Pop Project’s Favorite things 2017


Oprah, eat your motherfucking heart out.

It’s time once again for the annual event that you secretly don’t even know you live for. I hope you are holding onto your weave because I’m going to be snatching your edges. Welcome to “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” FFFFFFAAAAVVVVOOOORRRIITTTEEE THINNNNNGGSSSSSS! Please make sure you read favorite things like Oprah does. I hope you are sitting down because this will be epic.

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Now, let’s talk about my favorite things this year. Oh, and the links to get items aren’t free. I’m not really Oprah as much as I want to be. I’m a broke ass bitch.

Riverdale and dem Abs


Dem abs running

I’m slightly addicted to “Riverdale” and I’m not in any way close to seeking help for my addiction. This show is pretty much everything that I have ever wanted in a television. It’s addictive, dark, and gritty. Also, everyone on that show is like super attractive. Between the cast and how the show is shot, it’s just appealing to the eyes. But we all know the real reasons we just can’t stop watching “Riverdale.” It’s because of the real stars Dem Abs on Archie Andrews and Cheryl Blossom.

Dem Abs were the main focal point of the first season. They were flaunted in front of us because they are GLORIOUS. It so sad that they aren’t featured more in this season. They deserve an Emmy. Cheryl Blossom is also my queen. Her lines are the best out of everyone in the entire show. Veronica is the only one close to her crown. But Cheryl is the star of the show and who everyone wants to see. Can we just have a Cheryl Blossom spin-off?

Everyone will be going home with a copy of GQ Austraila’s photoshoot of KJ Apa, which I broke down for you here, Cheryl Blossom’s cookbook called “A hint of Maple Syrup and Destruction: how to proper ruin people lives,” and binoculars so you can be like Betty Cooper and see Dem Abs in all their glory. Oh, and if here a link if you want to buy the first season on DVD.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Can we have a moment to talk about how good this album is? I know everyone was worried about it due to it being nothing like she has done in the past. But it was actually rather lit. The best part of the entire album? Hearing Taylor Swift singing/saying shit. It was everything. If I had remembered to write a review about, I would have given it a 4 out of 5. “Reputation” is life. While it’s not as good as “Speak Now” or “1989,” it is something that will make you go damn. The old Taylor is dead and no one is in mourning the loss…..as much as they would if it would have sucked.

If you look under your chair, you will find a bunch of snakes serving you tea. You will also walk away with life-size birdcage because we’re kinky like that. But if you are looking for your own copy of “Reputation” then click here to purchase it.



If Poppy isn’t happiness, then why is she so fabulous?

Probably the creepiest yet interesting thing to come in 2017 is the rise of Poppy. Just something about this YouTube star and singer makes you addicted to her. It might be the fact that no one knows if this is all an act or is this a real person that acts like a robot? Either way, I’m living for her strange yet comforting videos. You just want to know more about her. Everyone wants to be Poppy. She’s our favorite internet girl. While her older music is everything, her music is still something that will make you just want to break out into song with her.

Everyone will be leaving with a potted plant to call a friend as well as doge to love and to pet. Click here to buy Poppy’s album “Poppy. Computer.” The album itself is something magical.


With this inclusion onto my favorite things, you would never guess that I’m 26. Yes, the
Disney Channel Original Movies “Descendants” and “Descendants 2” are actually the best DCOMs to come out since the days of High School Musical. If you haven’t read my review of the newest movie, click here. The franchise is just so freaking catchy. And the music isn’t what you would normally hear in musicals. While Disney has always and been the best when it comes to their musical endeavors, “Descendants” raises the bar and make it

Everyone will get round-trip tickets to Auradon and a personal tour of Auradon prep. If you are lucky, maybe you can play with a lizard of a former evil villain. If you looking to get your hands on the newest movie, here’s the link for it so you can buy it.

