It’s time to get dark and gritty with ‘Titans’

If you are new to this wonderful blog, then you aren’t probably aware that I have a soft spot for superhero and the shows that are made to about them. At one point, I reviewed and covered all the DC shows on “The CW.” I figured it was only fitting that I reviewed the latest DC Television show because why not. I was going to review it when it first premiered but I figured, it’s better to wait until the season is over.

The iconic line


When there’s brooding, you know who to call

“Titans” is a dark envisioning of the popular teen crime-fighting team, “Teen Titans.” It’s the first original series that was created for DC Comics’ streaming service “DC Universe.” With a rating of TV-MA, this is darker than anything the Arrowverse shows will offer. This show makes me really want them to add “Arrow” to their programming and give it the same rating. Fun fact: Arrowverse and “Titans” are produced by the same people.

The show follows Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Robin. Their main mission before it all is to protect Raven from the people that are after her. During this mission, each has their own personal goal that they want to overcome. Raven is trying to stay alive and find her mother, Starfire trying to remember who is she is and her memories, Robin is trying to now be like his mentor Batman, and Beast Boy trying to find a family and just belong. They also meet some fellow “Titans” along the way to assist them in their journey to help and save Raven.

The show itself is paced out rather well but at the same time, it doesn’t give itself enough to tell the story that it wants to tell. There are only 11 episodes, but it’s almost like the story they want to tell would be a normal season length like for “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Supergirl.” The episodes were good but they just left me wanting more. Like I wanted more of the core four. I got the backstory of the recurring Titans and that’s fine and dandy but what about the others?

The production of “Titans” is everything. From the shooting of each scene to the way they introduced the new character. It’s just a well-done show that suffered from the first season hiccups as most shows do. It takes what makes the other DC shows so good and then adds it’s own flair to it. The rating also doesn’t hurt it. You can tell that they decided to tone it down a hair halfway through but it still made the show a little better. It was like the sprinkles on the cake that help the great tasting cake even better.


“Titans” is a very good show that has the potential to dethrone “Legend of Tomorrow” as the best DC show. The story is what really hurt it with its first season. I really didn’t give it the time to fully go through the story. Just one or two more episodes might have been just enough to fully flesh out the story. I hope there is another season because frankly, it deserves one. I need to know what happens next. The season ended with two cliffhangers. I NEED RESOLUTION.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Movie Review: ‘Teen Titans GO! To the movies!”

When there’s trouble you know who to call

I love a good gritty reboot of a television show. That isn’t what “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” is. I will get to my review of the new DC Universe show “Titans” later on. I thought it would only be fitting to review the show that really started it all when it comes to “Teen Titans.”

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Now, you are probably aware of what my thoughts on “Teen Titans GO!” are. They have gotten less angry as time goes on. You just gotta view it as an independent series and less of a continuation of the franchise we love. It made the pain go away a little bit. Anyways, “Teen Titans GO! To the Movies” is an actual bad movie. In fact, it was a rather fun time

The movie follows the Titans as they are trying to get Robin a movie of his own. There’s a running gag that everyone including Alfred is getting a movie. It’s a rather funny gag. I died a little at it. The movie is them trying different plans and ideas to get the movie. They run into their arch-nemesis Slade who unwillingly becomes part of their plan to get a movie.

I was rather worried about whether this movie would suck or if it would be actually good. I was pleased that it didn’t suck. It does have its moments where it’s too childish but those are few and far between. The musical numbers are also rather good and funny. Like there is a Beastie Boys inspired number that is actually good. The jokes are also well-timed and doesn’t seem out-of-place.

My only complaint that it didn’t seem like a movie but rather an over-sized version of the television show. It would have been nice for it to feel like a movie made for a theater and not made-for-TV movie. There’s nothing really special feeling to it. Most of the time, they make the movie feel bigger and more important when it comes to movies based on TV shows. “Teen Titans GO! To the Movies.” doesn’t have that feeling. Even if they changed up the animation style a little bit, it would give off a bigger feel to it.

The Verdict

Overall, “Teen Titans GO! To the Movies” isn’t a bad movie. I recommend it highly. It was good time and an overall enjoyable experience. It is just one long episode of “Teen Titans Go!” which is a shame because they could have done so much more with the bigger budget they had. Honestly, it was better than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t have low exceptions but I did think it was just going to be flop. Maybe this will bring back the OG “Teen Titans” series that we all want.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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‘The Flash’ breakdown: “Mixed Signals”


The Flash is back!

It’s time for another breakdown of “The Flash.” It’s a new week and a new episode. Will Caitlyn go ice-cold again? Or will Barry finally get back to fully normal? Let’s break it down!

