Backstreet Boys is Back! BSB releases first new single in five years

Backstreet Boys tell the world to ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ in latest single

It’s been a hot couple of minutes since the world was blessed with a new single from the Backstreet Boys. The last time we got new music from was 2013. While they launched a successful Vegas residency, it’s about time because “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” has been everyone’s theme. 

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a dance club banger that is just tons of fun to listen to. Vocals are heavily AJ and Nick but that’s okay because they add this kind of new sound that we’ve never heard from their group. It’s a Falsetto layered overtop the rest of the group’s vocals. It works extremely well for this song and it’s everything.

The music video for the single is classic BSB. It’s just them dancing in front of LED displays with a few different storytelling elements. Honestly, the video is perfect for them. They still have it after all these years. I just kept thinking of them as DILFs during the video. 

My only complaint with the song is that it sounds like every other song in this day and age. It sounded too familiar and like every mainstream pop song on the radio that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing song. I just that there was something different with it. They’ve been doing this since 1993, they really could have added something that would make them stand out more. But I’m guessing since “In A World Like This” wasn’t anything spectacular for them, they are trying this.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is an amazing song from the man band that doesn’t seem like they will stopping anytime soon. It will be a bop on the radio and in everyone’s heart. It just sounds like everything else on the radio today. There’s nothing special separating it from the rest of the pack.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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#MemoriesCureMondays-Backstreet Boys


Had a rough monday? Don’t worry, we are mixing #ManbandMonday with #MemoriesCureMonday (yes, I know there’s way to many hashtags) to talk about something that will make your inner little 90s child’s heart sing. Let’s talk about the Backstreet Boys. This will help make your day better.

The BSB has been going strong since 19993 whether that be as a quintet or a quartet. They have given us many memorable music videos that sparked many pop culture tropes that we still want from our music videos. From the matching all white outfits in the “I Want it That Way” to the extremely epic and iconic “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” video where they all turned into monsters, they little shook us at our cores. Everyone has a favorite Backstreet Boys song, it’s literally impossible and inhumane not to like at least one of their songs. And the horrible 90s haircuts and outfits, who doesn’t love past bad choices. It’s like a train wreck. It’s a glorious time for music, but a shit show of a time for fashion and hair. Making right choice in those departments were few and far between.


They are so nostalgia that they are now even doing a Las Vegas residency like the Queen Britney Spears. Located in The AXIS auditorium in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, the show is just one big nostalgia drug that is just waiting for you to intake. From “Larger to Life” to “Incomplete, they are literally playing all the song we know and love. This isn’t a paid sponsored ad, unless BSB and Planet Hollywood would like to make it one (call me !). It’s just amazing when you sit and think about all the amazingness that BSB has brought us over the years. In honor of these memories, here’s a classic BSB video to help turn your Monday around:

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Top 5ive Singles: Backstreet Boys



It’s that time again! Time to count down the top five singles on an artist and bands. This week, we are counting down the top five singles of the Backstreet Boys. Before we start, this is covering the entire Backstreet boy catalogue, including that time where Kevin wasn’t in the group. So let’s start the countdown of their top singles.

5. As Long as You Love Me

Before Justin Bieber had a song by the same title, Backstreet Boys were already on it and was showing people how they can dance with folding chairs and with their abs out for the world to see, this was a common occurring in the 90’s music videos for them. The song showed people that they would be here to stay on the music scene as long as you loved them (see what I did there?)

4. Incomplete

In 2005, BSB got back together after a short hiatus. In that hiatus, they battled their demons and matured into young adults type people. This song was the start of the more mature Backstreet. “Incomplete” was completely amazing and is one of their most epic ballads ever. It was also one of their last single with Kevin before he decided to take a longer break until 2013.

3. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

You know all the words and it’s hard not to sing along because it’s just so damn catchy. It was pretty much everyone’s “Look who’s back, bitch” theme song and still gets a lot of play. The music video was pretty much the 90’s version of “Thriller”. How could you not get down to that? The song rocks your body right because Backstreet’s back-alright?

2. Quit Playin’ Games with My Heart

There first massive hit. The song and the video rocked the 90’s and was BSB first time tearin’ up the hearts of their teenage fans.