Dragging on social media

This was the year where we brought back tar and feathering. Instead of getting in trouble with the law because it’s illegal to actually tar and feathering someone, we just did it on Twitter. If you did something wrong and you’re famous, the internet would get woke and start a #insertyournameoverparty. That wasn’t the kind of party where you dance and have fun but rather you got dragged. You were dragged hard and fast by your edges. There wasn’t any sort of redemption.

Because of the dragging, there will be cream underneath your chair to help with the rash. I don’t have any sort of link from Amazon for cream because why would get that from there? If you need cream, then just go out and get it.

This will do it for this year’s edition of my Favorite things. Here’s a link to all my Favorite Things in one spot, including some things that aren’t. Its my Amazon influencer page. Oh, and if you are waiting for me to give you a car, then here’s a gif of Oprah giving them out because again, I’m a broke ass bitch.

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Top 5ive: Christmas songs that aren’t annoying



It’s the most wonderful time of the year

If you are like me, you cannot stand Christmas music. Like, why do we need to have 50 different versions of the same song? Sure, some are WAY better than others but still. How many times do you want to hear “Jingle Bells?” Probably only once. I personally never heard of anyone that just loves hear every single version of “Jingle Bell.” If you have, I wouldn’t associate with them anymore because they may or may not be a serial killer. Because of my “love” for Christmas music, I thought I would share my top five favorite Christmas songs that don’t make me want to shove a candy cane into my ear so far that they puncture my eardrums. That was graphic. Here’s a gif from “Mean Girls” that also will help you go into the Holiday spirit. Fun fact: Every time​ I hear “Jingle Bell Rock,” I do the thigh slap when it comes in the dance.

5. “Santa Claus lane” by Hilary Duff

While it’s not the greatest technically sounding sound, it is catchy as fuck. It’s was made early on in Hilary’s career, and while you can tell, it’s still good enough to get stuck in your head for days upon days. It was just all clean and wholesome fun. It’s sad that we have to reminisce about a clean and wholesome christmas song. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is such a kinky song. If you really try, “Santa Claus Lane” could also be an extremely dirty song. I’ll you pondering that.

4. “Greatest Time of Year” by Aly & AJ

Let’s be real for a moment, Aly & AJ are the unsung goddesses of mid 2000s Disney. You really don’t hear about them when people think back the “good ole days” of Disney.  “Greatest Time of Year” is just more to reasons why they are the best. It’s just a Christmas song that isn’t a Christmas. You can listen to it anytime of year and it will just put you in a happy mood. It just the best. Man, I’m so glad that they are back.

3. “It’s Not Christmas Without You” by Cast of ‘VICTORiOUS’

“VICTORiOUS” is literally the greatest Nickelodeon show that has ever graced our Television. When it’s on, it never gets old because of how it was written and how amazing the cast was. This song is just another reason for that because it’s a bop. You have killer vocals from a future Carrington, a future Grammy nominee….and Victoria Justice. I highly recommend this song if you are wanting something that isn’t slightly depressing. Most Christmas songs just sound depressing.

2. “Jolly to the Core” by Cast of ‘Descendants’

Never heard of this one? Well, that’s probably a good thing. This song is a Christmas version of the theme of the first “Descendants” movie, “Rotten to the Core.” It’s actually an extremely well done. Most times when people do this, it’s a shit show. This isn’t a shit show. It’s quite the opposite. It’s so catchy and is such a departure from its dubstep and EDM counterpart, it a breath of fresh air. Whoever thought of this way to milk more money out of the “Descendants” movie was a genius.

1. “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

You really can’t hate this song because it’s fucking Mariah before she got all 50 shades of cray. It’s a catchy song and you can’t tell me you don’t queen out when she hit that’s whistle note that she’s so famous for. This song is just everything. It’s not overplayed, at least this version. We aren’t even going to get into the version she did with Bieber. It wasn’t bad but it just has so much wrong with it. I miss this MiMi.

