. Like I said, it’s their choice if or when they want you to know. Knowing someone’s sexuality means they trust you and feel like you won’t be one of the many ignorant people in this world that will judge them for something they have no control over. They didn’t have any control that they were born whatever sexuality they are. But you do have control on being ignorant, and frankly, a bigot. Don’t worry, you can stop being ignorant. Like I said, you can control that.

This is the nice version of what I wanted to say. Believe me, I had other choice words. Moral of the story is don’t let your ignorance or sheer lack of decency stop you from seeing the whole person . Someone’s sexuality just makes up a small part of who they are. Don’t let that be the only thing you see and judge someone on that. Judge their character, not who they want to love. Of course, if you are ignorant, they wouldn’t want you to see the real them anyways. Nobody got time for ignorant people. I know that I don’t.

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The real meaning behind celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo. For most people in America, They will be getting wasted and shitfaced because they just believe that is what the day is all about. In case you didn’t know, it’s not about drinking. Today, I’m going to break it down it down for you because you should at least know what you are getting wasted for. 

Now, don’t worry. I’m not going to get all history class on you. This is just a brief rundown. I’m also researching this but I’m still sorry if I get anything wrong with the facts. So let’s just get this out-of-the-way now: Cinco de Mayo isn’t Mexican Independence Day. That day is actually on September 16 and kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month, which is September 15 through October 15.

Cinco de Mayo is actually the celebration of the Battle of Puebla. This occurred when the French invaded Mexico in hopes of taking it over. Outnumbered by the French, the citizens of Puebla defeated the French and prevented them from heading towards Mexico City until a year later.

The day isn’t really celebrated in Mexico. The most that will happen is that they don’t have work or school that day. It’s not like a super big holiday. It’s actually more celebrate here in the US. Here, it’s more about the celebration of Mexican culture. There is a countless number of events in major cities that have allowed people to experience all the wonderful things in Mexican culture they normally wouldn’t be able to.

I hope that this helps you understand more about why you care to get drunk today. If you are getting drunk, please do it responsibly.

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You Can’t Stop the Beat


With the world so full of hatred and discrimination, you just have been the beacon of light that will help change the world. It may seem dark and gloomy but instead of trying to avoid it, try to change it with hope. I know what you may be thinking, and yes. This is going to be one of those post if you couldn’t tell by now.

With Donald Trump winning the Presidency, the rights of many could be ripped away just because they “don’t like,” “don’t understand,” or simply “don’t care to like.” People won’t be able to marry who they would like because their state believes that the “marriage is sacred and between a man and a women”. Which is funny because the people who are saying this have had multiple divorces, which I think is ruining the sanctity of marriage more so that two people of the same gender loving each other. That’s besides the point. People are going to be discriminated based on what they look like, what they believe in, among other things. Don’t live in fear of being who you are. It’s not worth it. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+, someone who came from another country, whatever/whoever you are, just be you. Like I said multiple times, if people can accept you for you then they aren’t worth it.

The election showed us how much hatred and angst is in America. While change is good, time will tell if it was worth it in the end. I’m all for giving Trump the chance. I don’t agree with the hatred, the discrimination, or the intolerance that he brought out in people. And I’m not generalizing all of his supporters, that’s what he would like me to do in order to feed into it. That is me being like them. I’m not going to do that. But you need to understand, the majority of his supporters are like that. Those are the ones that stick out in the world. Show people that you want to help them be the change.

The musical/movie “Hairspray” is something that came into my head as I tried to wrap my head around this. Hence, why the title of this is “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” That songs pretty much sums up everything. They can try to stop the paradise we’re dreamin’ of. But they cannot stop the rhythm of two hearts in love. You can’t stop the beat. The whole musical is still very relevant to the situation. The social commentary in it is still very much here. That’s sad. Have we not learned to just love and accept each other for being them?

While you can’t change the outcome of the election, you can change minds and fight for what you believe is right. No matter what they try to do, they can’t stop the beat of your happiness. Keep on fighting on and change the world. Be the change you want to see in the world. So stop your bitching and moaning already because he won. It’s not the end of the world…at least not yet. It’s time to look into the future. Let’s change the world.


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Haters gonna Hate

hate sm

This blog post is going to be a little big different from what some are used to but it’s something that I need to get off my chest. Don’t let anyone try to tear you down-no matter what they say. As Taylor Swift says, “Haters going to hate.”

People will say mean things and a lot of them will hurt. It will seem like everyone is out to get you because mean/bad things all will come at once. Just don’t let it get too you. Use it to prove them wrong and fuel you. It will seem like it will be eating you alive, which is fine to do. Just don’t let it control you to the point where it runs your life. If you need to cry, than cry (there’s no shame in crying). Do whatever you need to do to process that hate and then just let it go. It’s not worth your time.  Just move on from it and focus on just doing you. If it’s about your job, move on and take it with a gain of salt. Take the criticism as what’s it worth and let the hurtful words go. It’s not worth letting it eat you up over it because that’s what they want.

There’s just way too much hate going on in the world. People hating when they don’t need to. Hating is just a waste of your time. You could be doing more productive things with your life.  Hopefully, this helps someone dealing with hate because it’s not worth your time. If you are dealing with hate, just remember-you’re not alone and they are only hating because they aint you. I always feel sorry for that person because if they are consumed by hating on you, then they probably are having a rough time or just hateful people. If you are consumed by hate, then I’m sorry that you are and hope that one day, you will no longer be filled with hate. That is all for this. Thank you for reading this and I hope this helps with the hate.


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