1. I Want It That Way

Letz be real for a moment and talk about how iconic this song is. It’s pretty much that one song they are known for because of how it’s so iconic. The music video alone is something that is timeless. The iconicness of the video is why it’s number 1.

NSYNC vs Backstreet: The Battle for 90s and 00s Supremacy


Before there was Team Jacob vs Team Edward, Team Paris vs Team Nicole, Team Conan vs Team Leno, and Team Selena vs Team Justin, there was one rivalry that took the hearts of everyone between the ages of 9 – 25 and started the rebirth of the pop music in the late 90s. They were constant featured on MTV (when they still had music on there) and breaking the hearts of the millions of girls.

The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC ruled the airwaves and all the country as they battled for the title of best boy band. While they never officially stated that there was a rivalry, there was always tension between the two fans. While the backstreet Boys has been named one of the best-selling boy band of all time, the question remains who exactly was the best boy band of the 90s and 00s?

Click here to test your BSB and *NSYNC lyric knowledge

Round 1Backstreet boys released their self-titled début album in August 1997, here in America. This album was released before as 2 albums internationally (Backstreet Boys in May 1996 and Backstreet’s Back also in August 1997). The album sparked six hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

It wasn’t until March 1998 when *NSYNC also released their self-titled début album (May 1997 in Germany),which had four hit single on the Hot 100 charts. Both albums did well on the charts with the albums peaking to number four and number two respectively. *NSYNC sold about 10,750,000 worldwide and Backstreet Boys sold 26,210,334 worldwide (all three albums)

Verdict: Backstreet Boys. While technically their first two albums released internationally before the actually début in America, both albums make up the US album, which is a compilation album but that’s a different story for a different day. Backstreet Boy’s still had two Hot 100 hits than *NSYNC as well.

Round 2 It’s wasn’t until their second album, and being on the same label, that their careers took off and the competition started to really heat up. Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium” album was released in the May 1999. Millennium spawned 4 hit singles (including the mega hit “I Want It That Way”) on the Hot 100 and was number one Billboard’s End-year chart for 1999. *NSYNC released “No String Attached” in March 2000. “No Strings Attached” had three hit singles on the Hot 100 and like Backstreet’s “Millennium”, it was number one on Billboard’s End-year chart for 2000. “No Strings Attached” sold 12,449,301 worldwide while “Millennium” sold 30,000,000 worldwide

Verdict: Backstreet Boys again. While both album are highly considered to be the best pop albums released in their respective decades, *NSYNC sold 17,550,699 less than the Backstreet Boys did.

Round 3 With the success of “Millennium” and “No Strings Attached”, Backstreet and *NSYNC’s third albums was highly anticipated had critics and others wondering if they could capitalize on their second albums success. With that thought in mind, Backstreet Boy’s released “Black & Blue” in November 2000. The album three singles weren’t as successful as “Millennium” singles, only one placed in the top 10, but they were still managed to make the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In July 2001, *NSYNC released “Celebrity” album. “Celebrity” came out eight months after Backstreet’s album. *NSYNC’s singles charted better than their rivals with all three singles placing in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album itself sold 5,457,203 worldwide and “Black & Blue” sold 24,000,000.

Verdict: While this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, Backstreet Boys. While most fans didn’t like “Black & Blue”, it still managed to outsell “Celebrity”.

Sadly, both *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys took a hiatus after the release of their third albums. *NSYNC never came back together and even Lance Bass stated that the band was over due to Justin Timberlake’s successful solo career. Backstreet Boys returned and released one more album as a Quintet before becoming a quartet when Kevin Richardson left in 2006 in order to “purse other interest” and releasing four more albums (including one where they formed a super group with legendary boy band New Kids on the Block). Kevin returned in 2012 and the band was recently blessed with a star on the hollywood walk of fame and are getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary.


If it was just based off of record sales in America, *NSYNC would have won with them selling 26,000,000 albums and Backstreet Boys selling 18,642,300 albums. The downfall of *NSYNC was the fact that were never able to capture the international market like Backstreet did. This might have been because Backstreet Boys’ released two albums internationally before they released their album in the states while still releasing singles in the states. Here’s a lovely info graphic that will break it down even better!

Who do you think is the better boyband: *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? Leave your thoughts in a comment below


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