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We have hit over 10,000 views on this site. While that might not seem a lot, it is to me. When I started this blog over 2 years ago with a countdown list of reasons why Justin and Selena should never ever ever be together (a list that is still true!), I just thought it would be like my other blog and I would hardly update it…and boy, was I right on with that one! I’m actually rather shocked how much I have updated this blog in the last month and a half.

This blog started as an extension to my college radio show, of the same name, and was never meant to last past me graduating college. But I made the decision to use the reader base that I gain through this blog and continue for fun. But little did I know, putting out somewhat daily content is a pain and a struggle, especially when you can’t devote your life to it and you’re the only one writing for it. But I still manage too!

Thank you to Bailey Miller for allowing me to bother you for your opinion on content for site when you probably could care less. Thank you Bailey for being the best co-host and “The Pop Project Number One Fan” ever. Like your bow game, your bow bashes are on point. Let’s raid WRMU one night like we planned, and have a Pop Project Reunion. I’ll even let you run the board this time 🙂

Thank you to everyone that has helped make “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” a success whether you were helping sabotage it or just going along with one of my brilliant plans like a 5 hour super show or the show getting political for a night and playing every inappropriate when a party lost the election (who can forget having Katy Perry saying “Penis” to hundreds of people on the radio?)

Starting this blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. And I have you, the person reading this blog (both new and reoccurring) to thank. Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to the crap and nonsense that I put onto this site. Without you, I would be extremely bored with a lot of built up sass and comedic sarcasm. Whether you are just someone who stumbled onto this, you are one of the few people who follow this, or have the site as a favorite, thank you for reading it.  Thank you for allowing me to entertain you.


Here’s till the future and 20,000 more views!

Thanks again,



P.S. Here is a few of the top articles of the site if you are a new reader 🙂


Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: The number one event

top 5 bannerIn honor of the New Year, we thought that we would count down the top 5 events that pop’ed our world. Now, it all comes down to this-our number one event! And in cause you can’t tell by our banner above this paragraph….it’s Beyonce’s album, bitch!

December 13, 2013 was the day that Beyonce, reigning queen of the world decided to slay all of our lives with a surprise release of her new self titled album, Beyonce. This wasn’t just any album release though. This album came literally out of the blue, and we don’t mean Blue Ivy, although she is featured on this album as well in a track with her mother. The album was released late at night, with ZERO promotion prior to the release, and no leaks of any of the songs on the album. This would seem remarkable for any artist to release an album in this manner, but because it was Beyonce, one of the biggest artists of our generation, it makes this release that much more astounding.

The album itself is also remarkable in that it is more than just 14 amazing, empowering and perfect tracks. The album is a “visual album” and it includes 17 music videos, or as Beyonce explains it, “short-films” to accompany each of the tracks on the album. Knowles served as executive producer, co-writer and co-director of the album’s seventeen music videos, while significant musical contributions came from producers such as Timberland, Pharrell and even Justin Timberlake. BeyoncĂ© debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with three-day sales of 617,213 digital copies, giving Knowles her fifth consecutive number-one. It became the highest first-week sales of her solo career, and the best-selling debut week for a female artist in 2013; six days after release it had sold one million copies worldwide.

The album is perfection. PERFECTION. After an almost two year wait since her previous album, 4, the general public is rejoicing over this release from the Queen…and we shall continue to bow down to Beyonce and her reign well into 2014.

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Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: The Jonas Brothers Break up

Jonas Breakup

In honor of the New Year, we thought that we would countdown the top 5 events that pop’ed our world. Number 3 on our countdown hit home for many…it’s the Jonas Brother breakup (get your tissues ready!).

The Jonas Brothers were the breakout group during the Disney “let’s pimp out our musically gifted actors” period (early 2000’s to…well now) . After a year or two break, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas decided to get the band back together in the fall of 2012 for a world tour. The brothers toured all over the world as they continued to work on their fifth album, cleverly titled “V” (That roman numerals for five).  As they were on the heels of starting their comeback tour, they cancelled that tour and deleted their twitter account. This was the start of the downward spiral of Jonas Brothers fans across the world that I’ve have called “Jonapocalypse”. But October 29, 2013 will be a day that will live in infamy.

On that fateful day, it was announced that the Jonas Brothers would be breaking up and going their separate ways (how does brothers break up anyways !?!).

Our own Bailey Miller summed up effect of the Jonas Brothers the best:

I honestly don’t even know what to think of this…They were such a huge part of my life for years. My room was covered in their faces as a teenager, I have all the albums, the book, the movies, everything. Their concert in 2008 for the “Burning Up Tour” was honestly one of the best ones I have ever been to…It’s just sad to see it all end over some “disagreement”. They really are talented musicians and songwriters, and I can only hope it isn’t forever…

While none of the brothers has talked about what caused this break up, it’s still being felt by the Jonas Brother fan community.

Check back on December 30th for the number 2 event in our Top 5 events in 2013 that pop’ed our world.

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