#FeaturedFriday:Melanie Martinez


Welcome to this month’s #FeaturedFriday! This is the spot where I tell you about an artist that I found about from others and such. This month, our featured artist is Melanie Martinez.

If you are looking to have an artist to soundtrack your CW teen drama of a life, then this is the artist. Melanie Martinez was on The Voice, back when it was actually good, and she is what I’m calling the lovechild of Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry. While she made it to Top 6 on that show. Her album “Cry Baby” is a dark and amazing. All the songs are catchy and pretty much lyrical deep. The best part about the album is that she made music video’s for the entire album. Even in 2015, when the album was released, that is a big deal. Music Videos help tell the story more than what’s presented in the lyrics of the song.

My favorite songs off the album is “Pity Party,” “Dollhouse,” and “Cry Baby.” But every song is good. I highly recommend this album if you are looking for amazing artist. Make sure you view her YouTube channel to see videos for the album.


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#FeaturedFriday: Halocene

halocene sm.jpg

On this edition of #FeaturedFriday, we are going into the YouTube for a band that you probably haven’t heard of. That’s okay, I’ll inform you of them. You’ll love them.

The band is out of Phoenix, Arizona and is called Halocene. They are front by a female, who has killer vocals btw. According to their website, they have opened for the likes of Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Jimmy Eats World. They also shared the stage with Paramore, Usher, and Motley Crue. All without being signed to a label. You can really tell by their sound and how well their music is presented. 

I found them on their YouTube channel, which they post covers and original songs every Friday. They take pop songs and give it a pop punk/rock feel to it. It’s really good. Their cover of “Cool for the Summer” gives me chills. They also did covers of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and many others. Their original songs are just as good as covers. Overall,they are an amazing band. If you are looking for amazing rock covers and songs, Halocene is your band. Here’s one of their latest covers of Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side.”

Click Here to see more of their YouTube videos


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#FeaturedFriday: S Club 7


Last week, I was informed of something that was so shocking and upsetting that this blog post will make you question your faith in humanity. It was covered in the podcast last week, but there are people in this world that hate/don’t like the music of S Club 7. I know right?


Because of this, I will be taking all the haters to school about the glorious of S Club 7! They are this weeks #FeaturedFriday. S Club 7 is a British pop group of the late 90s to early 00s. They were in the height of european pop invasion. They had a television that showcased their music. It was pretty much the Hannah Montana before it was Hannah Montana. It lasted for 4 seasons and was the best thing on ABC Family, then known as Fox Family. S Club 7 is the best kind of music from the 90s. Take a listen to the playlist below and let me know what you think 🙂


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#FeaturedFriday Aly & AJ


It’s time for another #FeaturedFriday! And since Disney Channel still has us feeling the feels from the weekend long DCOM, Disney Channel Original Movie, I decided to let the spotlight shine on the duo that took the Disney Channel by storm-Aly & AJ.

Alyson Michalka starred in the underlooked classic known as “Phil of the Future.” She sang a little song in an episode and the next thing we know, AJ Michalka came into the scene and two sang “Do You Believe in Magic?” for Aly’s new movie about magic (I think it was called “Now You See It.” It was okay. I watched for Aly. She did good). They were this rocker girls that made really good music with meaning. My inner tween self related to the music they were putting out.  They released another studio album and a christmas album before they changed their name to “78Violet” and went off on their own. 

They have been busy acting, releasing the killer new single “Hothouse.” They are now back as Aly & AJ and working on a new album!!!

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