Top 5ive: Christmas songs that aren’t annoying



It’s the most wonderful time of the year

If you are like me, you cannot stand Christmas music. Like, why do we need to have 50 different versions of the same song? Sure, some are WAY better than others but still. How many times do you want to hear “Jingle Bells?” Probably only once. I personally never heard of anyone that just loves hear every single version of “Jingle Bell.” If you have, I wouldn’t associate with them anymore because they may or may not be a serial killer. Because of my “love” for Christmas music, I thought I would share my top five favorite Christmas songs that don’t make me want to shove a candy cane into my ear so far that they puncture my eardrums. That was graphic. Here’s a gif from “Mean Girls” that also will help you go into the Holiday spirit. Fun fact: Every time​ I hear “Jingle Bell Rock,” I do the thigh slap when it comes in the dance.

5. “Santa Claus lane” by Hilary Duff

While it’s not the greatest technically sounding sound, it is catchy as fuck. It’s was made early on in Hilary’s career, and while you can tell, it’s still good enough to get stuck in your head for days upon days. It was just all clean and wholesome fun. It’s sad that we have to reminisce about a clean and wholesome christmas song. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is such a kinky song. If you really try, “Santa Claus Lane” could also be an extremely dirty song. I’ll you pondering that.

4. “Greatest Time of Year” by Aly & AJ

Let’s be real for a moment, Aly & AJ are the unsung goddesses of mid 2000s Disney. You really don’t hear about them when people think back the “good ole days” of Disney.  “Greatest Time of Year” is just more to reasons why they are the best. It’s just a Christmas song that isn’t a Christmas. You can listen to it anytime of year and it will just put you in a happy mood. It just the best. Man, I’m so glad that they are back.

3. “It’s Not Christmas Without You” by Cast of ‘VICTORiOUS’

“VICTORiOUS” is literally the greatest Nickelodeon show that has ever graced our Television. When it’s on, it never gets old because of how it was written and how amazing the cast was. This song is just another reason for that because it’s a bop. You have killer vocals from a future Carrington, a future Grammy nominee….and Victoria Justice. I highly recommend this song if you are wanting something that isn’t slightly depressing. Most Christmas songs just sound depressing.

2. “Jolly to the Core” by Cast of ‘Descendants’

Never heard of this one? Well, that’s probably a good thing. This song is a Christmas version of the theme of the first “Descendants” movie, “Rotten to the Core.” It’s actually an extremely well done. Most times when people do this, it’s a shit show. This isn’t a shit show. It’s quite the opposite. It’s so catchy and is such a departure from its dubstep and EDM counterpart, it a breath of fresh air. Whoever thought of this way to milk more money out of the “Descendants” movie was a genius.

1. “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

You really can’t hate this song because it’s fucking Mariah before she got all 50 shades of cray. It’s a catchy song and you can’t tell me you don’t queen out when she hit that’s whistle note that she’s so famous for. This song is just everything. It’s not overplayed, at least this version. We aren’t even going to get into the version she did with Bieber. It wasn’t bad but it just has so much wrong with it. I miss this MiMi.

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EP Review: Aly & AJ release ‘Ten Years’ and it’s EVERYTHING

Alyaj sm

Aly & AJ has me shook

It’s finally here! We have ourselves a new EP from our queens of 2000s Disney and I’m living for new music from Aly & AJ. When they released their first new single, I died and believe me when I say I died again. I’m pretty much immortal at this point because I just keep on dying.

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“Ten Years” isn’t like other songs or albums that they did before, even their extremely underrated song they released as 78Violet. The entire EP has this 80’s pop feel to it and just blends so nicely with their voices. The EP is the actually is the perfect adjustment to the new Aly & AJ. While the old one will forever be in my heart, I’m all for this new adult version. Pretty much, 2017 has been the year of rebirths. There lyrics also reflect their all grown up nature. It’s just extremely refreshing to have them back in the world of music.

The only problem that I have with the EP is that it just too short. Yes, I under that is the point of EP. I think the fact that I’ve all ready heard two out of the four songs what also made it feel shorter than it was. Yeah, I listened to it the two singles again but it wasn’t anything new. I still love “Ten Years,” but I just wish that it was more fulfilling than what it is. I guess I just wanted a full fledge album.

Overall, I highly enjoyed “Ten Years.” It’s shows how much the sister duo grew from their last album release until now. If I had to pick a favorite song, it would have to be “Promises.” But everything on this album is a bop. I cannot wait for the rest of the new music.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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Aly & AJ releases their first single in 10 years, ‘Take Me.’ It’s a bop.

Alyaj sm

It’s been 10 years since the sister duo of Aly and AJ Michalka released a single as “Aly & AJ.” They released a banger as 78Violet a couple of years ago. They have decided to give us the song that we’ve all been waiting for and this was my reaction to it:

That’s right, Aly & AJ. It took too long for you to call back and I’m slightly bitter that it took you this long to return in my life. But hey, this is a Potential Breakup Song because my blog doesn’t need one. Also, you follow me on Twitter and I’m forever in love with you two.

“Take Me” is everything I didn’t know that I need in an Aly & AJ. It’s a pure pop song that makes you want to just dance like no one is watching. It a song that just makes you super happy while you listening to it. “Take Me” has an 80s/Electronic pop feel to it as they sing about making a move and not waiting a long ass time because the Michalka sisters ain’t got time for that. There’s also some slight sexual tension in the song. It could just be me but when I heard “If I could sing my teeth into you,” I was like “Damn, I would hate to be the guy that took too long to make a move with Aly & Aj.”

It’s a bop. I thought that “Hothouse” was a jam but “Take Me” really changes the game. The best part is that this is the start of a full album. That’s right, Rejoice because we will have a full length Aly & Aj album. My body can’t handle this wait for this album. The album is also supposed to have a women empowerment theme to it and it sounds like something that the world needs in 2017.

Until the album comes out, I will live through “Take Me” and the entire Aly & AJ library on Apple Music because I bought both of their albums like a true die-hard fanboy.

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#FeaturedFriday Aly & AJ


It’s time for another #FeaturedFriday! And since Disney Channel still has us feeling the feels from the weekend long DCOM, Disney Channel Original Movie, I decided to let the spotlight shine on the duo that took the Disney Channel by storm-Aly & AJ.

Alyson Michalka starred in the underlooked classic known as “Phil of the Future.” She sang a little song in an episode and the next thing we know, AJ Michalka came into the scene and two sang “Do You Believe in Magic?” for Aly’s new movie about magic (I think it was called “Now You See It.” It was okay. I watched for Aly. She did good). They were this rocker girls that made really good music with meaning. My inner tween self related to the music they were putting out.  They released another studio album and a christmas album before they changed their name to “78Violet” and went off on their own. 

They have been busy acting, releasing the killer new single “Hothouse.” They are now back as Aly & AJ and working on a new album!!!

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