Review: ‘Liv and Maddie’

Dove Cameron shines in “Liv and Maddie’ but what’s new.

In honor of the return of “Descendants 3” in 2019, I thought it was time to sit down and review the gift that brought Dove Cameron into my life. That is right, we are going to review “Liv and Maddie.” Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as “Dog with a Blog.” I’ve never actually seen “Dog with a Blog” but it was a really show that was so stupid. How did that dog actually type? And who would let their dog use their computer, let alone buy them one?

“Liv and Maddie” follows two twin sisters in a documentary-style show. Dove plays both the roles of twins. Liv is an actress that returned home after four years of being on the hit TV show “Sing it Loud.” Her sister Maddie is the total opposite of her sister; she is more into sports. From there, it’s your basic situational Disney Channel family sitcom. Plot of the day, then chaos ensues, followed by a life lesson that will make you think. The show ran for four season, with the fourth and finale season being named “Liv and Maddie: Cail Style.”

I was rather surprised by how good this show was. Disney Channel shows haven’t really been anything to celebrate to a certain degree since the early 2010s. “Liv and Maddie” was a clever produced show that was actually funny. It wasn’t too childish to where you couldn’t stand it but it wasn’t too adult to where parent would want to take the mouse down. It covered a lot of topics that a Disney Channel show before “Andi Mack” never covered. Like they did multiple episodes on female image and about empowering women/girls. It was really nice to see topics like that covered.

Dove Cameron is honestly the best part of the show. She plays two characters and does it very well. She also has a lot of amazing songs on the soundtrack. The original soundtrack for the show is flawlessly done by Dove. Pretty much, Dove is the best part of the show. I preferred her as Maddie over her as Liv. Liv was just too much for me. Also, that voice. It’s like nails on a chalkboard over and over again.

The only thing that wasn’t good about “Liv and Maddie” was the last season. It was just strange and felt out of place with the rest of the series. Sure, there was a big change in it but it wasn’t as funny or clever like the three seasons before it. They also brought back a lot of past characters to the new setting, which just made me miss what “Liv and Maddie” was.


Overall, “Liv and Maddie” is on the list of classic Disney Channel shows. It’s one of those shows that will forever be timeless. It’s just too bad that it won’t get the proper props it deserves. The style of the show is what really makes the show stand out. It just goes with extremely well with the storytelling. This show is just an amazing show…not just because Dove Cameron is on it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Top 5ive: Things I want to happen in 2018


It’s time to start fresh

We are a little under a week away from the start of a brand new year. I don’t know about you but frankly, I’m over 2017. I’ll get into my loss of love for 2017 later in the week.  But I thought it was the time that I shared some of my hopes and dreams for 2018. Now I won’t be hoping for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Sure, it’s on the list but that’s pretty obvious. These are just a few of the things that one might have on it. Here’s my list of things I want to happen in 2018.

Jonas Brothers Reunion tour


Look at them, so “pure”

While I disliked the whole “we’re waiting until marriage” gimmick that they had during the original Disney years, and we know now that the purity rings were just for show because they were swimming in lady parts, I think it’s time to put out an “SOS” and “Hold On” because we need to have a Jonas Brothers Reunion Tour that isn’t only occurring at their family gatherings. They don’t need to release new music but rather just play the hits. They can even do new versions of the hits as long as they don’t hit the gift that keeps on giving: Nicholas Jerry Jonas. The OG dem abs need to be protected. He’s a bigger tease than his brother Joe. He flaunts his ripped abs and his extremely muscular arms around as everyone calls him “daddy.” The thirst for Nick Jonas is real.  Also, his music is frankly the best out of all of them. DNCE isn’t bad but it’s nothing like Nick.  Back to the reunion tour, just let it happen Jonases. Everyone wants it.


