#WeCareWednesday: Posting Your love


So I don’t know about you but on my news feed on social media I’ve seen a lot of status being either overly gag worthy about how wonderful their significant other is or how much they are soo in love with them. To Be honest, it’s starting to really grind my gears. Welcome to this week’s edition of Social Media Corner, where instead of making you a better social medialist-I help you keep your friends.

As mentioned in my earlier blog posts (about me section post and profile picture post), Facebook is a good way to find love and to check out your future lover before your first date. Hopefully all goes well and you can take it to the next step-making Facebook official. Let’s face it, without it being social media official these days you really aren’t dating. Once it becomes social media official, many couple began to post little love notes on each others walls and status about how much they totally love them and couldn’t live without them. Now this is only cute for the first few times, it gets really annoying real quick and will make some of your friends question your social media friendship and regret liking your relationship status. Some friends might even want to hit their heads over a wall repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay once in a while but not when basically every single status is about them and you are posing love song lyrics on their wall like the rest of the world can’t see because we can. If you go off into your own little world when you are friends, don’t do it on Facebook. Here’s one of those examples:

“I think I’ll keep you for awhile……I love you boo”

If statuses like this weren’t an everyday occurrences, then it would be cute. Since it IS an everyday occurrence, this is only appropriate when you’re alone together. So please stop before you love strangles all your friends. Now you maybe thinking to yourself that I’m just bitching because I don’t want these two people to express their love for each other. You also may think that I’m just a bitterly single person. I’m not bitterly single and I have no problem with them expressing their love for each other, just not on social media. Call or text the person if you want to express your love for each other or take them out on a date.Doing it on Facebook is annoy and is kinda like breaking up with someone over text message. Would you want to find out it’s over via a text? If the answer is no, then just don’t tell them you love them all the time on social media.

When you do something like this on social media, it’s kinda like you invited your friend to hang out with you and your lover and all you do is sucking face with each other in front of them-it gets extremely awkward and you began to feel like you’re the third wheel. it’s okay to show love for each other on social media once in a while, but not all the time. It ruins the effect of it if you say it all the time. It becomes the point when you start to question if it’s realor not. The loves starts to loose its meaning.

I’m also going to throw this tid bit of truth in here as well: If you need to verify that you love them all the time, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Just like if you are that attached to that person to where you constantly post stuff to their wall like a love sick puppy, then you need to check yourself. I’m all for all day texting and chatting but not love post on social media.




Spice up your love life with your About section


The “About Me” section is the make-or-break section when it comes to figuring out whether you’re a person of interest. It’s literally the nipples of your profile (like this post if you know what movie that’s from). You need to make it the best because it might cost you something. Because I’m a nice person and want you to find love…or friends. Welcome to “Social Media Corner,” the cleanest corner in the world.

You want to treat it like a résumé but be careful not to brag because then you will seem like you are completely conceited.If you want to mention that you are a model then just mention it only one time. If they want to know more, they will ask. Keeping short also let you have more opportunities for conversation when they message you. List some of your interest, hobbies,etc.

You also don’t want to put anything about being single. People can see that you are single from your relationship status, they don’t need to read it in your “About Me” section as well.It only makes you sound desperate for attention and desperate to find someone to date you. Even if you are desperate, you definitely should not want to show it. Showing your desperation will only get you the pity date or hang out which normally ends with pain, tears, and a marathon of nothing but “The Hills”. No one should have to live through that horror again.

Also, don’t talk about sex in your bio. Literally, keep it in your pants. Leave something to the imagination. Stay classy and not trashy. Basically you just want to keep it short, sweet, and to the point without airing all of your “dirty laundry”, so to speak. That will make you look needy and crazy.

All of this carries over to dating apps and your own social media. People you meet on dating apps will be creeping on your social media. So you want to make it presentable and interesting. Don’t publish or have anything on there you don’t want them to know. It should be pretty much obvious not to do that at this point. Hopefully this will get you a date 🙂

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Why dating is horrible thing


dating sucks sm

I know that this topic has probably been gone over enough lately but let’s talk about it. Dating in a world with smartphones and such is a horrible thing. Dating was bad to begin with but now it’s like Mariah Carey’s movie “Glitter” bad (yes, that is possible). You take one bad profile picture and your single for life. For those of you that are reading this and haven’t experienced dating lets break it down:

  • Dating profiles are the worst thing to write: If you thought that writing  an essay is bad, try having to sell yourself in a compelling way but not in a lot of word. It’s a legal way of prostitution without having to sell your body, unless you try to go that way.
  • Profile Pictures says a lot: Your picture has to perfect because it’s usually the first thing people will see about you. So you have to look attractive. And if you are a guy, then people will expect you to have a picture of your abs or shirtless on there. It’s kinda of a thing to do that. This will lead to the next point
  • Many people on there is shallow: Majority of times, they aren’t reading your profile. Like on Tinder, they are just judging you based on your profile picture. So they are judging you on your looks without having to read your profile. They are judging you based on your looks. They don’t even try to get to know you.
  • People are usually looking for one thing: 9 time out of 10; they are looking for someone but it’s not anything long-term. They are looking for a hookup, or just simply sex. That’s right. There are people on there looking to get laid. It’s not all of them but it seems like most of them.


Now, I’m not saying that Dating in a world with smartphones is all a bad thing but it’s not the greatest thing in the world to do. Like everything in life, for every bad thing, there are good things that come out of it too. It does have some advantages like letting you to connect with people you normally wouldn’t be able to due to distance or locations. Dating is a horrible all of together.


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Why sharing a Facebook with your Boo is not okay


Hello and welcome back to where I judge people on their social media decisions and make comments in order to help them. Now I don’t call out people my name because I’m not looking to snatch edges, but rather to educate. This is not geared towards anyone in particular and if you think it’s about you then you are very self-centered and need to check thyself. So as you probably could guess from the title, we will be discussing why couples shouldn’t share a Facebook. I know what  you may be thinking, and yes, one would think that this would be common sense but apparently it’s not if I get to educate the mass on this subject. Grab your notebook to take notes because their will be a quiz at the end of the lesson.

Now, most couples find it cute to openly share one account, and it can be if done in the right circumstances. But often, it’s just viewed as there is no trust in that relationship. If there is no trust, then all you have is rust. When there is rust, there is no us. I’ll give you a moment to sink all that in because that as Titanic at the bottom of the ocean deep (too soon?).

If your significant other cheated on you and you are sharing a Facebook in order to watch them, then you are a bitch/bastard/tool. Yes, they made a mistake but you don’t need to babysit them like they are 5 years old (unless you are in that #nojudgement). Watching their Facebook is something you don’t need to do. You might as well just say “Forget You!” and move on because obviously they broke your trust (see the top statement). If you can’t forgive them, then you should just set them free like Nelly Furtado is free like a bird.

If you are the person that cheated with someone who you met on Facebook, then I have one question for you- Are you in High School? Do you have any dignity? That was two questions but no adult/self-respecting person would cheat on someone with someone that met on Facebook. That’s so 2009. If you are going to cheat, then at least do it on something more popular and mainstream. (Note: I’m not condoning cheating on significant other)

And to the side person: Have more respect for yourself and don’t go whoring yourself out on Facebook! You are way better than just being “that side hoe.” Hoe is also now a unisex term and if it’s not, I’m making it so.  Also, if you decided to live a life as a side hoe, then at least do it on something other than Facebook. That just screams lonely and living in your parent’s basement.

That is today’s lesson and I hope that it will help you and your boo make more educated so that you don’t make same bad decisions. Here’s the quiz (did you think I was joking?). It’s just your opinion on the matter.


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