Extended Play Review: New Kids On The Block ‘Thankful’



New Kids On The Block released their first set of new music since their album “10” in 2013. It’s also kickstarted their tour with Boys II Men and Paula Abdul, two musical acts that I thought were retired.

“Thankful” is a five song Extended Play, or EP. There is a Target bonus track but I’m not counting that one because it’s not available everywhere. The probably right out the gate is that before the release of the EP, we’ve already heard most of it due to “Thankful” and “One More Night” being released as singles. This will greatly cut into the replay value as you’ve already been listening to half the EP and you’re just going to jump into the three new songs you haven’t heard. Not sure why they did this.

How the songs were produced were a little bit shaky for the EP. In the first track “Heartbeat,” it suffers from being slightly overproduced. They had a steady beat, like an actual heartbeat, that is throughout the majority of the song. Then when it gets the chorus they add a lot of drum beats and it sounds doesn’t sound the greatest. There’s a slight drum beat leading up to the chorus, which is fine because it doesn’t sound like there is an issue with timing. I had to listen to and count time multiple times. There isn’t one but rather, just sounds like there is one. “Heartbeat” stripped down and rewritten would sound amazing because it’s not a good song. It really contradicts what is presented in the rest of the album.

“Thankful” presents more adult/mature themes in that their previous work. This album is pretty much about hooking up. The music could be featured in Magic Mike because it’s that kind of music. It isn’t a bad thing, but rather something that fits them and where they are at in their career. They are too old to be considered a boy band so this is a happy medium for them. They are a mature male band. It shows on this record more than on “10.”

This EP is going to be hit or miss for people. If you are a die-hard NKOTB fan, then you are going to love it because you love them. If you are a casual fan or just someone who likes pop music, then this album is going to be a miss. This EP isn’t a very good one for them. There are some standouts like “Thankful” and “Still Sounds Good” but it isn’t enough to make the EP good. Hell, even parts of the standouts are kinda “ehh.” I give them props for experimenting with new sounds and trying to fit into what’s on the radio, but it doesn’t work. They need to go back to the drawing board and look at what they want to be because what they presented in “Thankful” isn’t that. If they want to continue with the sound they presented in “Thankful,” then I would recommend playing with it more before the next release.

If the EP was an album, then it probably would have worked better in their favor. More song probably would have helped make it stand out and be better than what it is.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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New Music: NKOTB releases ‘Thankful’


It’s time to once again relieve the 90s as New Kids on the Block released their newest song off of their upcoming EP “Thankful.” And they continue to be those attractive Dads that are talking about their sex lives.

The song, “Thankful,” is pretty much a song to grind to. The beat is too slow to dance hardcore to but too fast to slow dance too. The beat is weird because the verse and the chorus seem like two different songs. The chorus feels like it should be apart of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” while the verse just feels like a normal NKOTB album. This gives the feeling that they are trying to still be NKOTB while trying to appeal to the younger generation. I just weird.

The vocals on the song are extremely good. NKOTB have never had a problem with their vocals. They have always been on par and amazing. The vocals on “Thankful” still live up to that as they showcase the group perfectly. The lyrics are also better as they tell a better story than “One More Night.”  From that perspective, the song is a better song that “One More Night.”

The song does have me one if the EP will just be a bunch of song that you can make love to because that’s all that we have gotten so far. None of the song so far are like dance hits, which is fine. But I just hope that all the songs don’t blend in together to sound like one big son. This won’t go against the song but what’s the point on releasing two out of the five songs off of the EP? Pretty much, we have half of the EP all ready. Just freaking release it all if you are going to do that. Or don’t have an EP with just five songs on it.

Overall, it’s not a bad song. It’s not at as good as “One More Night.” But it does help set that this album will pretty much be album about having sex and music you can have sex to. The song gives NKOTB an identity crisis. It just sounds like NKOTB is trying to still be them but also trying to be like young artist around them.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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NKOTB gets a little sensual in new single


The greatest boy band of all time-yes,its true-New Kids on the Block released their latest single “One More Night” last night and boy, it is something that I wasn’t expecting. You think that I would at least consider it due to the song title, but nah.

“One More Night” is the first single off their newest EP “Thankful,” mark your calendars now because it’s due out on May 12. The song is a song about hooking up….yep! It’s not like 98 Degree’s song “Microphone” where they cleverly hid it, but it’s not up to the level of their younger counterparts.

The beat in this song is amazing and is perfect for the “get it own style” that are going for. The lyrics are just the problem. The lyrics are really up to the NKTOB standard that separated them when they release “10” back in 2013. Those lyrics were way better than any pop group/artist released at the time. Hell, they are still better than most of the lyrics in 2017. I just wish that there was more substance to the lyrics.

The vocals aren’t a problem in the song as they slay. The vocals on the song are amazing. They really help the beat carry the sexual and sensual tones NKOTB is presenting in the song. The falsettos are great. I like how almost everyone gets a change to sing on the song instead of sticking to the “main vocals.” There isn’t just Jordan or Joey carrying the song. It’s more of a team effort.

Overall, the song is an okay song. The only thing from keeping the song from being amazing is the lyrics. If there was more substance, then it would be an amazing song. But from a nostalgia purposes, it’s just great to hear new music from NKOTB. It’s a great starting point for the new EP but there could have probably been a better first single.

Here’s them performing “One More Night.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5: Hangin’ Tough



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New Album on The Block

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It’s time to adventure back to a time where leg warmers were in and Mark Wahlberg was still with the Funky Bunch and believing that he could rap because New Kids on The Block is back and they have released their newest album. “10” is the newest release from the group and let me tell you; it’s pretty much a trip down from memory lane with the style of music. The album is the group’s seventh studio album in their two-decade span.

Ironically, the album reminds me of the Backstreet Boys’ extremely popular 1999 album “Millennium”.  Basically, it reminds me of 90s pop, which is weird since NKOTB has been around since the 80s. Anyways, this album is great especially if you just want relaxation music because that is what you will get with this album. All the songs, especially their single “Remix (I Like That)”, bring something to offer to this album. Most of the songs are what would be considered ballads, which is rare in this day and age.

What didn’t work? Well, the album is just one big ballad fest. Some of the ballads are upbeat but the only song that’s even brings up the thought of dancing is the single. Granted, this isn’t really a bad thing but it’s not something that you would bring to a hardcore dance  party. It is the thing that you would bring to a nice tea party or even a small party. I’m going to take it as a good thing that this is the only problem with this album

Overall, this album is a step up from their 2008 release, which we won’t even discuss. If you are a boy bander or just a fan of pop music, then this album is pretty much is a buy for you.  This album also sets the boy band album standards high for 98 Degrees, whose album will drop the next month!.

We own tonight

Remix (I Like that)

Rating: 5 NKOTB members out of 5


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