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The episode opens up with Barry dancing in his underwear in an ode to “Risky Business” while speeding around making breakfast for himself. This marks the most we’ve seen Barry Allen not wearing clothes within since season one and that was only for a little bit. The main plot of the episode is the fact that Iris and Barry aren’t communicating with each other both personally or in the quest to fight evil. The subplot also revolved around this because Cisco was blowing off his girlfriend and having to make it up to her because it was 1.1.1 day on her Earth.

Iris and Barry’s inability to talk to each other sends them to a see a therapist after Caitlyn gave her the idea based on what her and Ronnie when through because they were doing the same thing. I was a fan of this until they totally blew off the actual issue between them. Iris and Barry never dealt with or talked about what Iris went through when Barry was gone for six months. Instead of diving deeper into this, they just glanced over the idea and moved on.

The villain of the week was a metahuman that could hack technology with his mind, which he did to seek revenge against his former team because they took credit for this idea. Cisco also adds a lot more tech to the new Flash suit this week, which nothing bad will happen because of that. Turns out, the villain took control of the suit and Barry. It wasn’t until Iris and Barry communicated with each other to fry the suit. They catch and stop the villain and resolve all the issues of the week. Oh, there’s a villain that I’m guessing in the future that is being a puppet master and controlling everything that is happening. Not much is being said about him/them…yet.

This episode was okay. It really didn’t have any depth to anything. Yeah, I like that they are going back to the lighter themes, especially when Arrow is dark enough for all of us lately, but the one thing last season had over this one so far is the fact that there was enough depth to tell a store. Yeah, the plot was all there, there was a story, but it just didn’t have the same momentum because it only hit the superficial. When it did get some depth, they touched it for a millisecond before quickly abandoning it. I wish they would have touched on it more. It would have made it more interesting.

I also wish they would have done more with Wally. Wally is getting pushed to the background after being heavily featured in the premiere and then a cameo in “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” Either move him to another show or use him more on “The Flash.” Wally has outgrown being in the shadow. Kid Flash could be good on Legends or on a Teen Titan live-action show. Either way, just do something with him.I’m also slightly over Iris and Barry. Yeah, they are adorable but they are slowly becoming like Oliver and Felicity in season four for me. I’m just over them.

“Mixed Signals” was better than the premiere. It was funny and wacky like the old episodes but nothing clicked right due to the story they were telling were all superficial and not having any sort of depth. It does make me interested to see what’s going to happen during the season. It’s could be better. It SHOULD be better, especially after the massive amount of growth it had in season three.

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‘Supergirl’ Breakdown: “Triggers”

 supergirl 2 sm

Kara Danvers is still sad. ugh.

It’s time once again for the breakdown of this week’s episode of “Supergirl.” It’s your one of many stops to find out the deets on what occurred over in National City this week. What makes this stop different from the rest? I’m little more blunt and sarcastic.



This week, Kara Danvers’ world are colliding as a psychic villain named Psi paralyzes her and the citizen’s with the greatest fears. Originally, she thought it had something to do her trauma from being in that pod from Krypton. She was so traumatized by relieving this, she actually had panic attacks from it. It turns out her fear was that Mon-El would be going through the same things she did in the pod…or he might be dead.

Samantha and her daughter Ruby returned for something that I spent the most part of the episode going “Why should I care about this?” The subplot for them wasn’t any spectacular because it was just lame to a certain degree. She was trying to move on with her life but her daughter wanted to talk about it. It could have been done better. The subplot doesn’t really tell me why I should care until the end when it’s revealed that she’s helping Lena run her companies.

It also seems that they were going for some metaphorical shit in this episode as Psi looks a lot like Kara. I think it was intentional on how similar both look to each other. It’s kind of like that Psi is the physical manifestation of her fears about Mon-El. When she lets her fear control her, Psi is running free and doing whatever she want because Supergirl can’t stop her. It wasn’t until she stopped worrying about the consequence to sending Mon-El away that Psi was stopped. She stopped letting the fear run and control her both sides of her life. Don’t worry though, because she did the same thing last week. Next week, she’s be back to depressed Kara. She has every right to be but if you are going to have it be a common theme, then don’t have it come across as being resolved.

This episode is pretty much is a continuation of last week’s episode. The week theme was “moving on.” I like that the whole “Kara misses Mon-El” is continuing but it would have been better to air with the premiere as a two-hour premiere. While it did build a lot of the story for the season, it felt like something we’ve already seen. Having Samantha be in charge while Lena (Is it just me or does Lena occasionally have a British accent?) is running Catco is actually genius. It puts her in the mix more because I have a feeling that she will be having a bigger part as the season progresses.

The dumbest move of the night was the fact that Kara was planning on changing in an elevator. Does she not realize that those have cameras in them and that anyone could open it up and see that Kara Danvers is really Supergirl? It also didn’t help when she was having a panic attack and was in there for what was probably a couple of minutes.

“Triggers” was definitely better than the premiere but should have been with it instead of a week later. It progresses the story but not until the last five minutes. It pretty much spends most of the episodes tying loose ends from the premiere.

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