Video Review: Charlie Puth denies lady in red in ‘Attention’ music video



Charlie Puth released the video for his newest song “Attention.” This video continues to show that Charlie Puth is experiencing his sexual awakening through his new music. And that isn’t a bad thing because this is one of his best songs.


One of the great things about music videos is that it shows another meaning behind the song that we wouldn’t get or understand without the help of the video. This is very much the case when it comes to “Attention.” The video showcases a relationship from seeing each other, the honeymoon phase, the whole way to the vicious end. Pretty much, captures the ups and downs of a relationship with the lyrics explain the reason they aren’t together.

it’s also worth mentioning that the model slightly looks like Bella Thorne, Charlie’s ex. Now, is this just a confidence? Probably but I won’t put it past because talking about exes in songs if you are a singer seems to be the norm these days. You can thank your little darling Taylor Swift, who is amazing, for that. And it would make sense if it was her because while Bella Thorne seems like a very nice girl, she comes across as a wild child. And while I’m not calling Bella an attention whore who plays with people’s emotions like an emotionless bitch, but it appears that Charlie Puth is…allegedly.

The video really adds to the song and makes it better than what I said in the review. Here’s another link for the video because #selfpromo. He really used the music video for its intended purpose, which was to add to the song and make it stand out visually and not just audibly. It also very relatable because it’s what all people deal with the ups and downs of relationship like this.

The part of the video that stands out for me is the girl in the video throwing shit and their fighting because I’m sorry, it really didn’t add much to it. She had the crazy ex girlfriend that’s going to kill you eyes. It made me smile because it was just so much. And then the cuts to them hate kissing was just like “wow, I know where this is going.” If you don’t, they had breakup sex. Or so we think.

The probably best scene of the entire video is when Charlie is sitting at the end of the bed and his love interest/ex is sitting at the top in lingerie. He just totally denies her and shows himself finally moving and not letting her control his life. Oh, and the recording of Charlie singing a rough version of the song at the end was a very nice touch.

Overall, it’s actually a great music video that really helps take a song that I rated as 4 out of 5 to another level. The only bad thing about the video is the fight scene because it was just funny.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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Single Review: Charlie Puth releases ‘Attention’



Not to be outdone by his North American tour buddy Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth released a brand new single. But unlikely Shawn, Charlie just released it on it’s on and not a part of an album that is already out. See how that makes more sense?

“Attention” is a single pretty much makes you want to dance. It’s the first single off his second album. It’s not titled yet. The song is catchy. The lyrics are something that I wouldn’t have expected from him. The song is about getting played by an ex and that she didn’t want to date him. Pretty much, she was using him because she wanted the D.  This is very adult. It’s a welcome change. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that his next album will be his “sexual awakening album.”

His vocals are great. Before he gets to the climax of the song, you can hear his voice crack a little bit with emotion. That is most people don’t put into their music these days. It shows his vocals raw and I don’t know about you, but raw vocals are always better than overproduced/perfect ones. They just flow so nicely with the bass line that is through the entire song. Like, you can feel that bass in your bones. It’s all about that bass, no treble. I also really liked how they add more to the bass as the song progressed and then kept the chorus simple.

There really isn’t that much bad about the song. The only thing that I wish was that the climax was felt more like the end of the song and not just a continuation of what we had before. Sure, the cracking of his vocals was a nice touch but other than that, it was just the same. It’s an amazing song that will probably be another summer hit that I’m predicting now in April. I’ve predicted that a lot of songs will be summer hits, one of them is bound to be right.

Overall, It’s an amazing song that is sung very well and produced like a boss. Besides the lack of change in the climax of the song, it’s a very catchy song that will do amazing in the charts.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Album review: Ed Sheeran and his addiction to math



Last Friday, Ed Sheeran released his latest album divide…well the actual title is “÷.” For some odd reason, Ed and Adele have a think about making their albums being a sequence. They’re English. I just go with it and don’t question. “÷” is Ed’s third album with the first two being multiply and plus, “x” and “+” respectively.  I think it’s safe to say that Ed loves his math. It’s also safe to assume that his next album will either be “-“, or minus, or a very complex equation that conspiracy theorist will use to prove that the book/movie “National Treasure” is real. Spoiler: The treasure is Betty White and Cher. I didn’t need a conspiracy theory and a complex equation to tell you that.

Before this album, I have never listened to an Ed Sheeran album before. I never really had a desire to. I assumed that I wouldn’t like his music because I assumed it was just him and his guitar singing acoustically for a whole album. I like an acoustic version of a song but not that much. Also, he reminded me of an adult real life version of Chuckie Finster and that made me go “really Chuckie?” way too much. Well, I finally bit the bullet and boy, am I glad to say how wrong I was.

When I started out listening to the album, “Eraser” was extremely unexpected. While I wasn’t a big fan of his rapping, it wasn’t just him and his guitar. It was an actual pop song.  It might not be the tradition pop song but it was just as catchy. All of his songs are catchy. They are all good to the ears and something that you can find yourself listening to over and over again. His lyrics are deep and actually tell a story. Most song lyrics don’t tell a story these days. They are repetitive and try to sell on how catchy they go with the beat. Ed tells a story with his lyrics and the beat is just something to help add to the story. It’s really nice to have that instead of catchy shit.

Overall, I really liked this album. It’s an unexpected like but this album was rather good. There were way too many songs to mention that I liked. If you have never listened to a Ed Sheeran album, then I recommend it.

Here’s the album for your ears to enjoy:


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