Top 5ive: Songs of the Summer


With summer almost over, it’s time list the top songs of summer 2015.  Here’s The Pop Project:with Steven Kaufman’s Top 5ive Songs of Summer 2015

5. Carly Rae Jepsen “I Really Like You”

The song is catchier than most of the song this summer. It’s one of the best songs for your summer crush. Click here for my review of it.


4. Walk the Moon “Shut Up and Dance”

The song has played and featured everywhere this summer. It’s rather catchy and good, especially from a band that didn’t get any traction until this song was released. They were pretty much the Carly Rae Jepsen of bands and “Shut Up and Dance ” is their “Call Me Maybe.”


3. Selena Gomez “Good For You”

One of the most sultry songs of the summer for when you are looking to “go all the way” and by “go all the way” I mean start dating. Yep, it’s a songs about wanting to be good for the first date.Click here for my review of it.


2. Demi Lovato “Cool For the Summer”

The song for curious summer flirtations with the same gender, or any gender for that matter. But don’t tell your mother because this song is one of the coolest songs for the summer. Click here for my review of it.


1. 5 Seconds of Summer “She’s Kinda Hot”

The summer shout out to be the being okay with yourself and not caring what others think of you. It’s rather the most surprising hit of the summer. It’s catchy and it’s kinda hot though. Click her for our review of it.


Honorable Mention: Sage the Gemini feat. Nick Jonas “Good Thing”

There’s the review for it…it explains why it’s an honorable mention

Tom Hanks really really likes Carly



Just when you thought Carly Rae Jepsen couldn’t get anymore cooler with her Music Video, she enlisted Tom Hanks. Carly Rae Jepsen released the video for her song “I Really Like You”.

The video pretty much follows Tom throughout his day as he is apparently late to meet Carly for a meeting (I’m going to guess a meeting but for all we know they are hooking up for now). The kicker of the music video is that Tom Hanks is lip syncing the song as girls swipe right on his Tinder Profile (This means you like someone and that you want to bang them, I explain them in this.) Then we get to see that Tom and Carly’s meeting was a rigorous dance number.

What’s not working in the video? The video makes little to no sense. While it’s funny, it just awkward and not really weird. The video for her smash “Call Me Maybe” was like this but actually made more sense, even with the surprise ending. I think if it could have been like that, it would have been 100x better.

Overall, the video is an okay video. It’s not something that will be like “Call Me Maybe” music video was but it good for one time view.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Rating: 2 tinder swipes out of 5

The Ode to really really really liking someone



Everyone’s favorite Canadian that happens to be older than Adele is back and she has literally created a sequel to her hit song “Call Me Maybe.” That’s right, Carly Rae Jepsen is back and she’s telling some boy (or girl, we don’t judge) that she really likes them in her newest single “I Really Like You” Before you read our review, listen to the song here:

The song itself is catchier than getting crabs at Charlie Sheen’s house. It will have you scratching away humming the chorus. And like crabs, it doesn’t go right away. It’s pretty much the same formula that was used to create “Call Me Maybe.” It’s like she said “Why fix something that isn’t broke?” and mashed it with “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” and this was a baby we got. The song talks about liking someone and trying to tell some that you really like them even though it’s not going to last.

What’s not working for the song? The fact that it’s probably more too childish for someone who is Carly’s age. Yes, I went there. The song is shallower than a plastic kiddy pool. While sometimes it’s good, but it’s not in this case. It would be better if there was more too it than her singing really like 5 hundred times.

Overall, it’s going to be a summer hit and we shall get ready to listen to it for months now. Even if it’s a horrible song.


 Rating: 4 reallys out of 5

Law breaking isn’t a good time


Well, looks like Cinderella is finally out of legal trouble. Carly Rae Jepsen and the band that no one really cares about Owl City are now joining Shia LaBeouf on the breaking copyright laws. While they technically did it first, Jepsen and Owl City are being sued for stealing parts of the song from an Alabama singer Allyson Nichole Burnett’s song “Ah, It’s a Love Song”.

While the songs don’t sound similar right off the bat, here’s the official similarities:

Burnett’s song is in an F key while “Good Time” is in the key of E flat, but there are also other similarities with both of these songs, including an identical pitch sequence (5-3-5-3-2), melodic contour (down, up, down, down), rhythmic construction (8th rest, 8th note, 8th note, 8th note, 8th note, 8th rest, quarter note), timbre (textless vocals) etc.

The only part that I can tell that sound the same is pretty much the Woah-oh-oh-oh part, which then Allyson should expect to get sued for stealing that from every artist like ever. This sounds like our generation’s version of the Queen/Vanilla Ice fiasco of the early 90s. Don’t know what that is? Watch this:

While they are being less stupid than Mr. Vanilla Ice (dude, just admit that you made a mistake!),  the fact that Allyson really has no case because we live in a world where most people are getting ripped off without even knowing it. While I’m not saying stealing other people work is wrong *cough*Shia*cough*, it’s just hard to keep track of what everyone else is doing.

If I was Miss Burnett, I would be worried about getting sued for stealing the rocker chick motif, a tad bit of Jepsen’s look, and the Katy Perry like vocals.

Here’s the two songs and you can make the comparison yourself:

Do you think that Carly/Owl City copied Allyson? Let us know in the comments below