Video Review: ‘Down’ by Fifth Harmony



Looks like Fifth Harmony is back in full force as they gave us the video for their latest single.

When I reviewed “Down,” I gave it a one out of 5 due to it felt like a rushed single and wasn’t up to their usually standards. The music video is the same. I’m really not trying to just shit all over what Fifth Harmony does, but this music video just wasn’t anything to cry home about. It looks like the children’s version of “Spring Breakers.” Like it was a party that no one wanted to attend. It’s just shots of them looking sexy in their hotel, them dancing in their hotel parking lot, and then shots of Gucci Mane rapping.

The dancing is fine and actually saves the video from getting the same rating as the single. While it wasn’t anything earth-shaking, it was very good and was nice way to make it seem like it was just them talking into the camera trying to be seductive. If it was just that then it would have been boring and not really standing out. I mean, it really doesn’t stand out but the dancing is something that makes it memorable.

I also really wish there was some sort of story to the music video because I just want to know why they are at the hotel. While there is a slight story there, it’s not really highlighted in the video. The story that is told in the video of the relationship between the members and how they would always be down. The video contradicts this by having them in four separate hotel rooms. This would have been fine if they didn’t end with a pose and scenes of them in a pool randomly. Sure, they are together but there’s just still so many unanswered questions.

Because of how the video was made, it came across as a PR to prove that they are all still cool and friends. The video for “Down” is a better version of the song, but it still not a good song. The entire package for “Down” is just something that isn’t up to the usual Fifth Harmony standards. The video pretty much shows that “Down” was done out of spite in an attempt to outshine Camila.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Single Review: ‘Down’ By Fifth Harmony



Fourth..erm, Fifth Harmony has released a new single to the world. It’s their first single since Camila Cabello left the group in a cloud of controversy and press releases. It’s also the first since Lauren Jauregui got pushed for pot but we don’t know about it. They kind of just pushed it under the rug, rolled it up and then lit it with their middle fingers in the air.


“Down” is features Gucci Mane and is the first single off of their untitled third album from the band that is literally the most successful group to come off of the American version of “X Factor.” The song is a catchy song like most of their other singles. The beat is danceable but it does get repetitive and annoying after a while.

The lyrics on this song aren’t very good. Besides the fact that the chorus is horrible and just works and repeats down into very verse, they are just transparent and don’t really seem to have any story of meaning behind them. Also, I get that down is the name of the song but I don’t need to hear literally every five seconds. The second verse is like two lines before it gets ready to kick by into the chorus. Like, what was the point of that?

The song just overall feels rushed like they were trying to capitalize and beat Camila’s single. It wasn’t very good. I knew it wasn’t very good when I was annoyed by the beat two minutes in and annoyed with the word down. Also, I enjoyed Gucci Mane’s verse way more than the entire song. His part was literally the best thing. Gucci Mane has been slaying his verse lately when he is featured on songs.

Fifth Harmony needs to change-up their sound if they are wanting to make a dent in the mainstream radio. While their second album was much improved over their first, they need to stop using snappy/annoying beats over and over again. It hurts the replay value. If “Down” is any indication of what their third album is going to be, they might want to take a step back and look at the product that they are putting out. Also, don’t do rush things to outdo someone. It’s never a positive thing to do.

“Down” feels rushed and made out of spite. It starts out good before it gets to be too annoying with the overly used beat and the name of the song. Gucci Mane’s rap is the best part of the song. I really tried to like it but it just wasn’t good. “Down” wasn’t up to the usual standards of Fifth Harmony.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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A Letter to Nickelodeon 

Dear Nickelodeon,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing this letter about a totally and complete travesty that happened at 2017 Kids Choice Awards. I’m appalled that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s inspirational song “Side to Side” didn’t win the award for Favorite Song. I totally understand that this is a public voting award show but let’s be real-Side to Side got robbed.