Disney Channel reboots


I miss OG Disney Channel

I wrote an article on this months ago but it’s time for us to get gritty Disney Channel
reboots. I want some darkness with my classic Disney Channel Original Series. I want Louis to be a pothead and Ren to sleep around secretly with her arch nemesis in an “Even Stevens Reboot.” Disney had so many sexual undertones in “Descendants 2” that it only makes that we will have gritty reboots. It’s also not really hard to make the shows more gritty. Like, let’s have a darker “Sonny with a Chance,” where it shows the dark side of fame and Hollywood. Have some people die in a live-action “Kim Possible” reboot. You really need to get on this Disney. You are missing out on plenty of money making opportunities. Oh, and let’s not forget “Camp Rock 3.” We need something to replace the horrible taste that “Camp Rock 2” left in our mouth.


Mean Girls 2



Isn’t this just fetch?

Like most things in life, I choose not to acknowledge the existence of the actual “Mean Girls 2.” Maybe one of these days, I’ll actually sit down and watch that travesty and write a review on it. That will probably happen when fetch happens. But I want a true sequel to this iconic movie that I can quote word for word verbatim. I think 2018 will be the year that we get it. They are already doing a musical version of it so why not see what Regina, Aaron, Cady and the gang are up to as adults….maybe I should help them write it? I know what Lindsay Lohan is already pushing for it when she’s not being an ambassador for everyone. She’s a Social Justice Warrior you know. My only request for the sequel, besides all the original cast, is that they remake the iconic “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from the Winter Talent Show. I want everything from the thigh slap to the awkwardness after Gretchen kicks the boombox into Jason’s face. I want it all. While we are at it, let’s make fetch happen.


Dove Cameron as Sabrina Spellman



Sabrina Spellman

This one is something I really want badly. It would make my year if the Queen of Disney Dove Cameron played Sabrina Spellman in the “Riverdale” spin-off based on the comic “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Dove just screams Sabrina Spellman. It also helps that she has already played a magical character as Mal in the “Descendants” franchise. It’s also what everyone and their mother wants. Give the people what they want. We want Dove Cameron as everyone’s favorite teenage witch. Especially when the show is supposed to take a darker approach. Dove can do darker. Hell, Dove is an excellent actress. She would kill in this role…literally. I also really want her and Cheryl Blossom to have an interaction. This will give me life in ways you wouldn’t imagine.



New 5 Seconds of Summer Album



I miss them

It’s been like two years since got a full fledge 5SOS album with new music. It’s time that the Aussie give us some more music because I need something besides “Girls Talk Boys” to listen to. That was the last time we got anything new from them and it was for a movie that wasn’t even that good. Just give us some new music because frankly, the world needs more 5SOS and it will be a way better place. People would be much happier with more 5SOS. It would also break up the constantly hearing the same old crap on the radio. Everything sounds the same. Their music doesn’t.


Props to me for not having a single swear word in this whole entire article! Fuck yeah!

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Movie Review: ‘Barely Lethal’

barelyle sm

My crazy bow wearing, frat boy watching, Jonas obsessed friend told me to watch this movie that features Dove Cameron. I’ve been addicted to Dove Cameron because frankly, she’s queen. She spoke highly of it and I figured I would watch even though she has yet to indulge in “13 Reasons Why,” the masterpiece that is Britney Spear’s “Glory,” and even watching older seasons of Big Brother that I recommended (all of which you can find on this wonderful site). Here’s my review of “Barely Lethal.”

Besides the title that makes it seem like it came off out the adult video clearance section at the last remainder Blockbuster, “Barely Lethal” is a 2015 independent-teen-action comedy-film-spectacular-thing. So many genres put into this 98 minutes films. The movie follows a teenage girl who was raised to become a spy by SAMUEL MOTHERFUCKING L JACKSON. That’s right, Samuel L. Jackson is in this movie. Wanting a normal life, Agent 83 (Hailee Steinfield) fakes her own death during a mission to capture Victoria Knox (Jessica Alba) and goes “undercover” as an exchange student from Canada in order to live the life she always saw in the movies. She soon realizes that it’s not as easy to be in high school like in the movies. But her world gets even hard when Samuel L. Jackson finds out she’s still alive as well as Victoria Knox escapes as is out to kill her.

