Album review: Ed Sheeran and his addiction to math



Last Friday, Ed Sheeran released his latest album divide…well the actual title is “÷.” For some odd reason, Ed and Adele have a think about making their albums being a sequence. They’re English. I just go with it and don’t question. “÷” is Ed’s third album with the first two being multiply and plus, “x” and “+” respectively.  I think it’s safe to say that Ed loves his math. It’s also safe to assume that his next album will either be “-“, or minus, or a very complex equation that conspiracy theorist will use to prove that the book/movie “National Treasure” is real. Spoiler: The treasure is Betty White and Cher. I didn’t need a conspiracy theory and a complex equation to tell you that.

Before this album, I have never listened to an Ed Sheeran album before. I never really had a desire to. I assumed that I wouldn’t like his music because I assumed it was just him and his guitar singing acoustically for a whole album. I like an acoustic version of a song but not that much. Also, he reminded me of an adult real life version of Chuckie Finster and that made me go “really Chuckie?” way too much. Well, I finally bit the bullet and boy, am I glad to say how wrong I was.

When I started out listening to the album, “Eraser” was extremely unexpected. While I wasn’t a big fan of his rapping, it wasn’t just him and his guitar. It was an actual pop song.  It might not be the tradition pop song but it was just as catchy. All of his songs are catchy. They are all good to the ears and something that you can find yourself listening to over and over again. His lyrics are deep and actually tell a story. Most song lyrics don’t tell a story these days. They are repetitive and try to sell on how catchy they go with the beat. Ed tells a story with his lyrics and the beat is just something to help add to the story. It’s really nice to have that instead of catchy shit.

Overall, I really liked this album. It’s an unexpected like but this album was rather good. There were way too many songs to mention that I liked. If you have never listened to a Ed Sheeran album, then I recommend it.

Here’s the album for your ears to enjoy:


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