5 Seconds of Summer prepare for 5SOS3 with new bop ‘Youngblood’

5 Seconds of Summer prepares their pre-order of their third album

5 Seconds of Summer fans rejoiced today as the band official gave the world a release day and title for their upcoming third album, “Youngblood.” Like any pre-order these days, the band gave away one of the songs off the album when someone pre-ordered the album.

“Youngblood” is the first track off of the album of the same name. The song is an upbeat bop with a kick. It really begins to bang once it the chorus. The song follows the style that they have set with “Want You Back.” It’s a bit more pop mixed with some underlying rock beats. 5SOS new and more mature sound is still present and it’s still EVERYTHING.

The lyrics aren’t explicit like “Want You Back,” but still manage to pack a punch to your heart. The lyrics are about falling in love it being a one-sided relationship. One person was giving it everything while the other was just using them and playing them.

“Youngblood” is an amazing track and gives you an idea of what to expect on the album. 5SOS is owning and working this mature sound that they are doing. It’s definitely building hype up for the release of this album.

“Youngblood” is available for pre-order on digital retailers and will be released on June 22nd.

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5 Seconds of Summer releases ‘Want You Back’ music video

5 Seconds of Summer makes everyone’s world spin

Australian rock group 5 Seconds of Summer released the video for their newest single “Want You Back” off of their untitled third album. “Want You Back” is all ready unlike any of their past songs and the video isn’t any different.

The video for “Want You Back” is visually stunning one that plays on the visuals and doesn’t tell a story like the majority of the 5SOS videos have done before. Each member of the band is in their own room. The rooms spin and defy gravity as they perform the song. It’s similar to what one would assume an acid trip would feel like.

5 seconds of Summer let the song tell the story instead of letting the video tell it. The video is more of a tool to help get the story across. It also lets the viewer figure out the hidden meaning of the rooms spinning and the setup of the rooms. The video also marks the first time we see the band perform the explicit version of the song. In past performances, they have performed the clean version of the song. 

The video for “Want You Back” is a welcome change in the style of 5 Seconds of Summers. It’s a more mature style and looks for the group. Their earlier style didn’t have anything wrong with it, you need to mature and grow to be successful. 5 Seconds of Summer is growing and maturing with their fans.

While there isn’t a release date for 5SOS3, 5 Seconds of Summer is on tour. Here’s video for your viewing pleasure:

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Sex and Punk Pop

5SOS Rolling

So this is going to be a rant because frankly, I’m a bit annoyed with the situation.

As all of you are now aware, 5 Seconds of Summer did an interview in the newest edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine, which will be out in January 2016. In the interview, All four members pretty much let it all out. From their partying ways to having sex with fans, it’s all in this article. This is causing people to lose their mind and their fans to pretty much want to throw all their 5SOS merch into a firey pit.

They are a freaking rock band. No one bats an eye when bands like Motley Crue or Nickelback talk about having sex on tour (sidenote: I know that no one really have sex with the members of Nickelback, but let’s just pretend for the sake of this article). They are young, famous, and it the spotlight. They are going to drink and have lots of sex with lots of girls that they meet on the road. Some of them will be groupies.

I get that some of the verbage used wasn’t the right way to come off but let’s be real for a moment–the article says that Luke Hemmings “wanders downstairs to the kitchen, unshaven, wearing only a T-shirt and tight black boxer briefs.” That sentences just screams like a teenage girl fanfic on Tumblr. If you are going to cry “wolf” that they are objectify women with their comments, they I’m going to “wolf” too because the writer of the article, which is a male, objectified Luke with the comment of “tight black boxer briefs.”

And yes, I get that they have a fan base of teenagers but their fan base also write boardline pornographic fan fictions where they have sex with the members and go into grave details. Their fan base have written/read way worse stuff.

I applaud them for their openness and honesty. While I question how much was made up by the writer, it was refreshing to see a band do an interview like this so openly. They definitely broke their boy band reputation with the interview.


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Sounds Good Feels Good is perfect

sounds good5 Seconds of Summer released their second album today entitled “Sounds Good Feels Good.” Oh, boy is it a good listen.

The album is rather good and you can tell that they put a lot of their heart and soul into the album to make it perfect.  Now before you get on the “Demi Lovato just released a very personal album” let me get what the difference. This album is not totally personal but rather a mixture of it which doesn’t alienate new fans. It’s a nice mixture that just makes everyone feel welcoming…again, not that Demi’s album didn’t so put away the pitch forks.

The album also gives off more of early 00’s pop punk than their first. It’s brings on the nostalgia feel and it’s so so good.

The only thing that I will have to say is not working for the album is the fact that some of the songs have a outro. Yes, it’s a rather nice but it’s just kind of there. It’s not connecting two songs together but rather just an added gift. Also, I’m not big on have a “hidden track,” especially when it’s ruin online. Just freaking add it to the tracklist and make it an individual song because when I see that a song is over 5 minutes long, I really don’t take the time to listen to it because I ain’t go time for that.

All of the songs are pretty great. When I started to list all the song that I liked on the album, it was 90% of the album.

Overall, it’s an amazing album that could have done without the outro.

Here’s the album for your listening pleasure:

Rating: 4.5 broken scenes out of 5

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