This movie isn’t as a bad as the title and my opening may seem like. It’s actually a well-crafted movie with lines and acting that actually comes off as witty and funny when needed to, which is most of the movie. The problem with it is the fact that the movie takes itself too seriously in some spots. The movie is sometimes that serious friend that is present in a funny conversation. There are times when it’s trying to be an action movie and then there are times when it’s a teen comedy. They don’t flow into together so well when it goes from action to comedy, it feels a little bit clunky and strange. There are times though that it goes wonderfully.

The cast is also a strange one because you have two big names like Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson with this cast of teenage actors who weren’t very big names at the time of the release. While Jessica does a really great job in the film, Samuel just seems very much out of place. While his lines and how he presents them is funny, it’s almost like he’s just there. Like that awkward uncle. The standout for this film is Dove Cameron. For a Disney star, she swears a lot and her lines are not G rated and it’s amazing. She is just the gift that keeps on giving. She stole the scenes that she was in and really played the role of bitchy/moody teen girl with issues very well. She should have had a much bigger role than what she was given. She was the scene stealer of the movie.

“Barely Lethal” is an extremely enjoyable movie that may have issues with balancing that action and serious tones with the nature of being a teen movie. The cast choices are also very strange but don’t really hurt the movie. If you are a fan of teen movies, then this movie is the one for you. It’s pretty much everything that you would expect from a teen movie. Just lower your expectations if you are looking for an action film.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Movie Review: Descendants 2


It’s the “High School Musical” of this generation and then newest Disney Channel Original Movie franchise that will be milked for every bit of money that Disney can get out of it. And I’m reviewing it so you know whether you should watch it or not. Fun fact: I’m actually 26 years old but you would never guess by the fact that I’m reviewing a movie geared towards people half my age. I feel old now.

Unlike this review, “Descendants 2” doesn’t feature Kristen Chenoweth. That is a travesty because she is an amazing gift. “Descendants 2” takes place shortly after the first movie. It follows Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay as they continue to adjust to life in Auradon. Mal is still in a relationship with Ben and both prepare for life when he becomes king. Things take a turn when Mal and Ben fight about Mal “fitting in” with the people of Auradon. This causes her to run back to the Isle where it’s soon discovered that life has moved on with them there and there’s a new person in charge-Uma, the daughter of Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” Chaos ensues as everything goes to the Isle to get Mal to return to Auradon.

This movie is extremely better than the first one. Besides the fact you can tell that there was a bigger budget for this film, the plot makes more sense and doesn’t feel like it only conveniently brought up when the story benefits from it. This movie’s plot is consistent and brought out throughout the movie. The music is also very well done. It’s much more catchy and just make you want to get down. “It’s Goin’ Down” is probably the best group song out of all the full cast numbers in their movie, which is saying something because the opening number “Way to Be Wicked” was lit.

“Space Between” is hands down the best number in the entire franchise.  There’s just so much sexual tension between Mal and Evie in this song that you know they were an item before Mal got with Ben and Evie got with Doug. This is song between past lovers that also happen to be best friends. Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron just rock that ballad beautifully. Give me more of this! Oh, speaking of this, apparently there’s a deleted scene where Harry and Gil are lock lips with each other. Disney, I appalled this and keep it up.

The only bad part of the movie is the final act, which is after “It’s Goin’ Down” to the end. It just long and makes you go “is this really how the movie ends?” and then when the plot twist happens, you end up just going “when did that happen?” It’s not horribly bad but could have been done quicker or made it more interesting. It also suffers from a lackluster finish. The way it ended didn’t really make sense, especially when Uma was given the same offer earlier on in the movie and denied it.

“Descendants 2” is an amazing sequel to the original movie. It’s way better than the original movie in every way. It’s extremely interesting throughout the film but sadly fails to find the proper final act that the movie should have had. Also, it needed more Kristen Chenoweth.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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