“Side to Side” is a song about sticking with what makes you happy even if your friends don’t agree with it. It’s about going against your friends because you love someone so much that it hurts. How can a song like that possibly lose? The winning song “Work From Home” is a dirty song that kids shouldn’t be listening to. It’s also setting them up to think that they will be able to work from home. That’s a freaking hard thing to find. Everyone wants to be able to work from home.

How did “Work from Home” even end up as a nominee? Do you not screen the lyrics? Or did you just go “Work from Home” sounds like a clean pleasant song, let’s add it to the category? Well, here’s a sample of the lyrics that “the kids” voted for:

I know you’re always on the night shift
But I can’t stand these nights alone
And I don’t need no explanation
‘Cause baby, you’re the boss at home

How do these go past your censors? Fifth Harmony isn’t talking about who runs the household. They are talking about kinky sexual things. I mean, I’m not surprised this passes your censors due to the hidden sexual meanings in some of your older kid content. This was for the children. THE CHILDREN. We need to keep their ears and minds clean of that dirty stuff. “Side to Side” was probably the cleanest and safest songs for the children to listen to. Look at theses lyrics from “Side to Side:”

These friends keep talkin’ way too much
Say I should give you up
Can’t hear them no, ’cause I

Inspirational. All I’m saying is that “Work from Home” should be disqualified for explicit lyrics and strong sexual language. The award should be rewarded to the inspirational “Side to Side.” I even think that Fifth Harmony wouldn’t mind because they probably agree with their song isn’t for the children.Nickelodeon, please keep your edgy programming away from the young minds of American’s children.

Oh, gives a freaking VICTORiOUS reunion already. This is the perfect time to get Ariana Grande back on your channel and bring you the money you desperately need because your content right now is slacking. Your content is Spongebob, turtles that are Ninjas, and the Power Rangers. A VICTORiOUS reunion would save your channel. I’ve written a treatment for it already so you just need to produce it and get everyone…including Victoria Justice. She should be free, it’s not like she was nominated for Grammy and touring around the world. I’m pretty sure she’s just sitting at home dreaming of what could have been.

Steven Kaufman

P.S. please make The Splat its own channel or On Demand content…that would be really cool too.

P.S.S. bring back All That

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Fifth Harmony gets snappy on 7/27



Fifth Harmony is back with their highly awaited second album “7/27.”  The album title is based on the date the band formed on the short-lived United States version of “The X Factor.” They are pretty much our version of One Direction but made up of females and yes, they were formed by Simon Cowell just like One Direction as well. This album is the first album of theirs to have explicit label.

The album is way better than their first album. It’s still catchy but it’s still nothing to cry home to mama about. The flow of the album songs to songs kind of seems to be there and then it doesn’t. The opening song “That’s My Girl” is an amazing start to his album and should have set the pace and style of the album but it really doesn’t. The album seems to sample itself and at first it was “okay, there’s a common theme” but then it got old after two songs. “Write On Me,” “I Lied,” and “All in My Head (Flex)” pretty much share the same snapping in the song. It made it seem like one big song and by the time I got to “All in My Head (Flex),”which is the second single btw, I got bored with it and just wanted to move on. If they did the snapping with a different beat or rhythm, then it would have been totally fine. “Squeeze” has the same snapping but totally different rhythm, it felt different from the other ones before it. “Squeeze” is actually a really good song. I liked it.

Pretty much, the songs from “Squeeze” on is where I really started to liked the album….it’s also where I also wanted to break the snapping sound because it was getting old. “Not That Kinda Girl” at least had it, but covered it up with other things and that made it amazing. I’m starting to think they had a hard time keeping beat because the snapping is so repetitive in the album. The two bonus tracks are also rather good.

Overall, it’s a better album than 5H’s first one. I would could have done without the snapping sounds through out it because it either hurt or made the song. The pacing of the album needs improvement and the ballads need to be broke up a little more. If they released an acoustic album with some of these songs, then it would be amazing.

Rating: 4 Sledgehammers out of 5


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