Top 5ive: One Direction


It’s time to reminisce about what is arguably the biggest boy band of the 2010s. It’s time to countdown the top 5ive songs from One Direction.

Formed on the 2010 season of the British version of “The X Factor,” the foursome that was a fivesome literally shook the music scene during their first six years before they took a well deserve hiatus. So let’s get started!

5. “Best Song Ever”

This song signaled a change in style for 1D. They slowly to transition to a more mature sound. They moved away from “Bubblegum pop” like their first two albums and their new sound was mature and kind of retro using different band influences to create a new song that really wasn’t on the radio. “Best Song Ever” was probably the last truly “bubblegum pop” song that the did and was the best way to get their fans and the mainstream radio into their sound. Oh, this was the song also started the “One Direction ripped of insert classic song.”

4. “Little Things”

Written by Ed Sheeran, “Little Things” was the first ballad to showcase what they could do as a ground on slow numbers. It’s a love song about loving every little thing about a person. Every guy has a part and it’s truly the best. It’s a simple song that will make anyone’s heart melt. It was a perfectly crafted pop ballad. Luckily, it wouldn’t be the last.

3. “Drag Me Down”

Their first song without Zayn in the group and they pretty much proved that they really didn’t need him. Zayn leaving actually proved to let Niall and Louis voice be more prominent. It also showed that it wasn’t going to change anything about them. “Drag Me Down” was the perfect way to show they were standing strong together and keep what made them a hit that they were. The best part of the song? Niall’s vocals on the chorus.

2. “What Makes You Beautiful”

“What Makes You Beautiful” is such a catchy song. The beat is infectious like a bad case of herpes. Everyone heard it and knew the words to it. It was the song that you couldn’t get out of your head even if you tried. They also started the stereotypical boy bands performing at the beach while looking adorable and attainable. It was the start of panties flying at them. They were young British males that were attractive and could sing. They would be swimming in panties.

1. “Story of My Life”

Probably the most iconic ballad by 1D, “Story of My Life” is the best song that group has released next to “What Makes You Beautiful.” The only reason this song is higher is based on the fact that it was a song that everyone liked. It was a well crafted pop song that you couldn’t help but like, even if you didn’t listen to pop music. “Story of My Life” was a masterpiece.


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Video Review: Harry Styles ‘Sign of the Times’


With his album coming out this Friday, Harry Styles has released his music video for his first single “Sign of the Times.”


In the video for the song, Harry gets high….because he can fly. Pretty much, the video is just him singing and flying over places. I’m calling him “Super Styles” because he’s pretty much a superhero. I would also make a joke about him being like Jesus and walking on water but that’s sacrilegious and I don’t want to go to hell. But that’s pretty much the video. It’s starts off with him learning that he can fly and being freaked out and then becoming proficient and okay with the fact that he can soar. “Super Styles” isn’t saving the world but rather just seeing it.rofie

When I was watching the video, I kept thinking that Harry was portraying other characters instead of the story in the song. At one point, I was waiting for him to sparkle in the sunlight because he was being like Edward Cullen. Then he also reminded me of the Flying nun, which props if you know that outdated reference.

The video is shot beautifully and is appealing to the eyes. The problem with the video is that the concept is simple and it’s too simple for a song that’s over five minutes long. I felt myself going “okay, when is this over?” because it’s just boring to watch. If there was a radio edit version, then this be fine. But it’s just Harry singing and flying. That’s all. There’s no story to it and that is what hurts its bad. It fails to live up to the hype that the song gave. It’s still a beautifully shot video and I’m impressed that Harry shot every scene without a green screen, but it lacks anything to keep interest. I really don’t see the video being on any of the countdowns. While the song doesn’t need anymore promotion to make it climb the charts, the video won’t do any promo for the song.

Overall, the video is stunning but is hindered by the lack of story and the length of song. The video doesn’t hold your attention for the length of the song. The video doesn’t live up to the hype that was original presented.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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New Singles: Harry Styles releases ‘Sweet Creature’


It’s always wonderful to start a month that is already sucking with a brand new music to hype up the music of the “Justin Timberlake” of One Direction. Harry Style has given the world a new song off his debut solo album “Harry Styles.” You only have one chance to name an album after you and not seem like a pompous asshole, and Harry is doing that.

