NKOTB broods in “One More Night” video


New Kids on the Block released the video for the new single “One More Night.” Sigh.


Look, I really tried to like the song, and it’s a good song, it’s just they could have done way more with it and way better. I had really high hopes that the video would be able to make the song stand out more. Like many things in life, I was wrong.

The video is pretty much NKOTB brooding in different locations and singing. Then there is a small break where they all meetup and the perform in what I believe to be a night club or a back alley. I’m hoping for a nightclub because NKOTB wouldn’t survive in a back alley….okay, maybe Danny would. That’s it for the video. There are no women in it that they are singing to. If they are, then you really need to look for them.

Now I’m all for making a compelling music video with simplicity but there’s a line. The line marks when it’s good and sadly, NKOTB didn’t even hit the line. The video is too simple and doesn’t really help tell the story they are wanting to tell in the music video should be a visual of the story that the lyrics and melody are telling. They really could have made their song better with the video.It also seems like they shot the video in a hurry. That’s the only thing I could think of that would explain why the video just simple that it’s bad.

Overall, the video isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s eh. They could have done more with it. If they probably put more effort into it, the video would have made the song work.

Here’s the video for your eyes to see:

Rating: 2 out of 5


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