‘Someday (I Will Understand)’ is an underrated Britney Spears song

On Thursday, March 5th, Katy Perry released “Never Worn White,” which was here announcing to the world that she was expecting a child with her fiancè Orlando Bloom. While this is all well and good, and I’m happy for Katy. This brought back some memories. Memories of a certain Queen of Pop’s extremely underrated pregnancy song. It was overlooked as Rolling Stones, the magazine and not the band, called the song a “freakishly sappy flop single.” It brought on the dark times in the life of Britney Jean Spears’ career. “Someday (I Will Understand)” is her ode to her unborn children.

You’ll see it all in your baby

“Someday (I Will Understand)” was released by Britney Spears in August of 2005. It was apart of an EP that Britney released as bonus content for the DVD of her reality show “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic,” which followed the start of her relationship with her former backup dancer, Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed. It officially premiered after the final episode of the show. The song was entirely written by Britney on her own. It was produced by Guy Sigworth, the same producer who worked with Britney on “Everytime.” 

The song is an empowering song about being pregnant. “Someday” was written two weeks before Britney knew that she was pregnant. It’s a simple ballad that isn’t overproduced and kept it simple. Lyrically, it’s deep without you need to sleep on it and think about it. That’s honestly the best kind of pop song. It’s like candy. While the fancy candy is always something good, but the candy-like Skittles will still be delicious.

The music video is just stunning. It’s all in black and white and only features Britney walking around and singing to her unborn child. Slightly strange at the time, but now the video is exceptionally artistic and just beautiful. Before her revealing her baby bump, no one was aware that she was pregnant. This video was her coming out for her baby. The video was somewhat iconic for its simplistic nature. It showcases her transformation into a mother.

Personally, I feel like the song is overshadowed due to what was happening in Britney’s personal life. Her relationship with K-Fed started off scandalously. Eventually, it led up to her, shaving her head, among other things. The song is also get overshadowed by her iconic album “Blackout.” While “Blackout” is her most celebrated work next to “In the Zone,” the songs on that little “throwaway” EP that came with the DVD is actually rather good. That album and her personal troubles go hand in hand. 


Overall, “Someday (I Will Understand)” is slow-burn bop. It’s a song that didn’t really get the recognition it deserves until years later. Even still, that recognition isn’t what a song like this deserves. I highly recommend checking out this song and video, especially if you are a fan of high-quality pop ballads.

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#MemoriesCureMondays-Britney & Kevin: Chaotic


Because of the train wreck known as Britney Ever After, I had a sudden desire to watch the reality television show that UPN thought was a wonderful idea “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.” That idea worked out wonderfully for them because they were dissolved into The CW a year later. The show crushed all my hopes and dreams. I instantly regretted re-watching it-Regret is something UPN and I seem to have uncommon when it comes to this show.

“Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” followed the love story of Britney Spears and her then husband Kevin Federline. Shocked I didn’t make a gold digger joke or call him a deadbeat? So am I. The series was Britney and Kevin recording each other, and the friends and family. Literally that’s it. It’s like a homemade sex tape without the sex. That’s the whole show. Now I watched this show religiously because I love myself some trashy reality television. This was trashy reality tv. It was like VH1 trashy reality show where the girls/guys were thirstier than someone lost in the desert, but it was a different kind of trashy. Like, I’m watching this show in order to kill some of my brain cells. And that it did. The worse part of it all is that MTV was going to have this on their airwaves and it was going to follow Britney on tour. That sounds way better than this crap.

The show came at a point where Britney began her rocky relationship with the tabloids. Chaotic didn’t really help with that. It just made her look like a bitch. It was just a normal bitch, but a vain bitch. No one likes a vain bitch. It didn’t help with her image. And when the show aired, she was also beginning the well-documented downward spiral. While it wasn’t 2007-2008 bad, it still wasn’t the greatest thing in the world for the princess of pop.

The only positive thing that this show did was it gives us an Extended Play of the same name. It features three songs: two brand new ones, and one previously unreleased. These songs are actually very good. The theme song “Chaotic” is catchy, “Someday (I Will Understand)” is a very sweet ballad dedicated to her oldest son, and “Mona Lisa” is a very tragic but amazing song. I highly recommend it, more so than the television show.

If you are interesting in losing about an hour and a half of your life that you will wish you got back, then all the episodes are available to watch on the YouTube. You can also purchase it on DVD but then I would have to judge you on that life choice. It’s literally not worth the $12 on Amazon. I do recommend watching parts of it, because it does give you an outlook into her life more so than what we have gotten before. It’s not a good outlook, in fact it’s rather sad-looking back at it now. But definitely save yourself the time, and don’t re-watch it. You’re soul will thank you.

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