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Sofia Carson falls in love with attractive guy in ‘Ins and Outs’ video

sofia sm

Love is wicked sometimes

It’s looks like “Disney’s Descendants” star Sofia Carson released a new music video for her newest single “Ins and Outs.” Besides how wonderful Sofia looks, the music video is something really make you want to go “this date seems really sketch.” But this is just a music video, nothing sketchy at all about it if it is in a music video.

Like the song itself, “Ins and Outs” video is simple and at the same time it’s enough to keep your interest. The song itself is extremely catchy and has a great beat that isn’t too much. The beat isn’t simple and keeps it light. It shows off Sofia’s vocals extremely well. The lyrics are classic pop lyrics that are catchy will get caught in your head. The lyrics are all about learning about someone and wanting to know all about them.

The video just follows Sofia and her extremely attractive model doing what everyone does when going on dates in New York City: explore abandon and empty Subway stations in between the traveling through dark alleys. That sounds safe right? Apparently Sofia and her hunky man never heard what happened to Batman’s parents.

All of Sofia’s outfits in the video are pretty much flashy and kind of have this “look at me I’m the star vibe to them.” Don’t get me wrong, all of her outfits are nice and Sofia does look extremely fierce in those outfits but they were just a bit too much. Especially for a date. I get that you want to impress on a date but it’s a little bit too much. Evie wouldn’t have dressed her that flashy, just saying.

Here’s the video for “Ins and Outs” for your enjoyment and pleasure:

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Movie Review: Descendants 2


It’s the “High School Musical” of this generation and then newest Disney Channel Original Movie franchise that will be milked for every bit of money that Disney can get out of it. And I’m reviewing it so you know whether you should watch it or not. Fun fact: I’m actually 26 years old but you would never guess by the fact that I’m reviewing a movie geared towards people half my age. I feel old now.

Unlike this review, “Descendants 2” doesn’t feature Kristen Chenoweth. That is a travesty because she is an amazing gift. “Descendants 2” takes place shortly after the first movie. It follows Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay as they continue to adjust to life in Auradon. Mal is still in a relationship with Ben and both prepare for life when he becomes king. Things take a turn when Mal and Ben fight about Mal “fitting in” with the people of Auradon. This causes her to run back to the Isle where it’s soon discovered that life has moved on with them there and there’s a new person in charge-Uma, the daughter of Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” Chaos ensues as everything goes to the Isle to get Mal to return to Auradon.

This movie is extremely better than the first one. Besides the fact you can tell that there was a bigger budget for this film, the plot makes more sense and doesn’t feel like it only conveniently brought up when the story benefits from it. This movie’s plot is consistent and brought out throughout the movie. The music is also very well done. It’s much more catchy and just make you want to get down. “It’s Goin’ Down” is probably the best group song out of all the full cast numbers in their movie, which is saying something because the opening number “Way to Be Wicked” was lit.

“Space Between” is hands down the best number in the entire franchise.  There’s just so much sexual tension between Mal and Evie in this song that you know they were an item before Mal got with Ben and Evie got with Doug. This is song between past lovers that also happen to be best friends. Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron just rock that ballad beautifully. Give me more of this! Oh, speaking of this, apparently there’s a deleted scene where Harry and Gil are lock lips with each other. Disney, I appalled this and keep it up.

The only bad part of the movie is the final act, which is after “It’s Goin’ Down” to the end. It just long and makes you go “is this really how the movie ends?” and then when the plot twist happens, you end up just going “when did that happen?” It’s not horribly bad but could have been done quicker or made it more interesting. It also suffers from a lackluster finish. The way it ended didn’t really make sense, especially when Uma was given the same offer earlier on in the movie and denied it.

“Descendants 2” is an amazing sequel to the original movie. It’s way better than the original movie in every way. It’s extremely interesting throughout the film but sadly fails to find the proper final act that the movie should have had. Also, it needed more Kristen Chenoweth.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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