Stephen Puth sets the music world on fire with ‘Sexual Vibe’

Let those panties fly!

I was on youtube when I stumbled across an artist that goes by the name of Stephen Puth. Like everybody, my first thought was “Oh, I wonder if he’s related to Charlie Puth.” Now, I know that everyone that happens to have the same name may not be related. So I did what any good journalist would do, I researched it. And yes, he is related to Charlie Puth. Charlie is his older brother. Small world right? Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about his first single “Sexual Vibe.” 

He’s got us feeling something all right….

Yes, you did read that right. He’s starting out strong. Now, this is the only comparison I will do between him and his brother Charlie: It’s the same style of music as Charlie. “Sexual Vibe” has this old school pop vibe to it. It actually feels like a song you would hear during the summer. You can groove to it but it’s not like you will be dancing heavily for it. It has a nice flow and beat to it because of that.

Stephen Puth

This song is extremely sexual if you couldn’t tell by the title of the song. According to a comment that Stephen posted on YouTube, the song is about the moment when you lock eyes on a person across the room. “Sexual Vibe” is about the feeling you will get before anything happens. All the build-up of tension and hoping it goes somewhere. That’s exactly how the song was set up and it makes absolute sense.

Even the video captures this perfectly as it follows Puth in a party and he meets the girl of his dreams. The video follows the party and him finally getting the girl. It’s excellently produced and shot. It told the story of the song and didn’t overpower the lyrics with the visuals. The video is super sexy and just gives you the feel. It’s a rather impressive start to a career.


“Sexual Vibe” is a catchy single and great start to a career. I want to know what is in the water at the Puth house. Stephen and Charlie are extremely talented and I want a collaboration between the two because it would be everything.

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Charlie Puth finally gives the world his new album ‘Voicenotes’

It’s about Time, Mr. Puth

After a little over a year of making the world wait, we finally have the sophomore album of Charles Otto Puth Jr. That is right, after four singles we finally the album. The album itself has been a long time coming. Literally.

Click the song title for review: “Attention“|”Change“|”Done For Me“|”The Way I Am“|”If You Leave Me Now

“Voicenotes” is a much more mature sound than what we got during his first album “Nine Track Mind.” The songs are cleverly done production wise and really show off what Charlie Puth can do. Everything is cleverly done. The songs all share a similar feeling to them but at the same time, they don’t feel like running into each other. The songs don’t feel like the same and just one big song. That’s isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it’s a welcome change. Most artists are looking to have their album be one big story where the songs bleed into each other. Most aren’t able to pull it off. Charlie’s album tells a story better than those albums.

The overall theme of “Voicenotes” notes. Each song off of the album came from the phone of Charlie. So it’s the closest anyone not close to him. Because of this, the album becomes a personal album. Even in an interview, Charlie says that his first album wasn’t him at all. It definitely shows because the songs are extremely personal and let you into the mind of Charlie. The majority of the lyrics are sexual and about past relationships. I’m here for this. Charlie isn’t holding back and it’s everything.

The majority of the songs are bops. There are also some ballads on the album that really show off Charlie’s vocal range. The only song that I really have a complaint with is the “If You Leave Me Now.” It’s an okay song, just doesn’t fit the overall theme and feel of the album. It’s definitely the “meh” song of the album. The song is still a bop when you look at it by itself. But it’s not something that I would have placed on this carefully thought out album.

My only major complaint with the album is that I wish there was more song on it. There are 13 tracks on it but there just needs to be a bit more. Regardless, you still get a full rounded experience with the album. It’s a full experience that will leave you wanting more and feeling full at the same time. It’s like going to an all you can eat buffet. You leave full but yet you want more.

The Verdict

“Voicenotes” is an exceptional sophomore album. It’s full of bops is literally everything we wanted in the album. It’s a personal album that really lets you into the mind of Charlie. “Voicenotes” is a complete experience that tells a story. The only downside with the album is the fact that you want more from it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Charlie Puth shares ‘The Way I Am’ days before album release

Charlie Puth new album is only a few days away

With the release of “Voicenotes” only days away, Charlie Puth handed us the last promotional single from the album and it’s a deep cut. The newest promotional single makes the hype for “Voicenotes” even greater. Spoiler: the hype is everything.

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“The Way I Am” is an extremely catchy pop song that is honest the perfect way to kick off the album. It’s the first song you will hear if you don’t shuffle “Voicenotes.” The song has more of a rock vibe to it with the electric guitar riff that carries most of the song. It’s a sick beat that will get stuck in your head for days.

The song is all about self-confidence. The lyrics about how Charlie stills thinks that he doesn’t like about himself. He has doubt and anxieties about things. He just accepts that about himself and doesn’t care if another person hates or likes him because of those things. It’s pretty much his version of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood.”

My only real complaint with this song is that I wish it would rock out more than what it does. It has a sick beat with the electric guitar. It needed to utilize that more. I also really like how the other songs we have heard so far are similar but not to where it makes you question if you heard this before.

“The Way I Am” is a great song to kick off “Voicenotes.” It’s a nice song with a sick beat that will get stuck in your head. It also has a great meaning to it. 

“Voicenotes” is out May 11.

 Rating: 4 out of 5

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Charlie Puth and Kehlani fight for the same girl in ‘Done For Me’ video

Charlie Puth and his new “friend” Kehlani finally released the video for their single “Done for you” today. It is lit.

Done for You” features Charlie and Kehlani in a 1970s/1980s dance club. Both are dancing with a girl that they are trying to get with. They are see the same girl and pretty much pleading with her to pick and stay with one of them. The music video follows them trying to win her over.

The video has a simple concept but works extremely well. It takes the 70s/80s disco pop vibe that the song gave off originally and uses that. It’s because of that it works. They go all out for this music video. There’s an old school filter on the music video, their clothes are old school, and there’s even a disco floor in the club. It just perfectly done.

They are telling the video through a heterosexual point of view as well as a homosexual point of view. The concept is something that hasn’t been done before in music videos. The representation in the music video is literally everything. I wish there was representation like it. It shows Kehlani being a strong and powerful role model for people in the LGBT+ community. I just wish there was more of story that is being told in the music video. It’s little under three minutes long, I want more out of it from a story standpoint. I want to know who she picked.

Charlie Puth’s sophomore album is scheduled to be released on May 11th.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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