I hope you enjoyed the fetus Harry gif. So slightly innocence.

“Sweet Creature” is a ballad from older than the Harry in the gif, Harold. The song is just played on guitar and isn’t like the radio friendly song we got in “Sign of the Times” or any of this One Direction music. The song is in the style of folk-pop, a genre that really doesn’t get mainstream exposure. The melody of the song is catchy and you just find yourself swaying to it. The beat is a simple one and continues throughout the song with little to no changes in it. It also uses some background vocals to help create a really beautiful arrangement. The producers sprinkled in background vocals lightly and they get more relevant and used more as the song progresses. The song is just a little big boring. I’m a slight fan of the style but it just seems to drag on.

The vocals on the song are pretty good. They aren’t as amazing as in his first single. They don’t really stand out and it makes the song stand out. It’s kind of feels like the song got rushed. They had the melody and the arrangement made but rushed the vocals and lyrics. Yep, the lyrics are telling but the story they are telling is bland. And because the song drags on and the vocals are okay, you don’t really feel a connection with the song like you should.

Overall, it’s a pretty song but it’s just boring and seems like it drags. Harry’s vocals are good but they aren’t anything like in his first single. Because the vocals aren’t amazing, it doesn’t make the song stand out but rather seem average.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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Album Review: Lea Michele slay on ‘Places’



After weeks of ballads, Lea Michele’s second album “Places” is finally here. “Places” is a departure from the poppy dance music that Lea featured on her debut album “Louder.”


As I’ve stated in my multiple reviews of the songs she’s released, click the link about to read them, I’ve been worried about this album. Most of the songs she released early all sounded the same with the piano medley and the tunes pretty much being alike. I was also worried about the fact that it seems like she is given us an album complete made up of ballads. I’m happy to say that yes, the majority of songs are ballads but it’s probably the best album she has released so far.

The songs on the album are spaces out so well that when you do get to the songs that sound similar, you really don’t notice. The songs are listed in a way where it just flowed. There are no filler songs and each song holds it own. There weren’t any songs carrying the album. The production of each song was done so well. There’s a nice mixture of pop and broadway style ballads. While the broadway ballads are good, they don’t hold a candle to the epic pop ballads that are borderline power ballads. It really should be the other way around but either way, I’m not complaining.

The songs on the album will have you shook. The depth in the lyrics is amazing. She’s very transparent on the album and it’s so wonderful. It’s her most personal album and it really shows. All the lyrics are relatable and honest. You can even tell in her vocals, which are amazing. Her vocals slayed the entire album. The rawness in her vocals on certain songs added more depth and layers to the amazing songs.

Because the songs are mostly ballads, there really isn’t any high replay for the entire album itself. There are certain songs that you make your favorite but other than those, you probably will just skip over the rest of the album. Don’t get me wrong, the album is an enjoyable 40 minutes, but there’s not really anything making you want to listen to the songs you the other songs. If there was a mixture of non-ballads, then it would add some replay value. Another issue with the album, and it’s a strange one, but it left me wanting more. Sure, there are two exclusive bonus tracks from Target and if you live in Japan, but “Places” just needs an actual deluxe version. Having a standard and deluxe version just makes the album seem longer and makes you feel more fulfilled by listening to it.

Favorite songs:

  • “Tornado” is vocally superior than anything on the album. The acapella to start off the song and then it goes into the instrumental.
  • “Hey You” is a love letter to the late Cory Monteith and it’s just so touching and amazing. It just flows so well that you will be surprised by the end.
  • “Believer” is a fight song that is just addicting. It well produced with powerful lyrics. The probably the least ballad like ballad on the album.

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable album. It’s an album that you can relax to or if you just want an easy listen to while you work. The replay value and the wanting more song from the album hurt the overall album but won’t ruin the listening experience. It should have had a deluxe version.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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