Top 5ive: Songs of the Summer


With summer almost over, it’s time list the top songs of summer 2015.  Here’s The Pop Project:with Steven Kaufman’s Top 5ive Songs of Summer 2015

5. Carly Rae Jepsen “I Really Like You”

The song is catchier than most of the song this summer. It’s one of the best songs for your summer crush. Click here for my review of it.


4. Walk the Moon “Shut Up and Dance”

The song has played and featured everywhere this summer. It’s rather catchy and good, especially from a band that didn’t get any traction until this song was released. They were pretty much the Carly Rae Jepsen of bands and “Shut Up and Dance ” is their “Call Me Maybe.”


3. Selena Gomez “Good For You”

One of the most sultry songs of the summer for when you are looking to “go all the way” and by “go all the way” I mean start dating. Yep, it’s a songs about wanting to be good for the first date.Click here for my review of it.


2. Demi Lovato “Cool For the Summer”

The song for curious summer flirtations with the same gender, or any gender for that matter. But don’t tell your mother because this song is one of the coolest songs for the summer. Click here for my review of it.


1. 5 Seconds of Summer “She’s Kinda Hot”

The summer shout out to be the being okay with yourself and not caring what others think of you. It’s rather the most surprising hit of the summer. It’s catchy and it’s kinda hot though. Click her for our review of it.


Honorable Mention: Sage the Gemini feat. Nick Jonas “Good Thing”

There’s the review for it…it explains why it’s an honorable mention

Cool for The Summer foreva, bitches

Cool for summer

Demi Lovato graced us with the video for her ode to summer sexual awakenings, “Cool For The Summer.” And boy, it’s a trip that makes you think that you are watching a music video version of “Spring Breakers.” Yes, I just compared something to that wonderful movie.

It features a former Disney star being very provocative during, what appears to be with the amount of parties, spring break “Sprang Break” like summer. It also feature the Disney star making out with everyone at the parties, including other women #raunchy, wearing sexually provocative swimsuit and outfits at the parties, alleyways, riding in convertibles, and even while rolling around in bed. It even features a pink haired chick that’s a total slut.The only thing that it’s missing is drugs, guns, and threesome with James Franco.  The song is actually rather reminisce of the music featured in the movie.

Pretty much, Demi Lovato wanted to show the world how “Spring Breakers” should have been, and it would have been a pretty kick ass movie. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 4 Sprang Breaks out of 5

Don’t tell you mother but “Cool For The Summer” is out



Demi Lovato released her newest single for her fifth studio album and it’s pretty much nothing that I expected to hear from Miss Lovato.

“Cool For The Summer” is a far cry from Demi’s past singles. For one thing, she drops an F bomb in it and it’s very dirrty. It’s also more poppy than her music has even been. It’s still pretty catchy

At first, I wasn’t real big fan of Demi’s new single. After listening to it for a couple of times, I started to dig it and like it. The song is rather catchy and gets stuck in your head. The vocals on the song are the usually Demi standard but that it takes also 2 minutes for the song to get good is what hurts its.

Overall, it’s not the greatest song in the world but it is a catchy one. Hopefully, the other singles are stronger and better. But Demi’s new album is going to be amazing if she is going to change-up her style.

Here’s the single to listen to but don’t tell your mother:


Rating: 3.5 locks of Demi’s hair out of 5